Marana’s “Republican” Mayor Stars in Giffords’ Ad

It happens every election cycle. Some Republican loses his/her bearings and ends up endorsing a liberal Democrat. Grant Woods did it, Joe Arpaio did it and now the Mayor of Marana, Ed Honea, has done it. In the latest campaign ad for Gabrielle Giffords, Honea claims that Giffords can work with anyone.

Keep in mind that this is the same Gabrielle Giffords who brought liberal Nancy Pelosi to Tucson to help her raise money back on March 28th. She also voted for the MoveOn ad condemning General Petraeus before she voted against the ad.

Back to the target. Honea must be looking for something from the freshman congresswoman if he’s willing to go out on the Democrats’ limb. One thing is certain. An elephant never forgets and the voters of Marana will remember Honea’s lapse in judgement long after the election.


  1. Dont forget folks that Giffords helped clean up the FEMA mess that hit Marana and had it pretty much declared as flood zone.

    What Giffords did was impressive constituent service…and I should think that the entire Town owes her a thank you.

    She is going to win by 5%

  2. Only 5%?

  3. This is a trivial post and shows how Bee backers are grasping at straws, desperate to find some line of attack against a popular and successful incumbent. You should be posting about his timid performance in last week’s debate and the fact that he was unable to lay a glove on Rep. Giffords.

    Small towns like Marana shouldn’t even have partisan elections because party distinctions mean next to nothing at the municipal level. Mayor Honea is showing his gratitude to Rep. Giffords for helping his town to deal with Washington on an issue that would have meant disaster for its future growth and would have caused untold costs to the town and its citizens.

    My guess is that Honea’s constituents will also show him next election that they appreciate his acumen in dealing with this problem. By the way, don’t you chumps know that the Honea name is golden in Marana politics?

  4. Stan,

    yep…only 5%. But that is a big win.

    Frankly…a win is a win. A win, as you know, will likely mean that she can hold this seat for 10 or more years…if she wants.


  5. Yes, she is a heck of a representative of the values we in AZ–CD8 hold important…..

    Immigration-She tried to gut E-Verify ( & then tried to take credit for saving it.)

    Energy-Has voted with her party on their recent phony energy bills.Also voted to end tax credits on solar ( what Gabby Congressgirl voted AGAINST solar? Imagine that won’t make it into any of her phony ads )

    Labor-Voted with her BIG LABOR pals who have lined her pockets with cash on card checks and intimidation for her masters.

    Taxes–Has voted for every new tax proposed by her leadership

    Spending-Has asked for well over $300B in earmarks in 2 years . It is also worth mentioning that in 2007 she first refused to disclose her earmarks until she was hounded into doing so.

    The US Constitution–Has voted to restore the (un)Fairness Doctrine which would effectively end talk radio but never acts to ask for fairness on TV , cable, newspapers or magazines.

    Yeah…….I’d say this person has done just about everything possible to get re elected by the good voters in the Arizona 8th.

    For crying out loud ………… how could anyone ever vote for her again?


    Bruce Ash

  6. $300,000,000



    What’s a misplaced decimal point between friends but sorry for the mis statement

    Bruce Ash

  7. Looks like little Timmy sold some of his integrity for nothing back in 2007.

    Remember when the bills to penalize the cities’ sales tax giveaways were a hot topic during the second half of the 2007 session? At first, Timmy said he wouldn’t block the bill in the Senate. But then, the lobbyist who represented Marana, and a couple Southern Arizona lobbyists who represented the special interests who wanted to profit from the system, spoke to him. Suddenly the bill was dead.

    The bill was only revived, and grudgingly at that, when the sponsor agreed to exempt not only all of Pima county, but include Timmy’s special clause to exclude Marana, as well. Turns out, his special clause was poorly written – it also excluded Peoria and, potentially, any other city in Maricopa county that ever managed to annex even one acre outside of Maricopa or Pinal counties. Good thing the sponsor fixed Timmy’s “Marana Loophole” this past session.

    Even in politics, one reaps what one sows. Looks like little Timmy’s crop is comin’ in!

  8. Bruce,

    What a pack! Drumming up procedural votes to argue that Giffords doesn’t support solar. Come ON. That is just bunk.

    Typical spin….

    Remind us of who brought S. Arizona the Rio Nuevo project in a big bow. Tim Bee.

    Remind everyone here of who caved, not once, but twice to support the Governor’s budget that so many here argue is the reason for Arizona’s financial crisis.

    Bee is no less A RINO than Hershberger. He isn’t even running as a Republican!!!! Look at his ads.

    He is going to get dusted…by 5%

  9. Oh…and on earmarks…

    I think Arizona could use some earmarks. While the rest of the states in the nation are getting federal funds for everything, our GOP friends refuse them…and we continue to get beat over and over again.

    Guess what, an earmark might have paid for all the state funds that have been used to fight the immigration fight. Don’t most of you believe that the feds should be stepping up?

    And your VP candidate is not clean on earmarks either. She gets it at least. Sarah Palin lobbied for them in Alaska. Even tried to take the money for the bridge to nowhere and then said she didn’t want it after the money was gone.

  10. kralmajales, don’t you think it is quite disengenuous of yourself to be casting aspersions on Tim Bee’s character in solving the budget problem. If Tim would have let the budget die he would have been vilified for that as well. It seems like in an attempt to save the pollitical futures of his so called allies in phoenix and to ensure that police were on the streets ensuring your safety, he essentially caught a falling knife. The biggest battle Tim has had to fight is against his own party. Recent polls suggest he might actually win. I don’t see how thats possible when you all have your heads up your butts. Your not going to find a better candidate looking up there.

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