LD-6 Bouie Endorsed by NFIB

Legislative District 6 House candidate, Tony Bouie, has been endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Businesses. Read the press release here.


  1. Are we going to do an SA post for each individual candidate that gets endorsed by NFIB? Or is SA just being nice to Bouie? I can see printing a press release from a campaign about major things, but NFIB endorsed dozens. If an NFIB endorsement is major news, then why not include them all?

    Unless the only candidate NFIB endorsed in the only state was Tony Bouie? That would be news.

  2. Sonoran Alliance obviously has some agenda to promote bouie. It is so glaring when you post the whole list of AZ Senate endorsements and then the whole list of AZ House endorsements all to be followed up by an entire “article” about Bouie getting the NFIB endorsement. This would mean we can look forward to an entire article on Seel earning the NRA endorsement. An entire “article” on Seel earning the AZRTL endorsement. An entire “article” on Seel earning the AAARC endorsement. What a joke SA! What’s your agenda?

  3. That makes no sense Tom. If the agenda was Bouie, they wouldn’t be pushing Seel and vice versa.

  4. John, you have to admit. An article on the highly rated SA entirely over the fact that one never-heard-of-before LD Rep. candidate received the nfib endorsement. That is obvious. What a dog bites man story! Bouie receives nfib endorsement! Holy Cow!! You read that right here folks–SA broke this story first!!! What an exclusive! Something else is at play. What about the Yuma Rep. candidate that picked up the lettuce grower’s endorsement? Where’s his headline?!
    Somebody in bed with the Magruder crowd around here? Magruder and LaVecke are juuuussstt dreammmmy about Bouuie—so is SA.

  5. No, I think you’re still missing it. SA has posts that beat Bouie up (see below) and I think this is just a make up post. Kind of like the ticky tack fouls they call in the NBA after they blow one the other way?

  6. Hey John,

    I don’t think Tom L.’s real purpose was ever to question SA or the motives of the post. Unless that is the ONLY post he has ever read, he would know the story line in that race.

    Tom did his thing by pointing out the Seel campaigns items of perceived discontent and discount this endorsement. He wrapped it in a complaint against SA in order to avoid a direct negative hit.

    That makes Seel look like he is taking the high road while trying to undo any good done by the post.

    Good try but pretty transparent.

  7. News Headline: LD-6 Bouie Endorsed By NFIB

    There. That’s all the transparency needed. SA’s words speak for themselves. A big so-what article because the subject is Bouie. Who’s behind Bouie? Magruder and LaVecke, oh. maybe that explains it. Or, tune in tomorrow for Schmuck Washes His Car!

  8. SonoranSam says

    Gee. Some of these posters think SA has its own agenda!


  9. Truth Squad says

    Tom L,

    Highly rated SA? Not any more, at least in my book. Knowing what Bouie represents and who backs him tells me all I need to know. SA is no longer on the pedestal where I had placed them.

    Something has changed at SA. I know not what, but they are not the same. Maybe the Chambers have gotten to them. Maybe they have new writers. They change is rather obvious.

  10. I’ve recently been pointed to this blog. I find many of the comments interesting. If you would like to know more about me or meet me in person, please attend the Candidate Forum on August 12 at 7p.m. at Crossroads Christian Fellowship, 42425 N. New River Road. All the candidates of all parties have been invited. I expect to see them all there. I look forward to meeting you.

  11. Tony,
    I forgot to check this week. You’re still a Republican right? Libertarian, Green, Constitution Party, there is really some interesting choices if you’re still shopping. But I want to be the first to thank you so much for your 5 week commitment to the Republican Party.

  12. ohbrother says

    Tom L,
    We get it, you like Carl Seel and not Tony Bouie. So cast your ballot. But I for one find you snarky attitude towards Mr. Bouie to be more reflective of you than of him. Grow up, you’re not in high school anymore.

  13. Just Win Baby says

    Oh look, Tony Bouie is promising to come to another candidate’s forum. Yup, we fell for that one already.

  14. Kerrie R. says

    Are we sure that he actually committed to attend the last one? Or was he just invited and we all assumed he would be there?

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