LD 26 Republican Update.

Sad Elephant.jpg     Things have been a little subdued for NW Tucson Republicans. Pima County posted the final count yesterday. The results are unaudited but the numbers are not encouraging. In the state senate race Pesquiera leads Melvin by 455 votes district wide.

     Elections were held last week for the Republican LD 26 Committee. Most positions were unopposed but the 2nd Vice Chair and Secretary had 2 names each. For the 2nd Vice Chair a go-along, get-along conservative ran against a troublemaker from the far-right. The get-along conservative quoted from the bible during his speech and won 2 to 1 in the vote. In the race for Secretary the incumbent, despite essentially having moved out of the district, was on the official slate and narrowly defeated a highly qualified local PC who walked her precinct several times during the latest election season. Upshot – do not look for anything new to come from LD 26 Republican Committee. More of the same, whatever that was.

     It is our understanding that the LD 30 Republican meeting was a little livelier. Still researching that one.

Monday 11-20-06, 12:00 noon


  1. LD26, a solid GOP district, was the GOP’s for the taking. You had solid candidates in Toni Hellon and Carol Somers. Instead, you indulged in kookville.

    What I remain unclear about is whether this 9/12 primary meltdown is the result of intelligent democratic infiltration or blithering idiocy in the GOP.

    In either case, the majority GOP had every opportunity to send republicans into office, but chose democrats instead by nominating nuts.

    LD26 is a neon sign for democrats, who now know how to beat the GOP. Have them reject solid, credible candidates in the primary and nominate the unelectible Jorgenson’s and Graf’s of the world.

    Shoot those Hellons and Somers into oblivion, keep it up, until not a single republican holds office.

    Forget about lightweights McCain or Guiliani. PAT ROBERTSON FOR PRESIDENT with VP David Duke!!

    They can beat the Hillary/Gore ticket! (or is it Gore/Hillary?)

  2. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Don’t worry about the LD26 committee… The real change occured in the primary and now that conservatives know how to do it, they’ll do it every two years from now on.

    x4mr has it wrong and completely misses the impact that the I voters had. They leaned hard against the Republican Party nationally and took it out against Republicans all the way down the line. It happened in districts all over Arizona, to conservative and moderate Republicans alike. In any normal year, Melvin doesn’t lose by less than 500 votes and the conservatives are smart enough to know this…

    I won’t tell you that change is coming because change is already here!

  3. I agree that Carol Somers would have easily won, and she is a solid Republican; intelligent, and conservative.

    Toni Hellon is a liberal. Period Dot Bingo

  4. x4mr,
    Remember Dan Quayle? He might be good for a comeback and he was a member of the Project for the New American Century. He signed the infamous 1998 letter to Bill Clinton that called for an invasion of Iraq.

    BTW, what are you doing commenting over here? Man, you’ll comment anywhere.

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