Live from Ames – updated.

update – McCain beats Cox by 60 votes!

The big story this weekend is happening in Iowa so we are going to take a break from covering local news. The Real Clear Politics blog has updated coverage of events there.

See the Atlantic online for additional coverage.


  1. Very exciting to see Huckabee (my favorite) pulling off 2nd place with hardly any organizing or money invested! Huckabee may be moving up as the real candidate for evangelicals.

  2. McCain wasn’t competing in the Iowa Straw Poll. Come on guys.

    Romney had an impressive showing as expected. Huckabee had the most amazing performance- since he pulled up (and didn’t even charter buses) like his 3rd place contenteder Brownback. Huckabee showed that his campaign does have legs.

  3. Duke the Dog says

    John, John, John,
    Time to start singing that foreboding song: “Turn out the lights, the party is over!”

    Effort or no effort in Iowa aside, 1% of the vote for a top tier candidate is abysmal.

    I think it’s time to start working on one of those amicable, face saving excuses.

  4. While you can count me as one who will be happy when McCain’s campaign shuts down, using these poll results to say “its over” because 1% is abysmal is too much of a stretch.

    Duke’s logic would seem to dictate that Fred Thompson and Rudy Giuliani should also pack their bags given their “near-abysmal” showings of 1.4% and 1.3% respectively? Both top-tier candidates, right? So its over for them too, just based on their straw poll performance?

    Nah… That would be reading way too much into the straw poll. They both remain viable candidates in spite of their finish. McCain was terminal before the straw poll, not because of it.

  5. Hometown Guy says

    At this point the overriding issue of our day is whether we secure our nation’s borders, protect our sovereignty and keep terrorists from finding a cheap, quick and easy route into the United States.

    Everything else really takes a backseat to this issue, since everything else hinges on it. For starters, our Medicare, Social Security, educational, health care facilities and criminal justice system are all being stretched past reasonable limits. Also, the average illegal entrant is essentially illiterate, averaging third to sixth grade education levels as they enter the US. Play that out….as you consider the eventual impact of this on our nation.

    I will vote for the candidate who, unlike President Bush, (who I previously and foolishly supported twice) will ACT on enforcement of border security and remember that ours is a nation of laws. ILLEGAL immigration will be our downfall.

  6. Julie,

    Come on what? We are just reporting the news and did not even say anything negative about McCain. Since you brought it up, neither Fred nor Rudy were competing and they both thumped McCain. Thompson is not even an announced candidature and he beat McCain 2-1.

    We do agree that Huckabee is the standout. Great showing for relatively little resources.

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