LD7 Candidate Heather Carter, the AEA’s favorite “Republican”

This past week, LD7 candidate, Heather Carter, was featured in the Arizona Republic’s “My Turn” section.

“What does the future hold for Arizona? I envision a vibrant economic community, where people are employed, businesses are thriving and children are well-educated. I want a safe Arizona with a secure national border.”

(NOTE: The Republic makes it pretty clear to candidates that they will not be editing or proof-reading any candidate statements. All “My Turn” articles are published as-is and it is up to the candidate to make sure they submit only their best work. Fair enough, since the Republic interns are busy writing the news for the next day…)

“I am running for office to do the job that needs to get done – create a plan for Arizona that enables us to balance the budget, set a course for the future and focus on strong schools, strong economy and a safe community. I think part of the problem at the capital is people lose sight of the core mission…”

Now, I’m not sure what subject Mrs. Carter taught our LD7 children in school, but she must have had at least one dictionary in her classroom… Or maybe not, since she doesn’t know the difference between, “capital: as in, financial capital” and “capitol: as in the buildings making up our state capitol which Mrs. Carter wishes to serve in”. Let’s just hope she’s never taught civics/government/economics or any of the reading/English classes available to our kids.

“…get caught up in special-interest agenda items that take time and energy away from what we should be doing…”

Wait a second. I remember reading something about this… Oh yeah: Heather Carter was endorsed by the liberal AEA Union. This liberal union has been responsible for threatening legislators, protesting on the capitol lawn, holding back the budget process, as well as encouraging teachers to push Prop 100 using our kids. We’d like to know if Heather Carter was following her union boss in the picket lines last Spring. Seems like the only way the AEA union would endorse a Republican is if they knew they had her in their special-interest pocket…

Let’s make sure we support real conservatives, this August and November. Not union lackeys.


  1. We would like to introduce you to Jeff Smith who is running for the House of Representative against incumbent Jeff Flake, in district 6. This is the year we are looking for fresh ideas and new faces who we know will go to Washington and represent the will of the people. Jeff Flake lives in the “Washington Bubble” and has lost sight of the fact that he works for “we the people”. A glaring example is the fact that Jeff Flake co-sponsored a comprehensive immigration bill together with Luis Gutierrez, Hr1645, STRIVE act on 3/22/07. In Arizona’s fight for border security first, can we trust Jeff Flake not
    to cave into President Obama’s agenda of Comprehensive Reform first?

    Please take the time to read about Jeff Smith at his website:


  2. Marcus Kelley says

    It goes deeper than that. She touts a Chamber endorsement and she pushes ExpectMoreArizona.org on her Facebook page. In that Expect More commercial, you see a Greater Phoenix Leadership (GPL) hack urging voters to ask voters if education is a priority to the candidates. GPL is the same group that raised money for Democrats along with moderate Republicans in the infamous “Twelve in `10” fundraiser. The Chamber isn’t conservative either.

    I’m a PC in LD 7. I haven’t made up my mind yet on exactly who I’m going to vote for in the House race, but I’ve crossed Heather Carter off my list a while ago. She’s an educrat that will protect the status quo in education: she’ll throw more money at the problem while not fixing anything. She’ll favor the administrators and teachers’ union over your children. No thanks, Ms. Carter.

  3. Marcus Kelley says

    Sandi, let’s stick to the topic at hand. We’re discussing LD 7, not CD 6.

  4. More on Carter.

    She runs Teach For (Against?) America cult in the education department of ASU, our state’s educrat breeding ground. Teach for America is a nice gig for Carter — its basically a slush fund for liberal do-gooders who are burnishing their lib creds for a lifetime of left-wing political activism, law school or community organizing.

    Obama loves TFA.

    When googling, “Teach for America” and “Obama,” the first article that came up was entitled, “From Teach for America to Obama’s Camp.”

    From that article: Graduates are “… taking Teach For America’s message into another realm as volunteer advisers to Sen Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.” One of the goals for the graduates of TFA is “involvement in the world of education policymaking.”www.teachforamerica.org/assets/documents/11195-web.pdf

    Yea, that’s what conservatives want; more “community organizer” types masquerading as Republicans.

    In a 2009 speech, Obama said about TFA grads, “They have become a generation of activists possessed with that most American of ideas—that people who love their country can change it.” http://www.campusprogress.org/fieldreport/4935/teach-for-america-dropouts.

    Keep the change, Heather Carter!

    Heather Carter is not the only teacher union candidate posing as a Republican. We need to “out” all liberal impostors who support Obama’s centrally-controlled, leftist educational agenda.

    Sneaky union candidates who pose as Republicans are like the demon sheep of Carly Fiorina’s web video. Remember the guy, dressed in a sheep costume, lurking among the real flock with his devil red eyes?

    Eventually, he spooked the flock.

    Heather Carter is only one of many union-hacks posing as Republicans. Who are the others? Lets name names. Lets expose them.

  5. Jose Borrajero says

    If you do not like what Ms. Carter stands for and the organizations that endorse her, you may want to seriously consider Howard Sprague as your best choice for LD7 Rep. His views are nearly 100% opposite hers. Howard has been endorsed by individuals /organizations that hold views opposite ExpectMoreArizona. Here is a partial list of endorsers:
    Andrew Thomas
    Candidate for Arizona Attorney General
    Bill Montgomery
    Candidate for County Attorney
    Ray Barnes
    StateRep LD7 Candidate for State Senator LD7
    Jack Harper
    State Senator LD4
    Thayor Verschoor
    State Senator LD22 Candidate for State Treasurer
    North Phoenix Tea Party
    PAChyderm Coalition

  6. Precocious says

    As a long suffering resident of L.D.8 I’d advise you folks over in L.D.7 not to send Heather Carter to the Legislature!

    The last thing the GOP needs is another Carolyn Allen!

  7. Actually as a life-long Republican who is also a public school teacher I am actually pretty excited to have a former teacher in the Legislature. More than 50% of our state budget is for education and it sure would be nice to get some conservative Republicans downtown who actually understand something about what it takes to educate children.

    Unlike what it seems several people on this site, I took the time to track down and talk to Dr. Carter and I was pretty impressed with the ideas she had to actually change and improve our education budget. I find it pretty enlightening to go right to the source for information before I make up my mind on issues.

  8. The last thing we need in the legislature is more teachers’ union stooges like Carter. All over America, the teachers’ union is the most savage and ruthless enemy of education reform. Even the Obama administration, believe it or not, is having to fight teachers’ union supporters like Carter. There are vast numbers of dedicated, caring teachers in this state–unfortunately the teachers’ unions bosses & their stooges like Carter just want more money and power, not better education.

  9. Concerned says

    In addition to all the other comments, if you check out her supporters they include lots of PENNY KOTTERMAN supporters! Penny is a life long Democrat running for superintendent. One of the problems is Heather has signs everywhere and I am worried the voters might be fooled, there are plenty of other candidates that aren’t union endorsed or supported by Democrats and the AEA! Good luck LD7 if she makes it down there.

  10. Tell me one position she has that you disagree with? Or are all of you simply ignorant enough to hate her on principle with nothing to back it up?

    And I am not saying I am an AEA supporter but along those same lines, what is one SPECIFIC position of the AEA that you disagree with? Or are you all again just spouting off rhetoric because of what other unions have done?

    A person and/or organization should be judged by their actions, not by accusations.

  11. Authentic says

    I look forward to hearing more feom Heather Carter, especially since she seems to understand the balance that a community needs to strike between successful businesses and a successful school system. I wholeheartedly agree that we need to reduce business taxes, but to do so on the backs of the comsumers of LD7 (the largest employer in the area IS the School District) and forcing them to cut wages and potentially out of work is not going to help ANY business in LD7.

    The AEA is like any other business, employing people and lobbying for their people. Are our lobbying groups any different?

  12. AZ Ed Watch says

    Ms. Carter seems to have made another grammar mistake in her Arizona Republic questionnaire (mute versus moot):


    “Any other conversation is mute and takes our attention away from the task at hand.”

    Spelling and grammar aside, it appears that Ms. Carter is a DID (Democrat In Disguise) and we have heaard rumors that school unions and vote4education PACs waited until after her June 30 campaign finance report was filed to donate over $20,000 to her campaign.

  13. Amazed,
    ONE issue? She was FOR the Prop. 100 tax increase. She bought into the lie that we HAD to raise taxes and there was no waste, fraud and abuse left in government to cut or no other way out. I’ve got a word for that: gullible.

    If she aligns herself with the big-government Chamber of Commerce, Greater Phoenix Leadership and Expect More, there’s PLENTY of issues we disagree on. GPL & the Chamber are behind ALL the wrong candidates. NO ONE who gets a Chamber endorsement or wallows in the mud with GPL will get my vote.

  14. I find it pretty humorous that so many posts have taken issue with the fact that Dr. Carter has the support of the teacher’s union. What would be shocking is if she didn’t have their endorsement. As a pretty staunch conservative, I have an abundance of skepticism when it comes to unions, but at the same time I’m not about to write off what I consider to be far and away the best candidate available simply because someone else who I might not agree with also recognizes this fact and endorses her. I’ve read a lot about Dr. Carter, and am very comfortable that she shares my conservative values and that she truly understands that we cannot have a vibrant state economy without a productive workforce. And we will never have a productive workforce without truly embracing education. The fact simple fact is that the United States once had the best education system in the world, and that is the sole reason why we have the largest economy and highest standard of living. It’s time we remember this fact and start putting people in office who get it.

  15. Concerned says

    The people here who say she is far and away the best candidate are delusional at best. There are other quality candidates out there in LD7. Carter is a Democrat in Disguise, there is no question, from every thing I have read on her, she is unrealistic and if we are lucky, and she makes it down there, her committee assignment will be environment so she gets no where near education. The kind of people needed at the legislature are real conservatives. And I find it sad that MfgMan thinks its funny Republicans take issue that she is endorsed by the teachers union, candidates can be very pro education without having teachers union support.

    She is committed to NOT CUTTING THE BUDGET

    From CCSOS

    Q: Will you work to protect public education from any further budget cuts?

    A:Absolutely. That’s why I am running for this office.


    I am telling you the voters are going to be tricked!

  16. mark rosin says

    Re: Republican Educators

    Polls indicate that nationwide 80% of educators are Republican.

    Anyone that attacks a Republican for supporting public education really has no idea of the constituency of the Republican Party.

    George Bush’s public education program “No Child Left Behind” must mean that he was not a true Republican and in the pocket of the Unions.

  17. I am a true conservative as well as a teacher, and it saddens me to read many of these posts. The issues at large are the real concern here… not that a candidate is “disguising” themselves or being supported by the teachers union. We need people in office that SUPPORT TEACHERS AND CHILDREN. SO many people think they know what it means to be a teacher and to teach a child successfully. Unfortunately, most of them do not. Many Republicans think they are being supportive of education in general when in reality they are killing public education little by little. As MfgMan said, and I could not say better myself… “The simple fact is that the United States once had the best education system in the world, and that is the sole reason why we have the largest economy and highest standard of living. It’s time we remember this fact and start putting people in office who get it.”

  18. RealityCheck says

    CB, why do you act like teachers are the only people who work hard? This is sickening and delusional. Stop patting yourself on the back long enough to look around at the real world. Many people work a lot harder than teachers – longer hours, less pay, no benefits.

    The decline in public education started in the 1960’s when unions began their takeover. It has been downhill ever since. It cannot be fixed. We need vouchers and competition if you expect any improvement in education.

    Heather Carter is running a devious and disgusting campaign. She has nothing to do with the Republican party or its platform.

  19. Well, since this website is talking about Heather Carter and education, that is what I addressed. I never said other people do not work hard, nor have I patted myself on the back. But since it is my profession that is being attacked, I felt the need to voice my opinion. I’m not saying that all unions are great… and not even all teachers (public AND private). Unfortunately, there are people in the world that do not put their responsibilities first, but their own personal agendas… teachers, unions, politicians… even OTHER hard working Americans. It is a combination as to why public education has gone done hill… not just one contributor. And if WE ALL tried to work together to better education, instead of each of us beating our chests, then maybe we could be bettering our country.

  20. SciTeach3 says

    I have to say that I am personally insulted by many of the posts here because the general gist of the comments are that if you are not for cutting the schools budgets, you are a teacher, you have anything in common with the AEA then you obviously cannot be a “true” Republican.

    One of the biggest issue OUR party has is that we seem to be the only ones in the political arena who actually eat our own. So many believe that they are a “true” Republicans and if anybody does not agree with everything they believe in, well then they must be a “DID” or a “RINO”.

    Reality Check and Concerned, have you actually talked with Heather Carter about her views? I love how you just jump to conclusions with the “guilt by association” attack without verifying anything. And do you realize how silly you sound that because Carter was a teacher then she cannot be trusted to deal with anything involving education? Who better to deal with educational issues than, oh, I don’t know…maybe an EDUCATOR?! Do you think it might be helpful to actually know what goes into calculating AYP, factors leading to dropout rates, impact of inclusion practices on classified staff, test score impact of a .5 cut to reading specialists, length of time to retrain math teachers when curriculum is changed, etc?

    You are quick to throw out the quote that she is not in favor of cutting the education budget and that is your evidence that she is in the bag for not changing anything in education. If you took the time to talk with her you will find out that she has a platform of policies, structure, a accountability reforms that will actually hold schools/teachers more accountable. And she is 100% in support of school choice.

    But I realize that I am just talking into the wind because in your eyes I also am a RINO/DID because I am a school teacher and a member of the AEA so obviously I cannot be a “true” Republican.

  21. Okay, so first of all, AEA is not a union. It is a professional association. There is a big difference. I really get sick of people misidentifying the AEA. Unions engage in collective bargaining. AEA does not do this. In fact, teachers don’t have collective bargaining in this state because AZ is a right to work state. We have a process called Meet and Confer, which is not the same as collective bargaining at all. Teachers cannot go on strike. Well, they can but they will all be fired and replaced, because we are a right to work state.

    That being said, what is the big deal about being endorsed by AEA? They have no power.

    As for Dr. Carter, I am happy I have a chance to vote for a pro-education republican. I am an independent voter, and I get sick of my only choices being far left idealists and far right idealists.

    Dr. Carter is a pragmatist. She knows how to GET THINGS DONE. This is what I want in a legislator, not someone who espouses a viewpoint and then does nothing to fix the problem at hand. It’s all fine and dandy to have ideals. I have some myself. But ideals themselves do not get things done. I want people who work hard and get things done in public office. I think Dr. Carter has the chops to do that. So what if she doesn’t fit your “mold”! At least I know she’s not a mindless automaton who will tow the party line above all else.

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