Late night break-in does not qualify for Prop 100.

KNXV-TV is reporting that an illegally alien who broke into a Mesa home does not qualify under Prop 100. The article does not say if the suspect is free or not.

I am not quite sure how much it will take for citizens to demand that the border be secured. I would imagine more stories like this and people will finally demand something be done. I did not initially think Representative Russell Pearce had much of a chance against Congressman Flake. News items like this change my view of the race. Pearce may not only have a chance of winning the Republican primary in CD-6 but also winning the general.

No doubt that Jeff Flake and Michael Crow are working on an ASU scholarship for Mr. Oscar Rivera. Maybe Mac Magruder could find him a part time job while he attends the university.

Had enough yet? Visit the exploratory web site of Russell Pearce and let him know what you think or contact Congressman Flake.


  1. Oh heavens please please send your money to Russell Pearce. Send it, send it, send it.

    Is it that hard for you all to see that it is not a rational argument to find a single example of a crime by an illegal alien and then extend to a belief that tougher border security will lower the crime rate…and at just how many of my tax dollars?

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