Liberal enough for Bob Walkup.

Tucson Mayor Bob Walkup rarely endorses fellow Republicans. One blog even complained about Walkup’s reluctance to endorse the only Republican running for congress in CD 8.

Emil Franzi often refers to Walkup as the quintessential RINO. Now Bob Walkup shows up on an endorsement piece for long time incumbent Ann Day, who scored a perfect hat trick with endorsements by the Star, Citizen, and Tucson Weekly. I wonder why RINO’s and the liberal press are so wild about Day?


  1. You failed to mention that John Munger, Bruce Ash and Ray Carroll appear on the same mailer.

    Are they RINO’s?

  2. It's called an Agenda... says

    It has been clear that any way Josey can try to promote the campaign of Joe Higgins in this blog she will.

    She does not even tell the whole story in her attempts to run down Ann Day. She uses Emil Franze as an example of someone who hates Rhino Walkup. Yet Emil Franzi endorsed Ann Day over her favored Higgins.

    Josey does not give Emil credit for having his own discerning mind. Yes he could have issues with Walkup and still join Bruce Ash, Ray Carroll, John Munger and the major publications in endorsing Ann Day over Higgins…Oh the horror of it all. I hope Josie can calm herself down with a good book and an episode of the Golden Girls.

  3. According to Emil Franzi’s own words, a RINO "is a present or former GOP elected official who takes a dive on his party’s nominee and supports the candidate of another party, usually a Democrat."

    On that count, Munger is not a RINO. As to the other two, I cannot discuss their activities without getting in trouble.

    Yes, we do have an agenda. We advocate for the conservative cause and for conservative candidates. Since Day is not a conservative we would like to try someone new.

  4. Someone new?

    You mean the guy who didn’t pay his taxes?


  5. What’s with these GOP candidates like Higgins and Seel who can’t pay their bills (tax and mortgage)? Should they even be running for office? How exactly will they bring conservatism and fiscal responsibility to these positions if they win?

  6. Frank and John,

    He has paid his taxes. The question is at what rate. Mr. Higgins has requested the County Assessor do a full audit of his properties and has pledged to pay whatever he owes.

    The fight over the RTA election cost Pima County over $200,000 in legal fees, just for Bill Risner’s fee. Day was on the wrong side of that from the beginning.

    What business or civic organization has Ann Day been involved with over the last 8 years where she added any extra to the community? From what our sources report she plays golf and bridge when she is not at some ribbon cutting or going to a meeting once a week. As Franzi says, politics is a game of “Compared to what?” Compared to the weak and ineffective efforts of Day anyone would look good. An experienced businessman and civic activist like Higgins would be a big improvement over Day.

  7. Higgins is an awful candidate who has run a weak campaign. Day is an experienced, respected public servant well-liked by Democrats and Republicans of all stripes. She will win in a walk and this District One Democrat is proud to call her his supervisor!

  8. Of course she’s well-liked by the Democrats, based on her record she’s almost one of them.

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