Kyl Shenanigans, Thinks He’s Politically Invulnerable, Spurning TeaPary, Pulling a “Hatch” and a “Bennett”

Jon Kyl strikes out against conservatives once again, mitigating his opposition  against (read: spinning his support for)  Senate approval of Kagan for the Supreme Court.

This is not unprecedented.   Jon Kyl also voted for the “Assault Weapons Ban” in the 1990s hidden inside the Clinton Crime Bill and was a sponsor of one of the amnesty bills in the 2000s.

Gun Owners of America reports in a recent broadcast email to its membership (note Kyl’s past and current support of Kagan):

Why is Senator Kyl Caving in to the Obama Administration?


Wednesday, May 19, 2010


What is Senator Jon Kyl thinking?

On the Sunday talk show circuit, Senator Kyl said that, “The filibuster should be relegated to the extreme circumstances, and I don’t think Elena Kagan represents that.”

In other words, even though the Republicans have the 60 votes to defeat Elena Kagan’s nomination to the Supreme Court using a filibuster, he (Jon Kyl) wants Republicans to keep their ultimate weapon holstered during the nomination process.

But without a filibuster against Kagan, there is no chance of defeating this radical nomination.

Never mind the fact that Elena Kagan could become the deciding vote that overturns the pro-gun aspects of the D.C. v. Heller decision and upholds ObamaCare, thus saddling us with socialized medicine for the rest of our lifetimes.

Kagan is a radical anti-gunner.  She helped draft a directive in favor of a semi-automatic import ban — and, as a law clerk, advised against allowing the Supreme Court to hear arguments that the D.C. gun ban was unconstitutional.

But how can she be the deciding vote on the Court, you say?  Isn’t she just replacing a liberal justice?  Won’t the votes still be slanted 5-4 in our direction?

Well, President Obama is hoping for much more than that.  There has been a lot of speculation at the White House that Elena Kagan will exert influence on Justice Anthony Kennedy, who until now, has usually been the “swing vote” that often sides with the conservatives on the Court.

President Obama is hoping that Kagan’s reputed consensus building skills will be able to pull Kennedy back over to the liberal side of the fence.  For example, Time magazine reported on May 11 that:

Few think [Kagan] will be able to change the positions of the most devoted conservatives, Scalia, Roberts, Justice Samuel Alito and Justice Clarence Thomas. But apparently Obama thinks she may sway Kennedy….  Kagan supporters point to the fact that she convinced some hard-line Republicans to vote for her when she was nominated to be Solicitor General, most notably Jon Kyl of Arizona, the behind-the-scenes GOP power on the Judiciary Committee….  But what’s most important, her backers say, is her ability to work the process; her skill as a consensus builder, they argue, could eventually make a difference [in swaying Kennedy].


Back in 1999/2000, there was another “conservative” Senator trying to spin his support for Clinton federal court appointees, Orrin Hatch, at the time the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee.  In 2000 he was literally booed off the stage both in the Utah County Republican convention and at the Utah State Republican convention both for his support of all but 2 Clinton federal court appointees as well as for anti-gun provisions he wrote into his Juvenile Crime Bill.

It looks like Jon Kyl is trying very hard to uphold that tradition of pawing himself off in Arizona as a conservative, but behaving like a globalist liberal RINO sellout when he goes home to Washington.

Look at what just happened to another one of Kyl’s longtime “conservative” colleagues (click here).

It’s looks like it’s time to take a que from the Utah teapartyers and help another RINO retire from politics.  Two years to go. He starts campaigning for reelection next year.



  1. Fantastic post, but today I choose to not agree with it.

  2. Oberserve says

    What’s not to agree with? You think Kyl is conservative and should not get the Bennett treatment by the teaparty?

  3. Kyl refuses to audit the fed he is the only rep for AZ who has refused to do so.

    no incumbents!

  4. Kyl and McCain 2 sides of the same coin. McCain’s primary is the only reason why he is once again speaking like a Conservative.
    As Glen Beck stated last week “if the people in Arizona vote for McCain again they deserve what they get.”
    Hey how is that 10 point Border Plan working out? With all the clout that Kyl and McCain have it is funny that they could not get any other Senators Republican or Democrat to co-sponsor it. John could not find his way across the aisle to get help for Arizona, Not even his good buddy Lieberman.

  5. With his last vote against the recent Vitter Amendment, Kyl relinquished his credentials as a conservative. His excuse for not supporting an audit of the Federal Reserve BanK is he doesn’t want politics involved with setting monetary policy. So we continue to have a bunch of immoral private bankers setting policy for the US without oversight. I guess Kyl really trusts the likes of Bernake and taxcheat Geitman. Kyl always acts holier than thou, above the political fray. He voted to confirm Holder, knowing full well about the FALN and Mark Rich pardons; he led Bush’s amnesty plan for illegal aliens; he voted for Kagen for Solicitor General even though she never tried a case in her life; add in TARP support and his weak leadership and capitulation in opposing Kagen; enough is enough. Not even McCain was that bad. Kyl believes that Obama is entitled to have whomever he nominates appointed, since Obama won the election. I wish the Democrats felt the same way when Justice Bork was nominated. Biden et al fight by a different set of rules than Kyl. We are now going to have an inexperienced full blown socialist sitting on the Supreme Court. Thanks Kyl.

  6. Walt Stephenson says

    With Rodney Glassman(Democrat) polling dead even or slightly ahead of JD Hayworth your moving on to trying to get two Democrats elected to Congress from AZ. I don’t think you are RHINO’s I think you are Democrats or at least you are playing by their book.

  7. Now Kyl is somehow a RINO too? LOL! Are you guys completely nuts?

  8. I love this blog. It’s the ramblings of lunatics.

  9. The Other Jane says

    Wow. This blog is about to jump the shark.

  10. Oberserve says

    Why bother to post a comment if you didn’t even read the post.

    There’s nothing to “disagree” with in the post. You can’t “disagree” with the fact that if you add 1 to 1 you get 2.

  11. Stephen Kohut says

    What Sen. Minority Wimp Kyl is is gutless. He and the GOP Senate were gutless in the healthcare battle and he is gutless with Kagan. I can’t wait for the 2012 primary. Maybe we can find someone with an actual spine.

  12. Double Decaf Latte says

    JD could run again in 2012 and end up being a three time loser.

  13. Kyl for President says

    That’s right – just getting warmed up

  14. Pathetic. If Sonoran Alliance is now calling JON KYL a RINO, it’s lost all conservative credibility.

    I’m starting to understand how the Salem Witch trials happened.

    Jon Kyl is one of the best leaders to ever come from this great state (and we’ve had some good ones). And if we’re going to start savaging solid conservatives like Kyl, then count me out.

    “MadArizonan” needs to crawl back under his little rock.

  15. Iris Lynch says

    Don’t bother to call names. The fact of the matter is that Kyl and Mc Cain are no different than Specter and would do ANYTHING to stay in office. They are just smarter than Specter..they got YOU fooled!

  16. Iris, to say that someone like Jon Kyl is no different than Arlen Specter reveals just how loony you really are. I hope your walls are padded.

  17. Oberserve says

    I’d say Jon Kyl is no different than Senator Bennett (“conservative” incumbant Senator defeated by teaparty) or RINO Hatch.

    In other words na na na na hey hey hey goodbye!

  18. kralmajales says

    Here is a nice example of why Jon Kyl believes the tea party is nutto and dangerous to his party:

    On Rand Paul…read Jon Kyl’s quote in this article…and Lindsay Graham’s.

  19. Stephen Kohut says

    And conservatives should all drink kralmajales koolaid. Yeah right. Try posting on the Huffington Post where your spin sells.

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