LD 30 race heats up.

     Doug Sposito filed a trigger report on August 5th showing campaign spending over $25,000. He had only raised $6,064 as of May 31st so he has been doing very well lately. I wonder if all of Sposito’s new money has anything to do with his trip to Phoenix.

     Clean elections candidates David Gowen and Sharon Collins should be getting their matching funds checks any day. Traditional candidate Frank Antenori will not get matched because of Sposito’s new found friends. Frank has been working hard to get out his conservative message and has been raising money from online donations on his web site.

     LD 30 will probably not get as hot as LD 18 but watch for more money and resources to poor into the primary. Antenori is a principled, constitutional conservative. Gowen is a solid, social conservative. Collins is relatively conservative with a few exceptions. It appears that Sposito may have completely sold out to the open borders crowd and looks like an official Wake Up Arizona! candidate.


  1. And Sposito is also benefitting from expenditures from the lettuce growers… I wonder why?

  2. Josey–per usual you are jumping to conclusions without doing good research. Thats what makes blogs and bloggers successful..good information. The money could be personal money. What will you say then? If your wrong will you take it back?

  3. Brother theoretically you could be correct. The fundraiser invitation clearly listed Sposito’s name. Is there some piece of information we are missing? Did he not attend the fundraiser in Phoenix?

    What conclusion did we jump to? I think the story was actually pretty mild.

  4. If it was personal money, he would have filed a separate notice for that, which would have lifted the caps for Antenori.

  5. Duke the Dog says

    Sposito is divorced and pays child support, is being sued in Pima County Court by his neighbors and according to the AZD Star, drives a Ford Focus.

    I seriously doubt he loaned his campaign $25K.

    We saw the invitation with all of the Phoenix area codes and know Mac Magruder and Jim Click are fundraising for him.

    I don’t think you need to be a “Rocket Scientist” to figure out where he’s getting his money.

    He’s gone over to the dark side with the cheap labor/open borders crowd.

    The good news is that Click may be able to bank roll candidates, but they seldom win.

    We all remember the CD-8/Huffman debacle and of course, up here in LD26 he bankrolled Lisa Lavallo and she came in dead last in a 4-way race.

    Click has gotten pretty adept at picking losers. Sorry Tim, but the odds don’t look good for you either, especially with your boys Click and Sproul “targeting” conservative legislators and PCs.

    Why the hell would we support you?

  6. GOP Spartan says

    How ironic is Wake up Arizona? Wake up is right. Rome is burning and instead of digging in to help out our guys that are under attack, conservatives are rearranging the deck chairs.

    Wake up Arizona is funneling money to candidates with no principles so they can manipulate them when they get into the legislature.

    While all of you are crying they’re raising money for their stooges to beat us.

    Time to open the wallets and skip a couple of dinners out with the wife, a tank or two of gas or that new Craftsman tool set and instead send some money to these guys getting targeted by the Wake up Arizona crowd.

    I’m not rich but I just sent a $50 contribution to a candidate that isn’t even in my district but that I know will fight for all of us.

    I wish I could given more, but if 1000 of us each give $50, that would have a huge impact.

    So I gave $50, that leaves 999 people to go. Time to put up or shut up.

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