Laurie Roberts Rips Arizona Delegation

Laurie Roberts

Even Laurie Roberts with the Arizona Republic recognizes Monday’s vote as purely political.

Roberts, who supports the $700 Billion vote, especially takes her angst out on Harry Mitchell who she believes should not have wavered between a “yes” and “no” vote, broke ranks from the “crack economists” in the district and voted “yes” on the massive bailout package.

Meanwhile, every Arizonan in the House voted no, employing masterful excuses. That the deal was rushed. That it isn’t needed. That it aids fat cats and hey, what about the little guy?

Except that this wasn’t about fat cats or the little guy. This was about re-election. Just five weeks before they put themselves in voters’ hands, our leaders were bombarded with calls from all those crack economists in their districts, demanding that they vote no.

‘Considering $700 billion is at stake,’ Democrat Harry Mitchell would later explain, ‘I believe taxpayers deserve better.’

That sounds great, except that Mitchell and Democrat Gabrielle Giffords appeared ready to vote yes if enough others joined them in sticking their necks out.”

With allies on the left now exposing Mitchell’s and Giffords’ votes as high-cost political poker, both freshmen Democrats will have to decide whether to take a gamble on protecting the people and policies who gave us this crisis or protecting their re-election bids.


  1. “…protecting the people and policies who have us this crisis”?

    Are we missing a word here?

    A credit crisis affects all of us. You may want to cut off your nose to spite your face, but most business people, homeowners, savers, investors, retirees and sane people don’t.

    The story goes that a poor shopkeeper in NYC celebrated when the stock market crashed in 1929. “It’s what the bastards deserve,” he said.

    Soon his customers in the poor NYC neighborhood were unemployed because they worked on Wall Street cleaning offices, selling food, working as domestic servants to people who could no longer afford or didn’t need their services any longer. (Like all the people who did service work for Lehman Brothers).

    They couldn’t afford to shop in his store, he had to close it, his kids had to drop out of school to work to support him, and he never again earned money.

    Look at what LIBOR is now. See if you can get a mortgage or a car loan. Wait to hear from your credit card that they’ve lowered your credit limit to what you currently owe. It’s happening all across the US and now the world.

  2. Just so I understand the last paragraph – is the assertion here that Robert’s is some sort of liberal?

  3. SonoranSam says

    So, Mitchell, Giffords et al are BAD because they listened to their constituents?

    And the Rs showed profiles in courage because they, wait for it, listened to their constituents?

    You’d be beating them up however they voted.

    So much for intellectual honesty – from SA, and from Laurie Roberts, who somehow read the minds of a few members of Congress.

  4. Emergency bills always expand the power of the federal government at the expense of the people. Good on our delegation for stepping back and not buying into the hysteria.

  5. Kralmajales says

    Stace…well said…that is empirically true.

  6. “See if you can get a mortgage or a car loan.” More of the scare tactics. Those who have good credit (those responsible folks who actually pay their bills and aren’t up to their ears in debt) can still get loans for homes and cars. Those that have been living far beyond their means are the ones who will and deserve to feel the pain. Can you say “personal responsibility”? I thought not.

  7. Sonoran Sam says

    R. Hamric:

    Sure you can get a car loan or mortgage if you “have good credit.” Your company can also secure a line of credit to manage its day-to-day bills.

    However, the interest cost will double.

    Can you say, “I understand the credit markets?”

    I thought not.

  8. Mitchell Stinks says

    Mitchell is a coward. He didn’t “listen to his constituents”, he waited until he could safely vote no as approved by mommy Nancy. Word is he showed up with both yes and no cards in his hand. Mommy told him that when it’s apparently the bill would fail he could vote no to save face with his district. He doesn’t do anything without forst asking “mommy may I?” What a schmuck.

  9. Well said, finally a good report on this stuff

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