Kyl’s ties to ’08 candidates

The Washington Post today reports that Christine Walton, who was a part of the Kyl for Senate fundraising team, will lead the Giuliani fundraising efforts for the Southwestern region.

Meanwhile, another team-Kyl fundraising guru, Corinne Lovas, has signed up for Romney.

So, while Kyl is serving as the Chairman of McCain’s campaign in AZ, there are no known Kyl staff (or former staff) serving on McCain’s team.

Another interesting tidbit is that Christine Walton is a staff member of Gordon C. James Public Relations  You may recall that Gordon James’ wife Lisa recently ran as party Chairman and was repeatedly labeled a McCainiac.  Guess not everything you read on the blogs is true.


  1. Roger Thompson says

    There is a vast difference between an employee of the James firm and a company principal.

  2. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    And a certain someone already suggested that Lisa was not automatically a McCainiac and that it had been whispered that she was leaning towards Giuliani… Time will tell!

  3. I tried to tell you, but oh, how slow some are to believe not all are harboring hidden agendas. Lisa is an independent thinker and true to her word.

  4. Roger Thompson says

    Give me a break! The unprecedented arm twisting of GOP state delegates by McCain supporters was unquestionably the most intrusive I have ever witnessed. They were ALL supporting James. This was not a matter of coincidence. It was the initial part of the overall agenda.

    Now that the election for state chair is concluded, let’s get on with the business of the Republican Party. We have a lot of work to do as the upcoming presidential cycle is just around the bend.

  5. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    I think the difference was between McCain NOT wanting Pullen as opposed to McCain wanting James. But we probably needn’t start that debate all over again…

  6. Agreed.

  7. “We have a lot of work to do as the upcoming presidential cycle is just around the bend.”

    Good grief! The 2008 election is already here! 😉

  8. The 2008 cycle started the day AFTER the 2006 election. Which basically means all concerned will have to endure the barkings of “the dogs” from all corners and try to discern some sort of reality from all the hype.

    My prediciton (not unique)is: the person least demolished in the primary by their own party will prevail in the general. Let us be mindful of that as we attempt to wade thru our own bevy of candidates.

  9. Peter Principle says

    Does it bother anybody that 360 tons of $100 dollar bills – more than $12 Billion Dollars in cash, and another $8 Billion in equipment and supplies, was shipped to the Iraq war zone and disappeared in a 13 month period? This is of course not to mention the $1 billion per day that we are spending on the Iraq war front every day. It is no wonder that our Republican President and Republican Congressmen are drunk with spending the taxpayer’s loot? The secret is out … the vault doors are opened wide and ready for the taking. God save the hardworking American taxpayer!

  10. Peter –

    Do you have a source you can site?

  11. Peter Principle says

    Here is the story in the UK Guardian. It’s been on Drudge for 2 days. Apparently, nobody cares …,,2008189,00.html

  12. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    It wasn’t our money, so the outrage will be muted.

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