Last Ditch Effort




  1. SA,
    What is this?
    A Joke?

  2. kralmajales says

    If I have this right, thank you so much (sincerely) for posting the link to the last (first of many more?) legislative sessions.

  3. kralmajales says

    Got your talking points from the party yet? Everybody ready to spin this one?

  4. Kral,

    You’re probably right. I’m guessing that they may be going into “continuing resolution mode.” At least, the citizens will actually get to see where and how much of their money is being spent.

  5. kralmajales says

    Yeah…DSW…like the state parks that will be shut down over July 4th weekend. One of those places our money goes. I wish the Universities would shut down in the middle of summer classes so that the students and their parents would remind you of how their money is spent. Would also be nice if they just decided to shut down the state pens or better send the men and women that keep them in, go home and leave the prisons to the inmates. It would also be nice to see all of our state police go home and not patrol the highways or catch criminals. Hmmm shall I continue?

  6. kralmajales says

    I want to remind everyone here of the forest since we are looking at the trees.

    The Republican Party controls this govt. House, Senate, Gov, Sec of State, Treasury, Sup of Schools, Mines…all GOP controlled.

    This is what the GOP philosophy gets us. NOTHING.

  7. Kral,

    You and I know that ain’t gonna happen. Once upon a time people lived their lives just fine without the amount of government we currently have. The prisons are still going to operate and DPS will still be out on the roads. And when the parks close down for a few days, there will probably be less chance of forest fires, less people trashing the campgrounds and probably a little more activity for the birds and the bees.

  8. kralmajales says

    Or as we put it in West Virginia…

    JACK S*@T!

  9. kralmajales says

    I know its not going to happen…and that is the point. Govt is too important to the lives of citizens in this state for what you all appear to want to actually happen. Not even members of your party REALLY believe what they say.

    So my point is Why? Why chip away at it? Why pretend that lesser is better when the goal of lesser is really getting us somewhere that we really dont want to go. A place even you all dont want to go?

  10. Lesser government = Greater self-dependence
    Lesser external government = Greater self-government.

    I would hope that we can move toward a culture where people are more self reliant and self sufficient.

    I honestly believe there are too many people suckling at the public teet and the people supplying the milk have had enough. Very soon, enough people will stand up and say that’s it, we’re cutting you off. A tax revolt is around the corner. Sorry if you don’t like that but that’s what I’m hearing across the desert plain.

    Just as we’re having a correction in the housing market when the bubble burst, I see a correction occurring in people’s dependency on government. Unfortunately, it’s a little more “dramatic” when that bubble bursts.

  11. kralmajales says

    ha, nicely nicely said. That is the “philosophy” or “magic hoodoo (voodoo)” that I speak of. The theory that most in your party talk only because it will get the lower taxes but still the deficit spending on projects they love.

    I would love to see what your “world” would really look like in practice. What most are seeing right now is that your theorists in the legislature are hated! They are going down.

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