Lose a debate, ban your opponents

Now that liberals and the Beltway Senators lost the debate over “comprehensive immgration reform,”  what do you think their response will be?

Modify the bill and “compromise” with the people who opposed it?  Nope

Suggest first passing those pieces of legislation everyone supports, and working out the contentious parts later? Nope

Conduct a different media campaign to get their message out?  Nope

Change their arguments to be more in tune with the American public?  Of course not.  These are liberals afterall, so the liberal response is to slander their opponents and ban their right to free speech:

[Frank Sharry is executive director of the liberal National Immigration Forum] said talk radio exploited “an ugly strain of nativism along with a legitimate mistrust of government” to help shoot down the bill.

Some Democrats in Congress would like to restore the Fairness Doctrine, in part to counter what they say was a one-sided debate about immigration reform on talk radio.

Gotta love that “one-sided debate” line.  Liberals have no concern about the omnipresent left-wing bias in every other media outlet.  But that 10 percent of the radio listening population, now that’s a problem! 

The problem liberals have is talk radio is purely market driven.  The far-left radio syndicate Air America failed because few people actually want liberal opinions (especially the hate-filled ones on that station) and those who do have plenty of options with CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and MSNBC, or they can read the New York Times, the Arizona Republic and just about every other major daily. 

What’s interesting is the fortune of “conservative” talk radio and the center-right Fox News Network.  Their ratings are spectacular.  Meanwhile, the left-wing “news” outlets, especially the NYT and the Republic, are in steep decline.  Shutting down talk radio with the Fairness Doctrine (and someday Fox News) may be only way for the left to get back their media monopoly.

The Democrat’s attempt to stifle free speech is not only born out of intolerance, but of greed.


  1. Ratings for FOX News has been consistently dropping the past year.

    And Air America failed because it had horrible programming. That has changed in the past half year and ratings are starting to go up in many markets.

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