Looking ahead

Rush Limbaugh has been outspoken about his reservations about some of the Republican candidates. In a recent monologue he explains why a non-conservative Republican would be bad. His logic is based on the fact that Republicans in Congress will not openly oppose a president from the same party.

Do you think Newt Gingrich would have been able to accomplish what he did with a Republican president who was not conservative?  There’s no way, folks.  It wouldn’t have happened.  What I fear is what I know. What I know is if McCain is elected president, the Republicans in Congress are going to be helplessly hog-tied.  They’re going to be hamstrung, hands tied behind their backs.  They won’t be able to do anything.  By the way, I should point out here that it will be even worse than that because McCain would be working with the Democrats against conservatives in the Congress just as he has during his time in the Senate.  So you elect a President McCain, President Huckabee, who is more eager to work with Democrats, more eager to work with liberals

Rush continues by comparing his allegiance to conservative principals vs a political party

We are members of a movement. We want it advanced, and people who are not members of that movement who nevertheless are Republicans but want to make whoopee and friends with Democrats and thwart the movement, what’s the point in sabotaging my own belief?

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