Here’s an email from Republican activist, Rob Haney, regarding MacDonald’s mogul, “Mac” Magruder, and his involvement with the newly formed group “Wake Up Arizona.”

You may not have heard JD Hayworth today. He interviewed Mark Magruder (Mac’s brother) who was in opposition to his brother’s money-motivated opposition to the employer’s sanction law. It was also pointed out that in a response letter to a former McDonalds customer, the McDonalds respondent wrote that McDonalds was in favor of Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Since the opposition forces to the employer sanction law seem to only understand the green language, we have taken our green language elsewhere and told McDonalds about it. It will be healthier for us anyway. If you care to do the same, their email address is: again has several articles connecting some amazing dots for us in this saga. If only the Az Republic has such talented investigative reporters. 


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