Local Execrable

nutsErnie Hancock, the producer for the dictator supporting and Bush-hating radio show host Charles Goyette, sends out a daily email (unfortunately for me) mislabeled Freedom’s Phoenix.  It distorts the news to make it look like we live in some sort of fascist dictatorship.  His typical style is to rewrite headlines from the MSM to mislead readers and present stories from fringe “news” sites as if they are legit.

Today’s news: “GOP head: We need more ‘attacks on American soil” and “JFK plot was bogus” .  Disgusting.


  1. Frank Soto says

    It doesn’t appear that they are very creative either. Seems like most of their stories come from what is popular on websites such as reddit.com and digg.com

    The Arkansas GOP story is interesting though, what was the party leader thinking saying that during an interview? Of course the title has taken the comment out of context, but it was still a pretty stupid thing to say as an elected official.

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