Len Munsil Seeking GOP Chair

Rumors are circulating that conservative gubernatorial candidate, Len Munsil, will be making a bid to lead the Arizona GOP. Meanwhile former Governor, Fife Symington, will not seek the post.

During the last period between the Primary and General Election, Len was very successful in raising almost $700,000 dollars in a six-week period for the state party. Considering where he was in the polls, this was no easy feat. But if you look back on Len’s ten years organizing and developing the Center for Arizona Policy, his track record is even more clear. Whether its raising big bucks to propel the GOP back into the 2008 elections or raising the armies of grassroots volunteers, Len would be very successful and bring a breath of fresh air to the Republican party.

The GOP will hold its election in late January.


  1. Oro Valley Dad says

    (This comment has been modified.)

    I apologize for my previous remarks. I still contend Len’s gifts would be better used in a different pursuit.

  2. As someone who has known Len for several years and seen him as a genuine, standup guy, I don’t think Len should lower himself to take the AZ GOP chairmanship.

    Two years ago, we conservatives thought conservative Matt Salmon was the answer in the chairman’s seat. However, this is a job that requires sucking up to a very big tent that includes Carolyn Allen and Karen Johnson and Republicans of every stripe in-between. The powers that be (Kyl, McCain, Shadegg, et al) call the shots behind the scenes. Our agenda is not necessarily their agenda. Len is not going to put himself in a position where he is introducing WISH List members at a dinner when Mel Martinez comes to visit Phoenix.

    Len can do a lot more good for humanity, as he did at CAP, by using his incredible skills and talents somewhere other than the AZ GOP chairmanship.

  3. Voice of Reason says

    Hey Oro Valley Dad – cheap shot and something I would only expect from a bitter left-wing nutjob. Grow up or stop posting.

  4. No More Bully Pulpit says

    OVD – It is very sad that you use this blog for personal payback rather than posting original thoughts. Didn’t you try to volunteer to be on Len’s campaign but were never chosen (showing my surprised face). Perhaps you should try using this blog for intelligent political discourse rather than sour grapes.

  5. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    The money “raised” by Len wasn’t really. It was raised by the party and its usual network at events featuring whoever our nominee for governor was. Outside of a few checks that Munsil’s friends brought to the occasion, the events raised exactly what they would have raised had anyone else been the nominee. In fact, they might have even raised less with Munsil at the helm because nobody wants to write checks to somebody losing by 20+ points in the polls.

    So long as the establishment appoints/annoints someone to run things as they want, nothing will change. Munsil failed to really challenge Napolitano as a candidate in his campaign and those same personal characteristics that made him an unsuccessful candidate will doom him as a chairman and us as a party. Unless you all think that Nathan Sproul and Len Munsil should do for the Republican Party what they did for the Governor’s race and the marriage amendment?! Heaven forbid…

  6. Truth squad, you are just making stuff up. Munsil actually raised more money for the party down the stretch run of the campaign than Salmon and the party structure did. Ask anyone who is actually “in the know.” This wasn’t money that would have come in otherwise, this was Munsil’s own contacts and his own fundraising skills. You really shouldn’t go off half-cocked without knowing the facts.

    And if by “personal characteristics” you mean inspiring more grassroots involvement than any other statewide candidate in recent history, sure, that would be such an awful thing to bring to the party chairmanship. Ask anyone who was at the “Jon Kyl” rally in Mesa where at least 250 of the 300 people were wearing Munsil shirts or waving his signs. Ask the party stucture how many volunteer phone calls were made by Munsil volunteers compared to regular GOP volunteers. I would venture to guess that without Munsil’s volunteers, Jon Kyl would have been in some serious trouble.

    What doomed Munsil was a Clean Elections system and a local media that favors incumbents. If you don’t believe me, why are our congressional delegation and our senators seeking Munsil to run the GOP? I don’t think they would be approaching him for the job if he was as inept as you seem to think.

  7. When did party chairman become a consolation prize for failed gubernatorial candidates?

  8. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Sorry Josh, but my sources are pretty good. Yours must be too though, if you are telling us that our congressional delegation and both senators are seeking Munsil to run the party… How did you happen to be in the room for all of those converstations? You wouldn’t be spouting off “half-cocked” now, would you? You’re vouching for them as having taken place…? Hmm…

    And no, Len Munsil didn’t bring more people to the party and phone banks than the party already had. His people were great and helpful, but the notion that he more than doubled the numbers of volunteers to the state GOP is wrong. If he “saved” Jon Kyl with all of that Munsil mojo, how did he underperform Kyl by what, half a million votes?

    If he lost because of Clean Elections, yet he was a fabulous fundraiser who raised more than the party, etc., then he should have been smart enough to run traditional, raise this astounding amount of money, and given himself a shot to win. Instead, he lost bigger than anyone in AZ history (more than 400,000 votes) and he and his team, who assured us they wouldn’t let anything happen negatively to the marriage amendment if Len left CAP and ran, lost that one too.

    I don’t doubt that he has a base of support. They’re great people and frankly, so is Len. I know him and I like him. He’s a really smart guy. But he is very new to the politics of a political party and that was done deliberately by him because he needed to stay non-partisan for CAP’s work. It showed in his campaign and he is poorly qualified to run a state party.

    Finally, why don’t we all wait to see if this is anything more than a rumor? I’ve heard Pullen, Symington, Bennett, Barrett, and now Munsil. Has anyone actually declared for this thing?

  9. Mike Triggs says

    Perhaps Len could take over as the president of the Christian Coalition of America and Nathan could be his Executive Director

    The Rev. Joel Hunter, who wasx supposed to take the helm of the Coalition recently said that the goup would not let him expand the organization’s agenda beyond opposing abortion and gay marriage.

    Hunter, was quoted as saying “he had hoped to focus on issues such as poverty and the environment… issues that Jesus would want us to care about”.

  10. Oro Valley Dad says

    Here is Arizona 8th’s take on the issue of Len Munsil for Chairman of the Republican Party. “His campaign for governor was nothing short of a disaster.”

  11. Having this thread run has been a good thing because it has allowed the conservatives to get their gripes and concerns out for a healthy debate.

    I do want to point out that no other names have been mentioned which seems to beg the question, “If you’re going to criticize the direction of the party, why not offer a solution?”

    I hope we can all be on the same page with regard to the principle that we need a strong leader who will not pussy-foot around over the next two years. I for one, want someone who will build this AZ party, take names and kick a little ass with the Dems. I also want someone who will discipline the RINO’s not necessarily publically, but with the knowledge that if they don’t want to be on the team, they’re gonna be totally alone and completely vulnerable.

    Excuse the hollywood analogy but this party needs an extreme makeover and one in which the fiscal conservatives know that if they cut out the social conservatives, they’ll cut out the party’s heart and soul.

  12. Oro Valley Dad says

    Bully Pulpit,

    The truth of my involvement with the Munsil campaign is as follows. On several occasions I offered to give advice about a strategy for Southern Arizona. They asked me to attend a meeting in Tucson with Len but I was not able to make it because of my work schedule. I did exchange a few e-mails with Len about the fact that Sproul had endorsed Carolyn Allen. Len said that he did not approve of what Nathan had done but that Nathan was working hard on his campaign.

    I did not even know that there was a selection process for working on the Munsil campaign that I could or could not be chosen for. Either way I was extremely busy working with two local legislative candidates, one of whom defeated a pro-abortion Republican incumbent in the primary and came within a few hundred votes of winning in the general. I was very proud to have worked on that campaign and would not have had time to officially serve on the Munsil campaign even if they had “chosen” me.

    Munsil representatives did call me toward the end because they needed people to make phone calls. That did not go very far because everyone that I knew was busily working on the local legislative races and did not have any extra time for another campaign.

    There were several strong Munsil supporters who worked with us on the local races and as time whet by they just shook their heads at how Len was running his campaign. I will not speculate on exactly why they shook their heads because as you correctly point out I was never an insider to the campaign.

    Further how could I have any sour grapes from being “never chosen?” Given Munsil’s huge loss to Napolitano I consider it a blessing that I had nothing to do with the campaign. If Len had won and I was left out, theoretically I could have been upset at “being left out.” How could anyone possibly feel upset about Not being a part of what was a huge loss?

    I do not know Len and have only met him once or twice. Therefore I must defer to those who know him and I cannot really comment on him as a person. Most everyone who knows him says that he is a great person so I will stipulate to their comments. I only meant to remark about the type of campaign that he ran and his fitness for being chairman of the Arizona Republican Party.

    If there is anything that I am sour about it is that I believe that Goldwater could have gotten 35% or better against Janet and I do not think Len treated Don very well during the primary. Munsil kept talking about Don’s lack of experience and his long-in-coming conversion to being pro-life. I just did not think Len’s comments had a nice tone. Several supporters of Munsil told me that Don was not that bright and that Len would do very well in the debates against Janet. When the election results finally came in I was a little stunned at how wide the loss was. I especially felt that Len’s campaign and his supporters showed a lot of gall in their earlier remarks about Goldwater in light of how Munsil finally did in the polls.

    You and Voice of Reason can dismiss my comments all you want but I still think it is a valid point to discuss why Munsil lost by so large an amount. Blaming it on the liberal media and the small amount of clean elections funding just does not cut it for me. There is more to the story and it is useful to discuss as Republican’s look forward to how to win in the future.


    One possible solution is Randy Pullen.

  13. Randy Pullen is also a good candidate for GOP chair.

  14. Honest Abe says

    Wrong, wrong wrong!!! Randy is the worst thing that could happen in any senario. Randy doesn’t have the support of either Senator, all 4 Congressmen, State Treasurer, Secretarty of State, and i could go on and on. If you have a way to reach Randy, ask him if he can deny these facts. I know exactly how the above mentioned delegation feels about Randy .
    Honest Abe

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