Letter to Sarah Palin

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Distributed by C O M M O N S E N S E , in Arizona

Friday, February 12, 2010

Dear Sarah,

As an activist precinct committeeman and county Republican Party officer, I have a better than average perspective on Sen. McCain’s less than conservative principles and his totally unresponsive representation to his Arizona constituents over many years.

In 2004, many of us were collecting signatures on a citizen’s initiative called Proposition 200. The focus of this initiative was to keep our voting process safe from illegal voters and to stop giving state welfare to illegal residents. Sen. McCain worked tirelessly against the thousands of citizens who were trying to get this issue on the ballot. This bill passed by 78% of Arizona voters and has repeatedly been upheld in courts despite the efforts of the various well-funded immigrant advocacy groups. To add insult to injury, and to show you how out of touch with his constituents he was (and still is), he then co-authored with Ted Kennedy the egregious amnesty bill of 2007 which was overwhelmingly opposed by the American people and ultimately defeated.

Legislation to stifle the free speech of PACs during elections and protect the seats of incumbents that he and Sen. Russ Feingold got passed was deemed unconstitutional in the Supreme Court’s recent decision. But look at the negative repercussions from that legislation: George Soros can now buy election by funding numerous 527 groups such as ACORN.

It has been abundantly clear to Arizonans that McCain’s whole focus has been on increasing his own power since he was first elected our Senator 24 years ago. He’s been so busy running for President in 2000 and 2008 that he rarely responds to our correspondence and has an answering machine to respond to our phone calls to Washington (if one can get through before getting the “all full” message). He rarely attends our Republican meetings and has denigrated our state and county conservative leadership. When he deigns to attend very well attended townhalls, he is very disdainful of any opposing views and does not follow through on promises to “look into” constituent issues. But, now that there is some viable opposition to his re-election, he is now touting his conservative bonifides and painting a very different face for the voters of Arizona who weren’t even important enough to visit in 2008.

You were the only reason many of us voted for him in the Presidential election which he seemed determined to lose by the many missteps he made. Along with other progressives, he seemed determined to get Obama elected.

We realize you feel a sense of loyalty to him because of the opportunity he afforded you in 2008; however, as a conservative icon, we feel you will be misleading the uninformed Arizona voters by endorsing him and helping him raise funds. It’s time for a change. Ask his staff how many precinct committeemen declared they would support him in this election–they called all of us. No one that I know answered in the affirmative. He is having trouble getting his petition signatures and has to pay staff to go to all the events where most people refuse to sign them. We are fed up with his total disdain for this state and his constituents and really want to get J. D. Hayworth elected as our senator.

Please don’t help Mcain–it will be a slap in the faces of all conservatives and probably mean the passage of another amnesty bill.

Much good luck in your future.

Sandy Doty
Maricopa County Republican Committee


  1. Kathleen Low says

    Great letter, Sandy. I am PC in CD1 and feel you have spoken for many of us.


  2. I am a PC in CD8 and I know of NO other PC who will work for Mc Cain. When asked by phone if I would vote for Mc Cain or someone else…my reply: “ANYone else” That was before JD decided to run. JD has my vote.

  3. Awesome. I hope she reads this! I’d support her being the republican nominee for 2012. It’d be a slam DUNK for Obama’s re-election campaign.

  4. Stephen Kohut says

    I’m a Pinal PC and I know of no PC’s working for McCain. At the Pinal Mandatory meeting on 1/16, which McCain attended, he got a total of 2 signatures on his petition to get on the ballot.

  5. Just for the record, McCain has more than 4 TIMES the signatures required in every single county, not just one county, all counties statewide. Doty your smoking CRACK, no wonder no one can stand your ugly face.

  6. There you have it folks. post #5 is a classic example of a McCain supporter. Time to retire the old man.

    Great letter Sandy! A lot of us appreciate you hard work for the party.

  7. I’ve written a similar letter to Sarah. But if this one doesn’t make her take note, nothing will.

    I’ve heard the argument that she “owes” John McCain; I’m not convinced. However, her ultimate decision will be telling. She’s either got the goods or she doesn’t. Unlike liberals, I have no interest in gooey sentiment during an election year. If she doesn’t have the political savvy to navigate this “dilema” she may be doing us a favor by disclosing such a flaw early in the game. America is fed up with candidates duty bound by favors to act against the best interest of voters. Exactly the problem Arizona is having with John McCain who is chest deep in Capital Hill manure. Palin might jump right in there with him trying to convince Arizona that the surfing is fine, but it won’t work. Not for him, not for her. I hope she discovers the truth in time.

  8. Dear Sarah,

    I had no problem getting plenty of signatures for Senator McCain recently. His campaign has been responsive to me and others I know who have made requests.

    I trust that you are completely informed about his legislative record and his voting record and that you made your decision to support him based on your own experiences and your own opinion. I appreciate your independence and your instincts. I think they have served you well.

    I doubt you will be tempted to change your mind based on mean-spirited, ill-informed folks, no matter what their title.

    I know that you have had experience with fellow Republicans who do not act in accordance with Reagan’s 11th commandment. I’m glad that even when you oppose those in your own Party, you manage to do it with that in mind. I know that it is highly unlikely that you would support Senator McCain soley out of some misplaced sense of obligation. That’s just not your style. It’s why so many look up to you, including myself.

    I look forward to your coming to campaign for the senator. I don’t doubt that if you have any differences with the senator, you will let him know, and you will do it with respect, coupled with the style and grace that you have exhibited your entire career.

    I hope that when you come here to Arizona that you will be treated with respect and the honor you deserve for the work that you have done to inspire so many. I hope also you will have a message for the Arizona Republican Party that will inspire unity and mutual respect for all those who call themselves conservative. As you can see, it is needed.

  9. Charlie Conservative says

    What is so disappointing about Palin endorsing McCain is that it is politics as usual which she purports to reject. Does she not brag that she fought the arrogant, power hungry and corrupt Republican establishment in Alaska?

    Does she not realize we are fighting the same battle in AZ? And now she is going to come to AZ to undermine our efforts.

    If it is not obvious to her what a disaster McCain is to the Republican Party and the country, there is no saving her as far as I am concerned. What kind of a president would she be if she thinks John has done a marvelous job and needs to be reelected?

  10. Great letter Sandy. I wrote a similar one to her as well.

    Charlie – I totally agree with you. With Palin endorsing McCain it totally hurts her “No more politics as usual” stance. And I understand the loyalty issue, however, I don’t remember McCain being loyal to her in standing up for her against those on his campaign staff or better yet, having his daughter keep her mouth shut from the venom that she tends to spew about Palin.

  11. Stephen Kohut says

    I Dig Mac,

    There is exactly one candidate who has gotten his signatures, turned them in and qualified for the GOP Senate priamry and it is not McRINO. Couple of more nice postings by McRINO staffers. Flail away boys. McRINO will be helping Cindy sell beer later this year. Just like his current radio ads, he’ll need someone else to speak for him since the old boy can’t read a line from a script or give a speach to save his soul.

  12. Arizona Luke says

    Great post.

    I don’t know who will have my vote in August, Simcox, Deakin, or JD… but I can say with 100% certainty that I will cast my vote against McCain at least once this year… and twice if need be.

    With the Conservatives having the big “mo” this election cycle, I would even tolerate AZ going Blue for this Senate seat as the Dem victory would be completely offset by GOP/Conservatives wins by (key word coming up) WORTHY candidates in other states. McCain needs to go. period. He’s done enough damage to the Republic.

    Afterall, I agree with McCain’s voting history as much as I did my former House rep when I lived in Scottsdale (Mitchell) – I agreed with both of their voting records a whopping 32% of the time. So anybody that states McCain is a ‘small-government, Constitutional Conservative’ can lie to me all they want, but it IS sad that they are lying to themselves.

    God Save the Republic,

  13. Sandy, I’ll give you the pass for the first time you voted for McCain, how many times did you vote for him after that?

  14. When are some of you going to wake up and realize that Sarah Palin actually genuinely likes John McCain?

    By the way, I am a PC and I support McCain. There are significant numbers of PC’s that support McCain. There are a lot more of us than you think. And we are not flacks or McCain staffers.

  15. Trust me MrK, I am a PC and there are a lot more PC’s that will not be supporting McCain than are. The level of support for McCain from last year has fallen dramatically. People are motivated and determined to help him retire. I don’t care if Sarah likes McCain or not. Did you see that her approval numbers are falling? Is it just coincidence that it happens at the same time she announces her support of McCain?

  16. DeAnn,
    I think that campaigning for McCain will hurt Palin more than she realizes.

  17. Miss Tomato says

    I am a PC and I support Senator McCain. I also signed his petition.

  18. Kohut, I find it interesting that you know how many signatures are collected for any candidate, much less the McCain signatures. I just can’t imagine anyone publishing the numbers at this time .I spoke to a McCain person several weeks ago when I signed a petition for them at a town hall meeting. Was told, ” they have more than 4 times what is required in all counties” , will continue to collect them right up to the deadline. I’m sure you must know that once a signature is verified another candidate can’t use the same one.

  19. Mac is a good name for him, but I think he would prefer Big Mac since he supports the burger barons interests over U.S. citizens.

  20. Even though I am not thrilled that Palin will be campaigning for McCain, I can totally understand it, and I don’t hold it against her either. McCain doesn’t represent Palin, he represents me…and is why I will not vote for him again.

  21. Stephen Kohut says

    MrK and Miss Tomato,

    Two whole PC’s for McMcain? I guess compared to zero that would be a stampede of RINO PC’s. By the way, cute names. Should we look for those name badges at the county PC meetings? I wonder if youtwo have the same ISP adress.

    I Dig Mac,

    I know exactly how many signatures McRINO got at the Pinal GOP Mandatory meeting. I was there. I checked. Just 2.

    With one quick call to downtown it is easy to see who has submitted enough signatures to qualify for the GOP Senate primary. Deakin is the only candidate currently qualififed to be on the priamry ballot. McRINO isn’t there. JD has not formally announced. Simcox has not submitted enough signatures. You do know who to dial a phone, don’t you?

  22. Kohut, Ok you may be right, I obtained that info when I was at a town hall event.The petition I signed was almost full which is why I asked about it.Do you think they don’t have enough to qualify?

  23. If Sandy Doty or any of her followers who claim to be “true conservatives” think this is what is going to unite the party you are dead wrong.

    This is the behavior that turns me off. I am disgusted with the way our party has been acting. It has resulted in me resigning from being a PC in my district. I signed up to become more active and involved and now I want to be the furthest thing from it!

    I am young (under 30) and looking to find leaders in this party-right now I see NO hope. Unfortunately what drew me to the Republican Party when I turned 18 years old is no longer present. At the grassroots level all I see is hatefulness, anger, and bitterness –

    Maybe all you curmudgeons should stop spewing garbage and eating your own and start focusing on what you are going to do to actually recruit your successors and attract the younger generation because right now….it ain’t workin!

  24. James Davidson says

    McCain deserves to be retired and I cannot support him but Hayworth is not up to it. He’s still Foghorn Leghorn, with bulging vains in his neck, a beat red face, and a motor mouth.

  25. Stephen Kohut says

    I Dig Mac,

    As of now the only candidate that has qualififed for the ballot is Deakin. If McCain has enough signatures they have not been turned in and certified yet.


    At each Tea Party/9-12 meeting I typically sign up several new PC’s. They represent the new grassroots conservative movement and cover a very broad demographic, ages, races, etc. What they are the same in is their belief in the Constitution and limited government. If that is what you are looking for, that is where the GOP is headed in AZ.

    Up to one year ago the AZ GOP was evenly split between conservatives and moderates. The change in the PC ranks have made the conservatives dominant and there is a battle going on for the heart and soul of the party. It’s that simple. There are going to be clashes because of different deeply held political beliefs. You are seeing that battle going on. This is how politics and war are both played. It is never pretty.

    Contested primaries are like being in a knockdown dragout fight with your brothers after which all of you have to pull together to kick the crap out of the kids across the street. There is no such thing as a nice contested primary. They are always brutal. Look at Obama vs. Hillary Clinton. Hillary’s ads against Obama were far worse than anything McCain ever ran in the general election.

    When it is all said and done the party will pull back together for the general. So, be patient and be vocal in your support for what you believe.

  26. For the record Mr. Kohut, my husband and I are PC’s and have firsthand knowledge of PC’s all over this state who are very much supportive of Sen. McCain. No, I do not work for the campaign but manage to get out of my cave often enough to know. With that said, last time I checked…every registered voter in the state is entitled to sign petitions and vote, not just PC’s. Are you suggesting, much as the Democrats do, that certain people within the party leadership have a “better” vote than the regular guy?

    The voters of Arizona have returned John McCain to office because they believe in him and understand his position in the Senate. No time before has it been so necessary to have someone with the strength that Sen. McCain holds to be a voice of opposition to the Obama administration.

    Whatever you say about him, whatever Mrs. Doty says….John McCain has never lost an election in Arizona. Arizona voters statewide, not just the Haney’s and Pearce’s, will vote for the Senate seat. Every day people who want to know the voice of opposition to socialism, for a strong national defense, and protect against the gluttonous spending will be an effective one and their vote will not be wasted…John McCain will be their choice. Why would they choose a candidate with little or no experience or someone who voters have already rejected and has been described as having “virtually no initiative”?

    The elitism of party leadership, such as Mrs. Doty, that suggests they know better…will be rejected and resented. The voters of Arizona will not be fooled by these self-promoting and self-appointed spokespersons for all things conservative and roll over, checking their own thoughts at the door.

  27. Ann,

    I respect that people have differing views on McCain. Obviously he has many supporters, however, he has alienated a large portion of Republicans for two simple reasons:

    1. His propensity to be the prime sponsor with extreme left-wing democrats on legislation that flies in the face of the Constitution.

    2. His disregard – in fact, derision – of our Party Platform and the people who support the main tenets of that document.

    Point one should be self-evident – McCain/Feingold which kept non-profit community organizations from informing voters of a candidate’s position on crucial issues during the most critical part of the election cycle.

    McCain/Kennedy Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill which did nothing to stop the flow of illegals into our country, but gave deferred citizenship (amnesty) to those who have invaded our state and country. A poll of Mexican citizens at that time stated that his bill would have the effect of encouraging more citizens of Mexico to invade our homeland.

    McCain was one of only two Republicans to vote against the repeal of the Estate (death) Tax and, again, was one of only two Republicans to vote against the 2001 and 2003 federal tax cuts.

    McCain supports NAFTA, GATT and the WTO and was a leader in the legislation that eliminated common sense protections for consumers and taxpayers in the banking, mortgage and insurance industries that led directly to the financial crisis that we are still reeling from.

    As to Point 2, John McCain stated that the Republican Party Platform was not a document that he paid any attention to, proclaiming “no one in America has ever read it.”

    Maybe that is because he is in opposition to the planks of that platform that was passed unanimously by his fellow Repubican Precinct Committeemen.

    McCain ran large field operations funded with tens of thousands of dollars donated by Democrat money from California to throw hard grass roots workers like Tom Husband out of their position as Precinct Committeemen.

    You charge Mrs. Doty of elitism (A charge that is so ludicrous as to be laughable. Mrs. Doty is passionate and works hard for her beliefs, but this is the first time I have ever heard her called an elitist.), yet support the McCain/Gullett/Coughlin/Lynch crew and their WISH/RINO henchmen.

    When it comes to this election, Hayworth has the right values to return McCain to Cornville. He has earned his retirement and the time is now.

  28. Stephen Kohut says


    At the 1/16 Maricopa Mandatory Meeting the conservative slate of candidates for “member-at-large”, which included Mrs. Doty, won by a 4 to 1 landslide. Those conservatives will not be supporting McCain. We have more than doubled the PC roles in Pinal and they are overwhelmingly conservatives. Similar changes are occurring in counties throughout AZ. Conservatives now control the PC ranks. It’s a straight numbers game and conservative activists have them. McCain’s support in the PC’s will be limited. Not zero, but small, a minority.

    Only registered Republicans and Independents can sign a petition to qualify a Republican candidate for the primary. As a PC getting signatures you should know the rules. My point that McCain got only 2 signatures at the 1/16 Pinal Mandatory Meeting was that he does not have support in our PC base. When a sitting senior senator can only get 2 ballot petition signatures at a meeting of 80~100 members of his party’s base indicates that he is in trouble. Again, it is a numbers game. There have been a number of MSM articles now on the Precinct Committeeman Project and the conservative takeover of the GOP that is underway. They do miss the mark some but they get the basic gist correct. You might want to read the latest in the LA Times.


    Your attack on Mrs. Doty is unwarranted. How is a newly elected member-at-large a party elitist. It seems to me that the elitists are the long standing RINO’s in county leadership and state committeemen roles that are not listening to the grassroots and will be voted out of office in the election cycle taking place between now and the Jan 2011 state leadership election.

    If McCain wins the primary, would he win the general? Yes. John has reached across the aisle so many times many Democrats have a warm fuzzy feeling about him. He does have to survive an off year primary first. That is an election that will be dominated by the party’s grassroots base and some independents that routinely vote in primaries and ask for a Republican ballot. John is very vulnerable in the primary. The base is furious with John and will work to send him off to help Cindy sell beer.

  29. Sonoran Weekly Review has uncovered a new series of disturbing, unethical actions perpetrated by Arizona’s newest US Senate candidate, JD Hayworth. In the weeks to come, SWR will bring you the stories that have not been reported in any other media outlet in the country – stories that have not been manufactured by affiliates of Hayworth’s public relations team.

    Former conservative talk show host turned 2010 US Senate candidate, JD Hayworth, has spent nearly a year exercising his First Amendment rights – using the Arizona airwaves, Republican meetings and town halls to angrily call Senator John McCain a bully, an intimidator, and a scared political heavyweight has-been.

    What a rookie error. A Senate rookie, that is.

    Hayworth has repeatedly and publicly mischaracterized Senator McCain’s finely-aged confidence, world-wide respect and manhood – his lifelong legacy – as merely some kind of juvenile, schoolyard victim story that has left him paralyzed with fear after all of these years in Washington.

    Hayworth desperately wants to believe that Senator John McCain is scared of him. The truth is almost laughable. Senator McCain has wrestled bigger demons and principalities during his lifetime than JD Hayworth has ever wrestled in his dreams.

    But sadly, reality will not stop JD Hayworth’s mouth. He believes it is his greatest weapon but it is, in fact, his darkest curse.

    Years ago, The Arizona Republic christened JD Hayworth with the nickname “The Bully” for exercising his free speech incessantly and brutishly. It is a name that has served him well both in Arizona and in Washington DC.

    Just ask some of the good folks at Phoenix television station, KTVK – Channel 3.

    In what can only be described as alarming and despicable behavior unbecoming to a conservative Christian, SWR has discovered that JD Hayworth participated in an extortionate scheme to shakedown the #1 independent television station in the United States and the #1 station across Arizona, Phoenix’s KTVK – Channel 3.

    With the gratuitous help of his favorite high-powered Washington DC legal firm, Foley & Lardner, Hayworth’s threatening interference with KTVK’s broadcasting license kicked off a desperate attempt to stifle political free speech just two weeks before Hayworth’s embarrassing general election loss to Democrat Harry Mitchell in November, 2006.

    Responding to an October 18, 2006 complaint from JD Hayworth’s campaign which accused the National Education Association’s Fund for Children and Public Education (NEA) of running a television ad that falsely attacked Hayworth’s legislative voting record and policy positions, admitted McCain-Feingold hater, Foley & Lardner election law attorney Cleta Mitchell, fired off a nasty three page “cease and desist if you want to exist” letter to the Station Manager of Belo Corporation’s KTVK – Channel 3 – “Arizona’s Family”.

    In her legal letter on behalf of Hayworth, Mitchell threatened KTVK with the loss of its broadcasting license if it did not immediately cease airing the NEA’s ad. If any attorney in Washington DC would petition and sue to revoke a broadcaster’s license, provided that best served a client – that attorney would be Cleta Mitchell.

    Mitchell’s letter to the KTVK Station Manager said,

    “….this is not political advertisement as that term is defined by the Federal Communications Act. Your station is not protected from legal liability for airing false and misleading advertisement sponsored by the NEA……your station is not obligated to air any advertisement from the NEA……a licensee who fails to properly supervise the airing of (among other things) ‘false and misleading advertising’ can be properly divested of its license….you are subjecting your station to potential liability….please be advised that the NEA has falsified its required report which was to have been filed within 24 hours of the airing of this advertisement. A complaint is being filed today against the NEA…..”

    Mitchell finished her rude letter with a big lie. One she’d hoped might influence the election for her client.

    Cleta Mitchell told KTVK management that the NEA had falsified its required FEC report regarding expenditures at their station, even though she knew the NEA had not yet filed any report with the FEC and that they had still had 48 hours to do so. Considering the NEA had spent over $308,000, the stakes for all players were high.

    The emergency dissemination of this letter to Arizona’s favorite television station was a decidedly anti-First Amendment maneuver from a First Amendment hypocritical-blowhard and his legally blond sidekick who lawyers-up with any constitutional politician, PAC or ultra conservative cause that will have her. She is a featured performer on that circuit. Not bad for a gal that spent the first 40 of her 60 years….as Democrat.

    The investigation by SWR also found that JD Hayworth and Cleta Mitchell filed a stealth 2006 complaint with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) against the NEA on October 20, 2006, just two days after threatening to shut down KTVK. This complaint formally became known at the FEC as Matter Under Review – 5855 (MUR 5855). All public documents can be found here. Just type 5855 in the case # window.

    Curiously, Hayworth’s formal FEC complaint neglected to mention Mitchell’s strong-armed letter to KTVK. However, the last few pages of the NEA’s formal response to the Hayworth’s complaint contained a gem of a copy of the KTVK letter.

    The NEA’s copy of the KTVK letter shows three faxed time stamps and phone numbers. This copy of the KTVK letter went from JD Hayworth’s Scottsdale office, to the KTVK – Channel 3 Sales Department and on to Media Strategies – the media buying firm that purchased the airtime on KTVK for the NEA’s 30 second spot.

    The KTVK letter was a hot item then. It still is, even now.

    Following Hayworth’s formal complaint to the FEC, the FEC notified the NEA that Hayworth had filed a complaint against them. The NEA already knew about the KTVK shakedown and didn’t hesitate to repeat the dirty details in its reply to the FEC.

    The NEA’s lead counsel, Richard Wilkof, drafted a poignant response to Hayworth’s formal FEC complaint saying, “….the Complaint is entirely groundless, to the point of being frivolous. It appears to be merely part of a larger effort to bully a television station that broadcasts in Arizona’s 5Ih Congressional District into pulling from the air an independent expenditure paid for by The NEA Fund that was critical of Congressman Hayworth. In that sense, the Complaint would be the functional equivalent of an abuse of the process, and should be summarily dismissed by the Commission…… We submit that allegations in the Complaint are disingenuous, and that the Hayworth committee filed the Complaint merely as part of a multi-faceted strategy to pressure KTVK-TV into pulling The NEA Fund’s television advertisements from the air.”

    Responding to Cleta Mitchell’s manufactured lie about the NEA’s falsified expenditure report to the FEC, the NEA responded, “The complainant alleged that the National Education Association Fund for Children and Public Education (“NEA Fund”) violated the Act by failing to report within 48 hours its independent expenditures for television advertisements that were critical of Rep. J.D. Hayworth. However, the complaint was filed roughly twelve hours before the NEA Fund’s report was due to be filed with the Commission. In fact, respondent did file timely its necessary 48 Hour report. Hence, no violation occurred.”

    For the next seven months, the FEC kept MUR 5855 under investigation but had classified the complaint as a low-rated matter and recommended it for dismissal. On May 16, 2007 the FEC’s Office of General Counsel dismissed the case, saying that Hayworth’s filing of the formal complaint was premature, as the NEA still time to legally file its expenditure report after Hayworth filed his complaint.

    However, on May 30, 2007, the FEC commissioners met and unanimously voted to reject the Office of General Counsel’s recommendation to dismiss MUR 5855 on the basis of prosecutorial discretion. The FEC commissioners, instead, voted to find no reason to believe that the NEA violated and campaign finance laws or FEC regulations.

    The FEC commissioners handed JD Hayworth and Cleta Mitchell a definitive rejection of their frivolous complaint, saying that no violation occurred. By June 20, 2007 the FEC commissioners had all signed off on their unanimous decision in favor of the NEA.

    By this time, Hayworth had already lost his US House seat to Harry Mitchell and had been the afternoon talk show host at KFYI-550 AM for a couple of months. Hayworth had not been a radio broadcaster since his college days. Prior to becoming a US House Representative in 1995, Hayworth had been a longtime Phoenix television sportscaster but he was unable to find a job in that venue, at any local station.

  30. James Davidson says

    Honest Abe,

    I just can’t stop crying for KTVK. A meanie lawyer (a girl even) sent them a meanie letter. And the meanie lawyer even went so far as to pick on the teachers’ union. Oh, the humanity of it all!

  31. Miss Mary The Midget says

    Davidson, I think the point being made is JD cried all over the air waves for weeks about the FEC complaint McCain filed on him, yet he did the exact same thing years earlier,what a hypocrite.

  32. Stephen Kohut says

    I think the McRINO staffers are running out of blogs to cut and paste the same crap into. Must be a slow day at campaign HQ. I would have thought everyone would be out getting signatures on ballot petitions since old John has yet to qualify for the ballot. Is he going to do his old trick of buying votes on the reservation?

  33. Miss Mary The Midget = HONEST ABE = McCainiac = Jeff Vath

    now you know the rest of the story…

  34. Pretty rude of Vath to refer to Hayworth’s wife that way. What’s the guy’s problem, doesn’t he have any manners? What a jerk.

  35. James Davidson says

    Miss Mary,

    I am shocked, shocked, to hear that a politician acted like a hypocrite. But I am still crying for KTVK, it’s just so hard sometimes being a TV station.

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