Legislator Eval Updated – as of 6/7/13

Updated Ratings!!!


Arizona Conservative Coalition Republican Legislator Rankings

Legislative Actions as of 6/7/2013

Last Updated 6/9/2013


The number of bills being tracked is 267 plus 4 Strike All amended bills. During the previous week, HB2518, which was amended to prohibit municipalities from requiring home builders to set up an HOA and to allow HOA unit owners to rent out their units (unless the original rules of the HOA prohibited that), was added with a (+10) weight (we strongly support it) as a regular. This has been another slow week as far as votes on bills we are tracking. Most of the activity is likely still focused on budget negotiations. The only votes were on HB2518 in the Senate (passed without any opposition with floor amendments) and SB1363 in the House (passed along party line voting as was the case in the Senate). We strongly support both of these bills.

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