Republican legislators hosting fundraiser for liberal Republicans and Democrats

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Why are Republican legislators Adam Driggs*** and  Rich Crandall holding a fundraiser with known liberal Republicans Wes and Deb Gullett to benefit RINOs and Democrat legislative candidates running against conservative Republican candidates? They’re trying to turn the legislature more moderate and oust conservative candidates. The list of candidates consists of legislators who didn’t like supporting SB1070, and now they’re trying to fool people into thinking they were strong supporters.

Deb Gullet is a former Chief of Staff for liberal John McCain and Phoenix’s Sanctuary City Democrat Mayor Phil Gordon. She is pro-abortion, pro-gay rights, pro-big spending and probably the most liberal Republican to have ever served in the State Legislature from District 11.

At least now we know for sure who the RINO candidates are.

From: Deb Gullett <>
Sent: Tue, June 1, 2010 7:01:20 AM
Subject: 12 in 10, An Unprecedented Event

This invitation is for an unprecedented event, designed to give business and community leaders an opportunity to have a significant impact on the composition of our next Arizona State Legislature. Experts have selected a dozen candidates in races whose outcomes could make or break the business environment next year. Collectively, these candidates cross the political spectrum but are united by their support for job creation, education, and in opposition to taxpayer funded elections. Their reputations for thoughtful leadership are unparalleled.

We’ve tried to make this easy for you – they’ll all be at the Biltmore Hotel June 15th from 5-7 pm. Minimum contribution is $2500.00, divided among the candidates as you see fit. Please join us on June 15th to help make an impact on the future of our state.

No Host Fundraiser for Twelve in ’10 Arizona Biltmore Hotel, 2400 E Missouri

RSVP to or call Deb Gullett at 602-315-0706 for more information

If you are unable to attend the event but would like to contribute to the candidates participating in the event please make your checks out to the candidates committee and send them attention:

Twelve In ’10
140 E. Lamar Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85012

Please include your business card or a note that lists your address, occupation and employer. This information is for reporting purposes. Thank you for considering this very important fundraising opportunity. Working together we can make Arizona a better place to live and conduct business.

The Candidates:

Bill Konopnicki, R, Senate District 5 | Konopnicki 2010
Karen Fann, R, House District 1 | Comm. to Elect Karen Fann, LD 1
Michele Reagan, R, Senate District 8 | Vote Reagan 2010
Amanda Reeve, R, House District 6 | Amanda Reeve 2010
Justin Johnson, D, Senate District 10 | Friends of Justin Johnson
Eric Ulis, R, House District 8 | Eric Ulis for State Representative
Adam Driggs, R, Senate District 11 | Driggs 2010
Kate Brophy McGee, R, House District 11 | Kate McGee 2010
John Nelson, R, Senate District 12 | Friends of John Nelson
Eric Meyer, D, House District 11 | Elect Eric Meyer
Rich Crandall, R, Senate District 19 | Elect Rich Crandall
Doug Sposito, R, House District 30 | Sposito 2010

This event is paid for by the candidate committees listed above; make checks payable to individual candidate committees – minimum event contribution total $2500.00. Please take care to abide by annual state and local contribution limits as well as individual candidate limits, noted here: Maximum contribution for a two year election cycle $410/$820, per person/married couple. Maximum annual calendar year contribution limit for state and local candidates is $5,850/$11,700, per person/married couple. Contributions are not tax deductible.

***Our apologies to Speaker Kirk Adams for erroneously mentioning him earlier. Our very reputable source mistakenly put “Adams” instead of “Adam” in their information.

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  1. Yeah, right. says

    Gonna be a very lonely party with all of these folks gone.

    Very interesting.

  2. Kirk Adams says

    As a daily reader of this blog I was very concerned to read this post about a fundraising event of which I have no association. To correct the record, I am not involved with this fundraiser, nor have I been invited to attend.
    To quote the Capitol Times, “”Kirk Adams presided over the House of Representatives during what may go down as one of the most conservative legislatures in Arizona history.” Thats a record I am proud to stand on.

  3. What are you doing? Enough with liberal republicans. Get rid of them, They’re more of a problem than Liberals. How about holding fund raisers for Conservative Republicans! For that matter even the Tea Party would be a better cause. Fence sitting Liberal Republicans need to be gone from office!

  4. …………………..

    “Experts have selected a dozen candidates”

    Wow. “Rubes, step aside and let your betters handle this.”

  5. “Kirk Adams Says:
    June 8th, 2010 at 4:53 pm

    As a daily reader of this blog I was very concerned to read this post about a fundraising event of which I have no association.”

    They probably just don’t like you because you endorsed McCain.

  6. Antifederalist says

    Or, Speaker Adams, some are upset with you for voting to send Prop. 100 to the ballot. As Speaker, you should have made sure SB 1001 never saw the light of day. That’s what a conservative would have done.

  7. American Post Gazette says

    There are many reasons to question the Speakers conservative credentials, but he is not involved in this particular event. We checked again with the person providing this information and she tells us she meant Adam Driggs but misspoke.

    We apologize for the error.

  8. I smell Jim Click.

  9. Look everybody,a herd of RINOs! The same sort of RINOs that went along with Napolitano’s spending increases that drove Arizona into the ditch.

  10. Sarka Scarpulla says

    “Kirk Adams presided over the House of Representatives during what may go down as one of the most conservative legislatures in Arizona history. Thats (sic) a record I am proud to stand on.”

    I’m not sure that was meant that as a compliment. I guess your failure to shift more of the tax burden off of businesses onto the middle class is a win for most of us; while the reversal of taking away health insurance for the working poor must have stung; you always have next year to kowtow to Grover and attempt to renew failed radical right policies of the past. Don’t forget to hack away the 14th amendment, you only chipped away at the first and 4th this past year.

  11. Karen Fann says

    I was very disappointed to see my name in this article, implying I am a RINO. No one from Sonoran Alliance has ever spoken to me much less asked me how I stand on issues. For the record, I am a conservative Republican and have been my entire life. I am pro-life, support marraige between a man and woman only, and believe less government is better with less taxes. I believe in our right to bear arms and I oppose the Obama Health Care plan. I support SB1070 as our federal government has failed to do it’s job. I support the 10th Amendment to it’s fullest extent and believe the current congress is trying to take over our states, lives and welfare. Regards, Karen Fann

  12. Vicki Gray says

    Well done Karen. I think the Sonoran Alliance’s “very reputable source” was
    “mistaken” again. The fundraiser was for support of job creation and as stated the canidates run the political spectrum. To “assume” that they are all Rhinos and list them on this site was wrong.

  13. The fundraiser was NOT for job support and you know it. The Fundraiser was to join forces with your liberal counterparts. Here’s what happens when moderates are challenged – they team up with the left! Their next step will be changing parties as we have already seen else where this election year. At least then we will be able to recognize them for what they are – not constitutionally conservative as they pretend to be. Rich Crandall is a liberal. John McCain is a liberal. Kirk Adams is a liberal that sent prop 100 to the ballot. These people don’t have a backbone. They just want to move to the front of the line to get their Obama handouts. You make me sick!

  14. Karen Fann, I suggest you distance yourself from the likes of Rich Crandall, Wes and Deb Gullett, and the other RINOs we have in office. They are not Republicans and they are not conservative. You are judged by those whose company you keep.

  15. Franklin says

    Shame on you Karen Fann, you are a liberal… why else would you be involved in a liberal fundraiser to oust conservative Republicans? You have signed your death certificate by participating with these RINOs. We are sick and tired of backdoor politics and we’re voting you all out come Nov. Mark my word, ALL RINOs and moderate Republicans will be shown the door!!!

  16. Franklin says

    Thank you for listing the names of these RINOs. I suspected they were all liberals, but now that they have come out of their closets, we can see them in the light of day for who they really are. Why would any SELF PROCLAIMED conservative support and join with know liberals and democrats to help them fundraise against good, decent conservative Republicans? There is no excuse. It’s as obvious as the nose on my face. There are secret deals taking place to change the face of politics in Arizona. Wake up Arizona. The names listed in this article are all known RINOs who are joining forces with the Dems to create a super block.

  17. Adam Driggs & Rich Crandall head the list of Liberal Republicans who refuse to support the rule of law.

    Arizona’s most Liberal Republicans!

  18. Big-Money says

    The fundraiser went off without a hitch. We raised $250,000 for fellow moderates & liberals… and there isn’t a thing you can do about Arizona! Everybody’s asleep and doesn’t care. We will change the very foundation of politics in Arizona. Go RINOs!

  19. Shut your pie hole “Big-Money.” Mr. Crandall just pocketed $30,000 from the Liberal fundraiser earlier this week and he will live to regret it. The best revenge is a massive landslide! It’s a comin’ brotha –

  20. No doubt. But is anybody really surprised that Crandall & Driggs are RINOs? Come-on… these guys are known liberals who have pulled the wool over their constituants eyes by shell games and smoke ‘n mirrors. But you have to give them credit, if they had a Las Vegas act, I’d pay good money to see them perform it. They are the masters of illusion.

  21. Sickens me to see such acts by those who profess conservatism. Rich Crandall’s website lists him as a Constitutional Conservative. Please… do you take us all for idiots? Those who support and endorse Crandall are the world’s biggest hypocrites.

    Crandall Report Card

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