Major business donor behind Pearce challenger is infamous restaurant owner who accepts pesos

Jason LeVeckeThat’s right, one of the big business interests funding Russell Pearce’s opponent (and very likely the flyers Nathan Sproul sent out attacking Pearce that even the Republic denounced?) is none other than “Republican” Jason LeVecke, behind Wake Up Arizona! and owner of Pizza Patron, which made the news a few months back for accepting Mexican pesos. Does this guy really represent the core Republican values of assimilation and treating people as individuals, not as groups? Accepting pesos does not helping Mexicans integrate into American society, it marginalizes them.


  1. Happy Hanna says

    If we (republicans) had a test that needed passing before they could claim they were Republicans, we’d have a purer Republican party that reflected our issues. On the other hand, it is telling that Democrats don’t want to be labeled DEMOCRATS.

  2. Lavecke is really taking on the system this year with financial investments in multiple independent expenditures and ballot initiatives. He understands that his benefit to the political world is the amount of cash he can produce in a short period of time. Unfortunately he’s tied up with some pretty bad political hacks…

  3. Happy Hanna,

    The Arizona Republican Assembly has a test that you need to pass before you can join. Try them. You can then become a member of the Constitution Party and RULE THE WORLD. LOL

    Please stay away from the GOP.

  4. Yikes, you did pretty well on the RFO thread Bob, but now you’re back to garbage time. Members of the ARA are registered Republicans, not members of the Constitution Party. You might have gotten that clue from the word “Republican” in the name.

    Its also remarkable to read the hypocrisy in your posts. On one thread you decry those who make the party smaller by taking rigid positions, then on the next point you tell people who don’t share your views to get out of the party. You might try to be more respectful of the opinions of others because attempting to sit as judge and jury.

  5. What, exactly, may I ask, is wrong with accepting pesos?

  6. Alex,

    A rose by any other name, dear. The word “Republican” in the ARA name is only a cover. They had to register somewhere, right?
    Maybe people are starting to connect the dots. It’s not pretty.

    You’re right Alex. I shouldn’t have said to ‘Please stay away from the GOP’. I should’ve said ‘Please give back the GOP’.

  7. This guy is the grandson of the Carl of Carl’s Jr. and so I am quite sure he buys into the Republican values of hard work, private enterprise, low taxation, and yes, treating people as individuals. If we try to drum people like this out of the Republican Party we will be in a world of hurt.

    I know the whole peso thing gets our hair standing on end, but when we travel to other countries don’t we find it awfully convenient when their store accept dollars? So why are we so freaky about our stores accepting other currencies? Whatever happened to meeting the customers’ needs?

  8. I’m cool with the peso thing. I’m opposed to funding those incredibly offensive mailers. If he’s a good guy and a solid Republican, then he should feel some sense of shame or regret for how his money was spent. Maybe he won’t say so publicly because he wants to win at any cost, but that’s not exactly an endorsement of his character or values.

    It doesn’t matter in the end because Pearce will probably win just fine, but that means that this guy, Sproul, and all the rest of those donors will have sacrificed their reputations for a losing cause to boot.

  9. Levecke is a Marine. His grandfather Carl Karcher, was an uber conservative in California. Maybe Levecke believes in real Republican ideals instead of a “purer” party. Doesnt this “pure” talk worry anybody?
    Happy Hannah says If we (republicans) had a test that needed passing before they could claim they were Republicans, we’d have a purer Republican party that reflected our issues. Check out this Utube for purity!

  10. Bob Yokum,

    You have company on this site. The “pure” talk not only worries me it is indicative of the heart of many of the leaders of the local GOP. The ultimate Freudian slip made by Happy Hannah will resonate for a long time.

    We will be able to stop this political genocide by exposing them.

  11. Party Purity! Party Purity is Speaker Weiers endorsing Democrat Leah Landrum last election cycle. Party Purity is Sheriff Joe endorsing Gov Napolitano.
    In the good old days even the Symington people demonized the Democrats and Rinos…until they could make money off “relationships” then they started sucking at the Dem tit and endorsing dems too.

  12. Is preserving Pearce really worth letting the party go down in flames? Executive decision – heck no.

  13. Richard Wayne says

    Here we go again. Expanding the number of diverse views to the point that we no longer have any core values has been the mantra of the WISH, Log Cabin, and others that now includes the business community that wants to make filthy money using illegal workers.

    The strength of the Party is in its clear standards unclouded by these voices of the left.

    Ronald Reagan said it best: “A political party cannot be all things to all people. It must represent certain fundamental beliefs, which must not be compromised to political expediency, or simply to swell its numbers . . . And if there are those who cannot subscribe to these conservative principles, then let them go their way.” Ronald Reagan, March 1, 1975

    That clear and unequivocal statement has more value today than when it was said. If you want to support abortion, gun laws, scofflaw employers, and the rest, the Democrat Party will welcome you. They probably already have your vote anyway, as the WISH people proudly proclaimed about six years ago.

  14. kralmajales says

    I predicted this split in the GOP far far before the employer sanctions bill EVER passed. One tenant of your business supporters has always been creating commerce and getting rid of regulation.

    The employer sanction bill, for all of its merits, does neither. How on earth could anyone here be shocked that some business leaders would be angry and go the other way?

    Most of you HERE predicted it too. So why be so mad about it. YOu should have expected it. All policies have costs and benefits. This is one of the costs to your party.

    Reorganize and suck it up.

  15. Like your page, good reading, thanks.

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