Luis Acle Announces for US Senate

Luis Acle seeks the Republican nomination for US Senate from Arizona 2012 with his “Solutions not Talk” campaign.

Luis AcleYuma resident, Luis Acle is seeking the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate seat now held by Sen. Jon Kyl, who is not running for re-election. Luis Acle wants to demonstrate that a Republican Latino can appeal to all types of voters who prefer real “solutions not just talk” while reaching out to traditional values minority voters to look to the Republican party where they can be received with open arms.

Luis Acle moved to Yuma over ten years ago to work on industrial development and property management in the border region. As a teacher, school board member and as an international consultant and volunteer, he also sought to improve infrastructure in Arizona. In 2011, he served on the county’s, Reapportionment Advisory Commission and he is currently a member of the Yuma city’s Water and Sewer Commission.

Voters get frustrated with candidates that simplify the issues “We need jobs” or “We must secure the border” but they offer no Solutions, just Talk. “I want to be your voice with real solutions to the Nation’s problems that reflect our values, not just sound bites and empty rhetoric”, Luis Acle stated emphatically.

Luis Acle is confident voters will value specific, tangible and workable solutions above party connections or political correctness and wants to persuade voters in the coming weeks that his solutions are the proper fit for Arizona and the United States, in this critical election cycle. He will meet with voters to present creative solutions for the most pressing problems such as, chronic unemployment, long term national energy policy, achievable immigration and public education reform. Thirty-second sound bites won’t do: real solutions need more time to attract bi-partisan support.

The strength of Luis Acle’s solutions comes from his analytical training as a physical scientist with a Stanford MBA, plus public policy experience. Although, not a Washington insider, he understands how to function in DC to attract bipartisan support, said campaign spokesperson, Howard DeLaCruz-Bancroft.

Luis Acle said that while Democrats controlled Congress and the White House, vital issues such as long term growth, national security, energy policy or immigration were not resolved. Even unemployment, despite promises that it would never exceed 8% didn’t materialize, especially here in Arizona.

Luis Acle’s prior involvement in the public sector includes an assignment in every decade since graduate school. In the 70’s, he was invited to join the staff of the Assistant Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, eventually becoming Finance Manager. He was appointed White House Associate Director of Public Liaison during the Reagan Administration. Luis Acle was also an advisor to the Immigration and Naturalization Commissioner. In the following decade, he was elected, with over 150,000 votes and served as President of the School Board in the San Diego Unified School District for three terms.

Luis Acle invites all voters to join his “Solutions not Talk” campaign by downloading and signing his Petition, to obtain the nearly 7,000 signatures to get on the ballot. Contact us at, at or call (928) 550-2881 to register or re-register, to sign the Petition or get help with registration and remember to please vote for Luis Acle in the U.S. Senate Republican Primary.



  1. AZDryheat says

    So does Wil Cardon have to worry? People may be looking for a real alternative to Jeff Flake, not someone who was on his Finance Committee last year.

  2. Clair Van Steenwyk for US Senate.

    Didn’t you hear “Wil Cardon Fact Check: “I was never on his (Flake’s) Finance Committee…it’s not true.”” on POLITICAL MAFIOSO “LEADER OF THE MCCAIN MAFIA” blog site, basically calling Cardon a Liar, Liar

  3. Waiting until a month before the filing deadline is such a great strategy for a state campaign. Just need to gather about 200 completely valid signatures per day….

  4. I am Supporting Luis Acle Announces for US Senate …….Get Up and Go Vote and Get involved in the community…………….kudos

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