Legislative update.

     I did not receive quite enough rebuke in my last attempt to discuss the senate vs. house budget so I will venture into the minefield again.

     I do not pretend that I have the slightest understanding of the state budget process but I did find that the house voted today on HB 2781 – General Appropriations: 2007-2008. The bill failed by 4 votes, 27 ayes, 31 nays, 2 not voting. This in a chamber that has a virtual count of 32 Republicans and 28 Democrats.

     Due to the obscure nature of the budget process I do not know exactly what was in HB 2781 but since Russell Pearce voted for it and Kyrsten Sinema voted against I am pretty sure it was a conservative bill. I will not make any comments about the speaker but it does seem that McComish needs a new calculator.

     I wonder how things are going over in the Senate.

Here is an article on the topic from the Arizona Daily Star.


  1. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Hershberger and Burns bailing on a Republican budget is never a surprise. Lucy Mason? Less of a surprise every time. Biggs, Farnsworth, and Groe? They’re going to say it spent too much, so now it will get bigger to get more liberals to vote for it since the conservatives didn’t. Wonder what that will cost the taxpayers?

    But you’re right, who told the Speaker they had the votes? They know that no Democrats will vote for it, so they need 31 out of 33 Republicans to vote for it. They have to know that Hershberger and Burns have no loyalty to the caucus, so that leaves them with 31 if everyone is on board. Time to retrain the Whip team!

  2. Oro Valley Dad says

    We would like to note that Burns is from a Democrat district and votes pro-life and pro-gun so we are glad to have her in the house.

  3. Capitol Buzz says

    Maybe you’re glad to have her, but within the caucus she is a pariah. She actively works against the caucus on virtually every issue. LD25 is moving towards the GOP and it is time to replace her with a real Republican. Frankly, the caucus itself would be stronger if she was replaced with a pro-life, pro-gun Democrat. At least then she wouldn’t be in the meetings causing trouble, then taking what she knows and giving it to the 9th floor!

  4. Both the Senate and House budgets contain tax cuts, but they differ to a factor of about 10.

    The Senate budget is the product of Southern Arizona Republican Tim Bee, and was derived from bi-partisan concensus.

  5. Capitol Buzz says

    Burns and Hershberger want more spending. But they always want more spending. They also oppose tax cuts, but then they pretty much always oppose tax cuts. They’re lefties, period.

    As for the Senate’s “bi-partisan” budget, that was actually the result of the reality that it is cheaper to negotiate with Democrats than Carolyn Allen and Tom O’Halleran.

    Man, we really need some primaries in 2008!

  6. Capitol Buzz says

    Oh yea, and let’s not forget that the Senate wants to extend the maturity of the highway bonds from 20 years to 30 years. Lets them spend more while we all get shafted for a whole lot more interest. Thanks guys!

    At least Hershberger and McClure are termed out in 2008! Now maybe Southern Arizona can elect some top-notch Republicans!!!

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