Lottery tickets sales become the new photo radar

Governor Napolitano and the State Senate are touting their new “bipartisan” budget compromise but the Devil appears to be in the details. While the state is experiencing a 2 billion dollar deficit the Senate plan ADDS $1 billion in spending for new construction and renovation at the state universities. They may be in need of some updating but is this the year to spend a billion dollars? Fiscal conservatives are mad at the smoke and mirrors with the lottery income and the huge spending increase. There will likely be a shortfall in the predicted lottery revenue and the difference will have to come out of the general fund, further exacerbating the deficit. Social conservatives are disturbed by the push to generate more revenue from a scheme that has a negative impact on those least able to afford the cost of gambling. Take about crAZy. Nice work guys.


  1. Got a phone call from Sen. Thayer Verschoor earlier today urging folks to call the Governor and oppose this crazy idea. If Senate Republicans aren’t voting for it, how will they get 16 votes to pass it? Sure, you’ve got Carolyn Allen and Tom O’Halleran who love voting with Democrats, but that still only gives them 15, right? What am I missing?

  2. Sonoran Alliance says

    The Tribune article gave the impression that Senator Bee supports gambling away our future. One more Republican in addition to him and the deal is done.

  3. George Brannon says

    Tim Bee has given away his election if he persists on sticking with the governor’s budget plan. It is going to take some serious compromise to solve the state’s problems. Bee hasn’t shown any leadership with this plan – only the Dems and RINOs are following him. I always thought he was running for Congress as a Republican. This is a joke on all of us.

    People need to call Bee’s office and tell him to make some adjustments to meet the House version closer than the Gov’s version. That way, we at least have fighting chance. He’s just giving up.

  4. Oh that’s right, we’re only 16 in the Senate on the R side…? So any two and we’re hosed? If Tim Bee has signed off on this, then all is lost in the Senate. ‘Cause you gotta know Allen and/or O’Halleran is going to do what the Guv tells them to do. Maybe O’Halleran doesn’t because he has a primary, but Allen doesn’t, so she can sell us out again.

    I hope we’ve got enough Republicans with principles and backbones in the House to stop this dumb idea. But we’ve only got 33 there and that includes Hershberger, Burns, Konopnicki, and McClure. Yikes!

  5. Tim Bee! Why have you foresaken us?

    You should have stepped down back in January if you were going to cave in to the Governor and the Dems like this.

    This is the year we needed you to stand up and do what’s right by the taxpayer.

    You do remember the taxpayers don’t you? We’re also the guys that are supposed to vote for you in November.

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