Legislative leaders including SB1070’s Pearce line up behind Schweikert: McComish says Schweikert has best chance

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Arizona Guardian ran a story on Congressional candidate David Schweikert a couple of days ago. Since it is a subscription-only news site, we can only include excerpts from the article:

Congressional candidate David Schweikert is racking up support from the Legislature’s GOP leadership for his bid in a packed Republican primary for Arizona’s 5th Congressional District. Among those backing Schweikert are House and Senate majority leaders, John McComish and Chuck Gray. Others include House Appropriations Committee Chairman John Kavanaugh and Commerce Committee Chairwoman Michele Reagan.

Perhaps the most high-profile supporter is Sen. Russell Pearce, author of the state’s new immigration law. The Schweikert campaign printed a handout comparing SB 1070 to federal immigration law that included Pearce’s endorsement. The flier has a photo of Pearce alongside a statement saying, “David Schweikert understands how Washington has failed Arizona, and I trust him to be the guy to fix it.”

The legislators are set to appear at a June 10 fundraiser for Schweikert, himself a former legislator and Maricopa County Treasurer.

McComish says he believes Schweikert has the best chance at capturing the northeast Valley district for the GOP.

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  1. Farmer John says

    I received that mailer. David Schweikert has jumped to the head of the pack in that race, the other Republican candidates are little known and have way too much baggage, one was arrested for indecent exposure, another is a carpetbagger from San Fransisco who mysteriously resigned from a gaming company after gamers took out a petition to fire him called “Fire Jim Ward,” and then there’s Susan Bitter Smith who has destroyed any last shred of her reputation by serving as a trustee for the Defend Don Stapley criminal defense fund. Way to go Susan, your last credible friend, Sheriff Arpaio, won’t touch you with a ten-foot pole now.

  2. The others have their faults for sure. But this not much of a ringing endorsement…. People are basically saying, He has the best chance so I guess I have to support him.

    That’s not exactly someone who is igniting the base to get out there and be excited. Default candidates tend to lose in the end. I won’t be surprised if the same happens to schweikert

  3. I disagree. People love David, which is reflected in that his volunteer phone bankings are packed with supporters – the last one had 30 people show up. His money bombs raise thousands of dollars in just a few days. He’s one of the few politicians who ISN’T divisive, people all over are rallying around him. He’s a bright, charismatic guy who people tend to like and trust. Can’t say that about the other candidates.

  4. Maybe I’m biased because I was out walking with Schweikert this morning, but we ran into people before we left the McDonalds parking lot who came over just to say hi and that they had yard signs up. That’s a pretty hard indicator to beat (and they have over 2,000 across the district – – yard signs, not McDonalds). I support David Schweikert because his record stands for itself. He’s not a squish and I’m tired of people running for office and saying whatever they need to get elected. Schweikert even stood up to the Bush spending on TARP before Obama took over… that says a lot! I have my Schweikert t-shirt and I wear it with pride.

  5. Republicano says

    Time to be very, very scared. Harry Mitchell’s chief campaign guy, who posts as “johnny” on Sonoran Alliance comments, is predicting that David Schweikert isn’t going to do very well in the election. Well at least he realizes who his biggest competition is on the GOP side. johnny, why don’t you go back to moveon.org to play? We don’t agree with your types here.

  6. Johnny – isn’t Mitchell the “default” candidate for your side? Isn’t he also the incumbent in a year people are tossing them? Let see, how did you put it? I won’t be surprised if the same happens to Mitchell. Yep, sounds about right.

  7. Steve Calabrese says

    Mitchell is terrified of Schweikert. Last time around, it took a one-two punch of Susan Bitter Smith savaging David in the primary, and a million dollar cash infusion from the DNC to save Mitchell.

    This time around, Susan’s been rendered irrelevant as a threat – everyone knows her true colors now – and the DNC has people all over the country in trouble. They’ve already written Mitchell off and are focusing on closer races.

    Mitchell’s congressional career is coming to an end. Thank God!

  8. Politicalanimal says

    Schweikert is indeed the best candidate. Ward is an arrogant opportunist and Bitter-Smith is poison. David has always been a true Conservative, very shrewd with money matters, and a man of impeccable integrity.

  9. You lose credibility when you speak badly about Jim Ward.

    I’ve seen him twice now, at public event and at a debate, and he is engaging and intelligent.

    Everytime I talk with political people they all say that Schweikert did not run a good campaign last time and he seems a little fake to me.

  10. Jacobite says

    Two years ago, Schweikert was bled by BitterSmith in a bloody primary, and David was ‘stiffed’ by the RNC in the general election as was Randy Graaf two years earlier!

    The reason: A strong stand on immigration law enforcement!

    David also angered the McCainiac establishment by publicly opposing Bush’s T.A.R.P. bank bailout!

    (This is rather ironic insofar as McCain is basing his election on fiscal probity!)

    Also keep in mind that 2006 and 08 were not GOP trending elections and there was a low turnout from the party.

    Additionally, other Republican congressional candidates, who had surplus cash refused to help, and the DNC poured a ton of money into the district

    This time around, Mitchell who has lined up behind the Administration will if anything, be held to accountability for his loyalty.

    And the DNC, which is frantically trying to save major incumbents such as Barbara Boxer throughout the country, will not be able to spare any meaningful cash to pull him through. (Although the RINOs and Susan Bitter Smith fans who control Districts 17, 20 and 21 are not above sticking a knife in David’s back!)

    The treasurer of the RNC is the GOP state chairman who supported Prop 200 in 2005 in the face of Congressional delegation opposition and is a GENUINE and not just election convenience supporter of S.B.1070
    Hopefully this will prevent the 2006 and 2008 fun and games!

    In the General Election keep an eye on the State Chamber of Commerce which is diehard “Open Borders”!

    It’s capable of doing damage to any sincerely opponent of illegal immigration in a myriad assortment of methods.

  11. Enough with the revisionist history on the 2008 election. It started with a primary. Schweikert was fueled by at least $250k from the Club for Growth, who essentially abandoned him in the general. Most of the CFG funding was attacks on Bitter-Smith. Schweikert attacked her with mailpieces and robocalls. She basically lost the primary by waiting too long to respond to their over-reaching claims.

    Schweikert ran one of the least inspired general election campaigns in history. Frankly, it was hard to tell he was even running. He underperformed McCain in the district by about 15 points.

    btw, I thought this site had branded McComish and Reagan as RINOs….

  12. I love how people assume I support mitchell because I criticized david. I have been posting on this daily for 2 years unlike most of you who do your little hit and run pieces.

    I had been begging for hayworth to get into this house race instead of goin against mccain. Now I support jd in his race to get rid of the rino.

    Just because I critcize david I now work for mitchell? I mean cmon guys at least have some real arguments.

    I will give you he is the most conservative but why is it wrong to question a guy who lost by 10 to mitchell last time. Ran out of money at the end and the nrcc is low on cash this year so he might not actually get any help.

    I think david has to answer these questions to be considered legit

  13. Jacobite says


    You’re not bad a revisionism yourself!

    While Schweikert did intially have $250,000 most of it was spent in the primary.

    Here we agree!

    But BitterSmith threw in a payload herself and she was hardly hestitant to smear Schweikert. For the moment, I’ll let you tell me who threw close to $300,000 at her campaign!

    She also managed to hoodwink Arpaio, who literally ran her campaign (although she maxed out on financial support for Phil Gordon) This time it’s no go as Joe saw her sign on as trustee for Don Stapely’s defense fund!

    So Susan’s family trait of playing both sides, but offering real support to the liberal contingent has finally been exposed.

    Hopefully, the same will happen to McCain who taught the BitterSmiths well!

    After the primary, Schweikert was in dire need of funds but received little or nothing from the RNC nor major candidates with who had ample funds.

    The RNC told local candidates to tie in with the McCain effort and the McCainiacs told David to “drop dead”! He failed, and continues to (thank God) fail the “Maverick Test”!

    As I stated in my prior post the DNC flooded the District with cash. This enabled Mitchell to drown the airwaves and Schweikert was unable to respond.

    And I have no doubt that the RINO contingent will continue to be a problem.

    Yes Reagan and McComish were labeled RINOs on this site. But this site has multiple contributers. No one could ever accuse Travis or Ann of being conscientious conservatives! (Despite what the latter says when she periodically runs for office)

    Also Reagan who has supported Democratic budgets in the past and McComish who is a fervent supporter of “Sanctuary Cities” have, as practicing pols, seen the “handwriting on the wall” and the trends underneath them.

    Within the GOP this is becoming the year of the Tea Party and not the Country Club.

    In times of duress a nation needs a healthy populism not a continuation of corrupt privilege!

    People, even officeholders, are waking up to that fact!

  14. This is hilarious!

    Nothing funny about David or the other candidates but that now…when it is politically expedient, McComish is the voice of the party? What happened to change McComish’s stature? This time last year he was the devil incarnate because he, and other brave and intelligent R’s, did not support a flawed immigration bill forcing Pearce et al to go back to the drawing board and correct it. So now, he is back in our good graces?

    I have always admired John McComish and still do. But as to the American Post Gazsette…this is nothing more than politics of convenience!

  15. Stephen Kohut says

    Ann AKA Susan Bitter Smith,

    Getting desperate yet gal?

  16. Jeff Weninger says

    I am not going to tear anyone else down, but I will say that I fully support David Schweikert. He is a good and decent man and he will be an excellent congressman.

    Having said that I will support whoever wins the primary. No circular firing squad for me.

  17. If David wins, so does Harry.

  18. Stephen Kohut says


    Susan would find a way to lose in an uncontested election. There is only one candidate that is “conservative” in the CD5 primary and that is David. You take the best of what is there and run with it.

  19. McComish and Reagan have not endorsed Schweikert. Prove otherwise with a statement from them and not some made up garbage. Fact check much? Didn’t think so, since this is SA.

    Your boys are going down in flames. Start checking the want ads for car wash attendants in Tucson.

  20. LD 17:

    I see you tore yourself away from the Bittersmith dinner table to toss another b.s. bomb on the list.

    If you don’t like the site, start your own!
    Travis and Ann will put up the cash!

    I can even give it a title: “Hacks for Mack”! or “Shills for Susan”

    Have YOU checked with either Reagan or McComish?

    I doubt it!

    If there was a false endorsement the list would have been advised by now!

    And you, of all people, should complain about the practice as your patroness tried to convince the national and local media that Joe was once again in her corner!

    Who’s going to cut her ads now?


  21. Carlist:

    I have. They haven’t. You got proof of an endorsement instead of throwing your usual SA poo like a deranged chimp? Nope. Didn’t think so. Domino’s is hiring delivery drivers in your area. You might want to apply, since it’s the only job you’ll get after all your boys lose.

  22. Schweikert is the only conservative in LD5. He’s got my vote.

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