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     Toni Hellon loves to talk about her experience and how she uses it to “bring home Southern Arizona’s fair share.” Most people call this “Pork politics.” This term usually has a negative connotation. Used skillfully, a little bit of pork can have a huge beneficial effect. 

     For 6 years Toni and Pete Hershberger have sold NW Tucson a bill of goods about how they are standing up for Southern Arizona. There is one big problem. They don’t represent Southern Arizona, they are supposed to work on behalf of Legislative District 26. Smack in the middle of the district is La Cholla Boulevard. At one point is crosses the CDO Wash. Thousands of cars a day use this arterial route. It is just begging for a bridge. Pima County could not come up with enough money so now the whole road is closed down. Looks like they will spend a pretty penny getting it repaired. 

     Does Toni, with all her experience, step in and help? No, not at all. A local issue you say. She sure worked hard to secure $600,000,000 so the U of A can build an amusement park near downtown Tucson and put in a $350,000,000 bridge to nowhere, well outside of her district. With representation like this the alternative looks better every day. 

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