Lester Pearce running on platform of cleaning up County Supervisors office

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

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  1. EndNDAA2012 says

    Is This Jose Borrajeros Pretending to be a Democrat AGAIN????


  2. Fush Yumeng says

    Latest results show that Lester AND Russell Pearce are losing, by large margins.

  3. I guess it is fixed. Can we all go home now?

  4. Maybe he and Russell could start a new business: cleaning offices. Glad to see two more career politicians have to find other employment. Suppose now they’ll just have to get by on their public pensions. Oh, yeah, taxpayers have to fund those, too. Sigh.

  5. Remember when J.T. Ready booster* Russell Pearce said he’d never lost an election? That’s what, two now in less than a year? And his brother loses too?

    I’ll be you zoo’s taking this one hard. Who will hate Latinos enough for him now in the state senate?

    * – Yes, I know that’s a cheap shot. Guess Russ shouldn’t have pal’d around with a Nazi.

  6. Doug Allen says

    Talk about a bad night.. how about CQ? Guy was the master of matching funds races, but when big money involved like in the ld16, pearce and cardon just outclassed. LIke the guy, but bad night for him. He needs to figure out this system quick.

  7. Mike Triggs says

    So happy to see both Lester and Russell go down…and glad to see Lori Klein and David Burnell Smith won’t be back. The Dekookification of the Capitol is working.

  8. Tom Barrett says

    The elections weren’t fixed, if that’s what you mean. This is a step toward fixing what’s wrong with Arizona, but there’s still a lot of extremist kooks to boot out of office.

  9. Robert Woodman says

    Both of the Pearce boys lost by large margins last night. How sad.

    I’d be curious to hear why Sonoran Alliance abandoned Russell Pearce.

    This blog supported Pearce and his radical racist agenda for years. Pearce posted articles on Sonoran Alliance from time to timek, including his classic rant and rave two years ago over a fraudulent story about 3000 fake voter registration requests in Yuma County. .During the recall election last year, Sonoran Alliance helped promote the idiotic notion that Olivia Cortes was a legitimate candidate. Sonoran Alliance, along with the Honorable Greg Patterson, Esq., at the now defunct and disgraced Espresso Pundit blog, smeared Pearce’s recall opponent with ridiuculous charges of stealing from children. Over a donated box of old clothing, of all things. Sonoran Alliance allowed a Pearce supporter to label Jerry Lewis a “Judas goat,” Pearce went down hard in the recall election. HIs election night concession speech was a classic of total classlessness.

    Less than a year later, Sonoran Alliance seems to have abandoned poor Russell. They barely bothered to promote Pearce’s campaign and didn’t even trouble themselves with the slilghtest attempt at a smear campaign aimed at Bob Worsely. The lion of the immigrant hatred movement went out with a wimper. He didn’t even show his face last night for another classless election night speech equating racism with patriotism.

    So why did Sonoran Alliance abandon him?

    I’ve been trying to tell Republicans for the last five years that they needed to wash their hands of the racist gang of Pearce-Arpaio-Babeu-Thomas. Judging by last night’s results, lots of them have done just that. I’d just be curious to know if the author’s of this blog would care to explain. Do they still support Mr. Pearce and his agenda?

  10. RussellPearceWatch says

    Again no concession speech? Really? Shocker.

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