Laura Ingraham back on the air in Tucson.

For some unknown reason Laura Ingraham was replaced on KVOI 690 AM (Tucson) by Dennis Miller.

If you miss Laura and live in the Tucson area try 104.1 FM in the noon-time (or a little earlier.) I cannot find any confirmation on the web but it seems that 104.1 has been changed over to talk format and Laura was on air today.


  1. Two other stations you can listen to her on are: and

  2. BarbaraHibbard says

    wptl in N.H. now has on Dennis Miller, how can we get Laura back. Already called the station.

  3. You are incorrect, KVOI didn’t choose to replace her. Her company chose to chase dollars and took a better deal to jump to 104.1 I have been quick to criticize KVOI when they do crazy things, but this wasn’t their fault.

  4. Oro Valley Dad says


    Thanks for the clarification. (We did not directly criticize KVOI but I can see how you got that impression.)

    That is interesting that her company did it for more money. The signal from 104.1 is not a clear a 790, which has Rush on at the same time. Not exactly the person I would want to go up against if I was in conservative talk radio.

    As an update it seems that Laura’s show now starts at 9:00 am on 104.1

  5. cactusmouse1 says

    To be fair, Miller is doing a good job – much better than I expected. I was getting tired of Laura’s interruptions and Butt Monkey noises.

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