LD23 wastefully spends $27,000 on attorneys fees in ridiculous feud

By Millenial Maven

Just when you thought the debacle in LD23 could not get any more bizarre, it has!

At the February 9th LD23 Meeting, the Chairman finally admitted to the grand total for the attorney fees that they had spent.

It came to an astonishing amount of $27,000, an amount that equals approximately two years of typical income for LD23.

There was an audible gasp as this amount was announced. The Board had never approached the PCs for their inputs on spending this huge amount of money.

The LD is now deeply in debt, and the Executive Board offered no real solution to paying off their debt.

The question now remains:

Can an LD be repossessed?


  1. Anonymous says

    When the PC’s at the LD meeting asked in January before the Statutory State and County meetings, how much had been spent and how much they planned on spending they told all of us they would let us know when they knew what it would take. Several people objected and Chairman Ordowski, without proper motion, ended the meeting.

    During the meeting when everyone was asking what was going on, Chairman Ordowski started crying because she said her Christmas was ruined. The PC’s who are mostly new AZRA members were applauding her for her devotion to what they considered their rights. Many of those same PC’s didn’t even show up at the Statutory Meetings. Guy Phillips was one of them.

  2. Totally irresponsible it is a great example of arrogance !

  3. The nasties in LD23-Muehling, Coletto, Cahill, Pelletier among others- should repay LD23 for their expenses. Graham can chip in too since he refused to speak to the LD23 board unless they brought their attorney. Wouldn’t talk to their pro-bono atty, oh, no, they had to have an atty Graham wanted. The AZGOP is a sick org and I hope LD23 PCs shun those who created this mess. GOOD FOR LD23 BOARD for now being intimidated.

  4. Good for LD23 for NOT being intimidated.

  5. Republican MOT says

    First I have heard of this.

    If I were a PC in LD23, I would be thoroughly pissed. A lack of money takes away the ability of the LD to function.

    This broad should do the honorable thing, pay down the debt from their own money, and resign.

  6. Anonymous says

    Your bias is showing…which gives reasons to doubt all future articles.

  7. What cowards. You would not approve my post that laid out the truth. You deal in garbage and are an embarrassment to the republican party in AZ

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