Lawsuit by domestic terrorist group BAMN against AZ Civil Rights Initiative doesn’t stand a chance
The FBI-labeled domestic terrorist group BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) from Michigan has filed a lawsuit at the last minute against the Arizona Civil Rights Initiative, hoping to prevent it from getting on the ballot. They filed a similar lawsuit against the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative a few years ago, which was thrown out. This is more of their guerilla-like tactics. Last week an alleged BAMN protester was arrested for attacking a petition circulator. According to the victim, she asked two women if they were registered to vote. She got to the AZCRI petition and they said “no we don’t agree with that” and started harassing her. She turned around to walk away, and was grabbed by the back of the head thrown on the ground and they started beating her up. Her friend called the police who came and arrested the woman who had assaulted her.

BAMN claims in their lawsuit that “tens of thousands” of people were “defrauded” when they signed the petition. However, BAMN has failed to produce these “tens of thousands” of people. Maybe they’ve found one or two people so far who didn’t quite understand what they were signing (which is the case with any initiative), but as discussed in a prior post, the only person the press has reported is a Code Pink activist so she was likely set up to sign the petition and then claim she didn’t understand it.

BAMN also claims that some of the petition circulators were not Arizona residents, which would be a violation of state law. The AZCRI petition circulators were hired from several petition companies around town. Virtually all of the AZCRI circulators also circulated the other initiatives in the state, including the governor’s transportation tax initiative and probably AZCRI opponent Kyrsten Sinema’s own competing initiative. If there were any out of state circulators hired wrongly by the petition companies, they have also equally committed fraud in regards to the other initiatives. BAMN is asking the governor to investigate this. I doubt BAMN is accusing the governor of committing fraud.

BAMN asserts that AZCRI targeted homeless shelters looking for minorities to circulate the petitions. If you think about it, that’s a bit of an ironic accusation – AZCRI selecting people on the basis of their race? This isn’t true. AZCRI hired standard petition companies in town, just like any other initiative. A certain percentage of those circulators were minorities.

BAMN is a frightful group most likely funded by race-baiters like Jesse Jackson who extort their money from corporations. Since no one supports its radical agenda, BAMN resorts to contriving up protesters, driving buses into the inner city and luring minorities by telling them the Civil Rights Initiative will discriminate against them and “re-segregate” society. BAMN needs to take its hateful tactics back to Michigan where it came from.

Civil rights activists file lawsuit and demand Attorney General investigate ACRI voter fraud
Monday, June 30, 2008, 10:00am
In front of the Central Court Building (201 W. Jefferson St., Phoenix, AZ)

Read BAMN’s lawsuit
Read BAMN’s letter to the Arizona Attorney General

Former Phoenix City Councilman Calvin C. Goode, defrauded Latina/o and black Arizona citizens, and the Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration, and Immigrant Rights and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) will file suit in state court Monday morning to stop the fraudulent “Arizona Civil Rights Initiative” (ACRI) from getting on the ballot.

They will also file a formal complaint with Governor Janet Napolitano and Attorney General Terry Goddard calling on them to hold a public hearing and investigate the ACRI campaign and its petition companies’ racially-targeted voter fraud and the criminal violations of Arizona election law that occurred during the ACRI’s petition campaign.

BAMN will also submit dozens of notarized affidavits by voters asking that their names be removed from the ACRI’s petition.

“Tens of thousands of Latina/o, black, and Native American citizens of Arizona were defrauded and led to believe that by signing the ‘American Civil Rights Initiative’ (ACRI) they were banning racial discrimination and advancing the dreams of their children to have a better future,” said Shanta Driver, National Chair of BAMN and an attorney. “They are angry that the ACRI stole their signatures as support for a petition whose sole aim is to eliminate affirmative action, which is the only way that their children will have an equal chance for a future. The duly elected public officials of Arizona have a duty to protect them, their children, all the citizens of Arizona, and democratic norms from systematic, racially-targeted voter fraud.”

In only a short period of time, BAMN has uncovered extensive evidence of other systematic violations of Arizona’s election law. Whistleblowers who once circulated the ACRI petition and oither witnesses have verified that the ACRI targeted homeless shelters to recruit minority circulators to facilitate ACRI’s deception, offered poor voters food or money to sign the ACRI, forged signatures, and illegally used out-of-state residents, felons, and underage people as petition circulators.

“We also call on the governor and attorney general to take up the investigation of ACRI because we cannot trust County Attorney Andrew Thomas, chairman of the ACRI campaign, to investigate his own operation,” said Driver. “The whistleblowers who are coming forward need to be assured that they will be protected after standing up and telling the truth.”

Go to the FRAUD FINDER WEBSITE to see some of the growing evidence of ACRI’s fraudulent practices.

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  1. For a conservative blog which is supposedly widely read by Arizonians of all political stripes, you sure don’t have many scruples regarding honesty in reporting. BAMN is not and has never been labeled a “domestic terrorist group” by either the FBI or any other law enforcement agency and no BAMN member has been arrested or even threatened with arrest during our campaign to stop ACRI in Arizona. On the contrary, our BAMN organizers practiced non-violence, though they were punched, placed in choke-holds, spit on, mooned and sworn at by ACRI circulators. This is just more evidence of the disregard for truth on the part of the opponents of affirmative action.

  2. BAMN may not be on a FBI list of domestic terror groups, but according to at least 2 sites,, and, BAMN is under suspicion of being terrorists by the FBI. While the SA may be slightly off, BAMN outright lies in that it does not tell the truth that the FBI suspects BAMN of ties to terrorist or terrorist activities. Who has no scruples? And what’s your group’s name? “By ANY MEANS Necessary”? Sounds like you’ll lie, cheat, steal, rape, rob, and murder to get what you want. How and why should anyone believe you?

    Clearly, you haven’t watched the video attached to this article. Had you done so, you’d witness your BAMN knuckle-dragging stooges refusing to respect the First Amendment rights of petition signature gatherers and ACRI supporters to peaceably assembly. Additionally, your dumb stooges think that they have a right to privacy IN PUBLIC!! First, BAMN should have left a respectable distance between themselves and the signature gatherers as they protested. Second, your goons tried to intimidate those taking pictures. It just goes to show how ignorant and violent your supporters are. They had NO RIGHT to do that. That is NOT non-violence. Again, you lie through your teeth.

    I’ve been to your website. I’ve read what you “stand for”. The lot of you are nothing but rascist communists and deserve the same fate as Che. BAMN is beneath contempt. You SHOULD be on a terrorist watch list because of your violent activities.

  3. Imagine if the pro-life movement used the theme/title/philosophy “By Any Means Necessary?” All hell would break lose and the politicians would go berserk to shut them down. Oh, wait. Congress did pass a law called Freedom of Access to Clinics Entrances (FACE) which did apply even though 99.9% of those it targeted were non-violent civil disobedience protesters. Maybe Congress will do the same with BAMN but then again, Congress is run by Democrats so it’s unlikely they would want to shut down their own constituents!

  4. Lies, lies, lies, and more lies from BAMN. I did a litte more digging on BAMN and found this!! MOTHER JONES, the commie rag that Michael Moore used to be the editor for, directly links BAMN to a violent Trotskyite group, the Revolutionary Workers League( and Note that both BAMN and RWL are based in Detroit and one of the BAMN members vehicles in the vid has MI plates. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

    Unbelievable. These people have no shame whatsoever, and they’re utter traitors who should be tried as such, found guilty, and legally executed.

  5. GOP Boomer Gal says

    It says enough that they don’t trust the people to vote; they run to the courts to take away our franchise.

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