Liberals vs. Reality – Haven’t you often wondered?

The logical mind says “try something else”. The progressive mind says “double down.

COMMENTARY; John Hull, Yahoo Contributor

Liberals fancy themselves as intellectuals, but their actions often tell a different story. How is it these intelligentsia can be so out of phase with reality?

In a campaign speech in Ann Arbor, Mich. on Friday, President Barack Obama advised the crowd, “We’ve got to have a strategy that, yes, is producing our own oil and natural gas.”

He said this without any sense of irony, the same guy who killed the Keystone pipeline just nine days prior and with it tens of thousands of jobs.

Obama’s blocking of the pipeline prompted Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to look to China to bolster its oil industry, as reported by Business Week. Obama has been warned from the beginning that blocking the pipeline would result in Canada going to China, but he chose to step on his union base to protect his campaign donations from the no-growth enviro-wackos, as reported by CNN.

Obama is willing to abandon a proven energy source and real jobs, yet worries about losing those that are impractical, unaffordable and are hemorrhaging jobs as evidenced by the following statement from his Ann Arbor speech: “I don’t want to cede the wind or the solar or the battery industry to China or Germany because we were too timid.”

Obama advised Congress must “double down” the taxpayer funding of “clean energy” even after three solar companies received over $660 million of our dollars crashed and burned in rapid succession, as reported in Yahoo!.

To the logical thinker, this is nothing short of ridiculous. To the progressive, this makes perfect sense. This is because progressivism is a cult religion, beliefs that transcend reason.

The silliest belief in the progressive philosophy is its call for fairness through unfair means. Theirs is an unattainable, child-like utopian dream of fairness of outcome. They reject the fact that, although all men are created equal, they do not stay equal, by their own making. Some are smarter than others, some are lazy or do drugs, etc. In order to achieve this fairness of outcome for some, they must be fundamentally unfair to others.

They must take from those who work hard and earn and give to those who do not, and it’s okay, so long as the person taken from is someone else. Perhaps someone who has a little bit more than them.

This is not unlike a baby with a rattle who sees another with a lollipop. He wants the other baby’s lollipop, but will not give up his rattle, and feels he deserves the lollipop simply because he wants it. He doesn’t care that the other baby had to get a booster shot to earn that lollipop.

This is the mindset that calls for more government and more welfare in spite of the fact that in the 7 decades since welfare began the need for welfare has grown. It has made them dependent rather than independent.

The logical mind says “try something else”. The progressive mind says “double down.”

In other news on Yahoo…

As for the notion that liberals are more intelligent than conservatives, I would like to cite the following study:

According to a May 2010 study from The American Institute for Economic Research entitled: “Economic Enlightenment in Relation to College-going, Ideology, and Other Variables: A Zogby Survey of Americans, participants were separated into six classes by political ideology.

The study consisted of 4,835 participants who were asked eight questions about economics. The results in order from most right answers to most wrong answers were as follows; Very conservative, libertarian, conservative, liberal and progressive.

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