Legislative Upsets and Landslides

Several Republican Primary legislative races around the state have had surprising results.

In LD-1, newcomer Steve Pierce has beat RINO, Tom O’Halleran by 1,362 votes (52.9% to 47.1%).

Meanwhile in another conservative vs. RINO lineup, Al Melvin has shown Pete Hershberger the door in Southern Arizona’s LD-26 Senate Primary.

In what was the most contentious legislative race, Russell Pearce soundly defeated immigration lawyer, Kevin Gibbons in the LD-18 Senate. The endless attacks by Nathan Sproul’s “Mesa Deserves Better” resulted in a backlash in that race with Pearce defeating Gibbons in a huge landslide, 68.8% to 31.2%. This will likely send a message to the Flake Family Establishment.

In the other heated Republican Primary in northern Maricopa County, perennial candidate, Carl Seel finally captures elected office in a race that pitted him and Sam Crump against newcomer Tony Bouie.

In Southeast valley, State Senator Thayer Verschoor held off challenging House member, Eddie Farnsworth to win by 436 votes (41.9% to 38.9%).

Further west in LD-20, incumbent House whip, John McComish, appears to be trailing another newcomer, Frank Schmuck by 65 votes! Jeff Dial managed to surprise all with top votes in that race.

Even further west in the LD-12 House race, Robert Blendu has been upset by newcomer, Steve Montenegro in a close race where Blendu was attempting to switch to the House from the Senate (30.6% to 28.8%).

State Senator, Jack Harper managed to fend off a challenge by liberal challenger John Zerby by a huge landslide (69.3% to 30.7%). Zerby targeted Harper and was aided by liberal PAC’s to no avail.

Back to Soutnern Arizona where Trent Humphries managed to place second place in a race against RINO, Vic Williams (37.6% to 31.5%) in the LD-26 House race. Marilyn Zerull placed third slightly behind Humpries (30.9%).

Further southeast in the LD-30 House, returning challenger, Dave Gowan finally pulled an upset with 31.3% of the vote in a 4-way race. The other superstar conservative, Frank Antenori barely edged out RINO, Doug Sposito for the second house seat in that district by 81 votes.

To view unofficial results on the Arizona Secretary of State website, click here.


  1. The good guys win!

  2. Well what do you know. The citizans have once again proven that all the mud slinging and negative campaign tactics in the world can’t fool them every time. It appears that by and large most of the true conservative candidates in the Republican primary have been victorious.
    Congratulations to them all!
    Even in Scottsdale, the Republican challenger has upset the Democrat imcumbent.
    At initial assessment, if overconfidence doesn’t slip in, the Republicans may even pick up a seat or two overall in the legislature this cycle.
    I am encouraged that given emphasis in the right places, the Republican majorities will hold and maybe even strengthen.
    Can we now put the intra-party fighting behind us and join to defeat the liberal Democrats in Nov. please? Can we please put the nasty little troll and his cronies back in the hobbit house and move on?

  3. Precinct Committeeman says

    Your call for conservative unity is pretty funny given your unabashed support of Tony Bouie’s campaign in LD-6. Now that he has been soundly defeated, maybe you can come back to your roots.

    Otherwise, I am done with reading what used to be the best conservative blog on the Net.

  4. “Even in Scottsdale, the Republican challenger has upset the Democrat imcumbent.”


  5. Antifederalist says

    Um, PC, Bouie was a registered DEM until days before the race. He was no conservative. The Seel/Crump victory was the best outcome for conservatives. Mind you, I admit that I’m going against my former boss, Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) on this.

    Glad to see so many conservatives win in the primary. NOW, the task at hand is to see that they win the general elections. THEN, like all good small-government conservatives who are mistrustful of government, we need to watch them like hawks to ensure they ADHERE to their espoused principles. And if they don’t, we need to throw the bums out.

  6. Yeah!

    The year of the conservative!!!!!!

  7. Looks like the media has a new target in LD-6 to beat up on!

  8. #3. PC,
    “perennial candidate, Carl Seel”

    Real call for unity there. They haven’t put anything away.

  9. Not only have conservatives fared well in the Republican primaries, but endorsements by the dinosaur liberal press (Citzen in Tucson, Republic in Phoenix) has been like the kiss of death.

    Heck, even the Democrats in district 29 bounced Tom Prezelski (NRA rating of F) for Dan Patterson (NRA rating of B).

  10. Genghis

    “The citizans have once again proven that all the mud slinging and negative campaign tactics in the world can’t fool them every time.” Every time is the key here because it worked in LD12. I’m very disappointed in the campaign that was run there. Yes, Steve Montenegro won, but lost my respect.

  11. Antifederalist says

    Looks like Stump, Wong, and Allen won the right to run for Corp Commission. Eh, not so many wins here for us…Mr. Plastic Hair Stump is OK, I guess. I know he got at least 1 conservative endorsement, but Warry Bong is no conservative, and if this is CAROLYN Allen, then her victory is a disaster. It’s only still 3 seats right, or did AZ up it to 5?

  12. Antifederalist says

    Whoops! The top 3 vote getters were Stump, Wong and MCCLURE, NOT Allen.

  13. Genghis, PC and “others”,

    The cry for “party unity” is really an oxymoron. It won’t happen.

    The accusations, hatred and name calling from the “Border Hugging Crowd” is so prevalent “within the movement” that these people have become something completely FOREIGN to anything resembling the Republican Party.

    They are angry mutineers hiding with the Republican Party because there is not another place w/ $$$ and organization for them to go. They’re doing nothing different than the illegal aliens they cry about. They snuck in (under false pretenses w/ a hidden agenda), have stayed behind to plant the “grassroots” and are milking the $$$ and print out of the Republican Party wherever they can.

    The “Border Hugger Movement” poison rarely escapes into the public forum because they eat and protect their own.

    Until now.

    Don’t drink the Kool-Aid and keep your ears and eyes open.

    Stay tuned.

  14. Antifederalist, you are factually incorrect on nearly every comment in your post.

  15. Umm – Antifederalist:

    Not that it matters, but it wasn’t Carolyn Allen, it was former LD11 State Rep. John Allen. And it is 5 seats now on the Corp. Comm.

  16. Elected LD-6 PC says

    “perennial candidate, Carl Seel finally captures elected office”

    It’s not a done deal until November 4. I can foresee more than one Republican crossing Party lines in this particular race. Besides isn’t “clean elections” scrutinizing his bookkeeping practices as well as his “in kind” donations of advertising from Crump.

  17. GOP Boomer Gal says

    Crossing party lines is how we got El Napo. I hope you’re thrilled with that result.

  18. kralmajales says

    Am I wrong or did Trish Groe lose and come in third?

    I have to say…great vote on the principles of your party.

    Well done voters of District 3.

  19. Perennial candidates are great! That’s how we got Ev Mecham.

  20. Lynn: Will you please expand on your “…Steve Montenegro won, but lost my respect…” comment?

  21. Not to nitpick, but Pierce isn’t really a newcomer. He’s on the state party committee and was chairman of his county party for like 5 years.

    You also labeled Bouie a newcomer, that’s much more accurate.

  22. I’m not Lynn, but I I agree with her. The slew of mailers that the Weiers/Montenegro ticket sent out almost daily was nothing but bashing Blendu and distorting events.

    Steve came on the scene as a humble, prayer led, service before self style of candidate. He spoke of his respect for Robert Blendu often, yet when it came to win or lose…he went negative and did it with gusto.

    I never cared much for Blendu’s personality and thought Steve had some potential. Now, my personal opinion is his humble Christian servant role is just a facade; his actions are driven by personal ambition and desire for power. He wants to be a big name and doesn’t care who or what he hurts to gain it.

    Hard work and heavy campaigning shouldn’t require one to abandon their values. He can be ruthless if he chooses, but please leave the “just a youth pastor called to serve” out of his narrative and “after much prayer” out of the testimony of his decision making process.

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