Kyl said it not us.

     In an Arizona Daily Star article by Daniel Scarpinato, Senator Kyl is quoted as saying:

one reason within his own party, John McCain didn’t immediately, instantly get the support of 100 percent of Republicans was he was seen as too independent, too much of a maverick.

     If it is good that McCain is independent and a maverick why is bad when some members of the party grassroots display the same characteristics?


  1. “If it is good that McCain is independent and a maverick why is bad when some members of the party grassroots display the same characteristics?”

    Here’s a “maverick” for you. We thought we elected a big friend of the conservatives to head up our State Party. That was the winner’s platform anyway.

    What did conservatives win by having this Chairman in charge of the Saturday voting fiasco? Somebody please answer that for me. Was the convention one tiny little bit better than if James had been running the show?

    We got a piecemeal sample of what we have to look forward to with a maverick president.

  2. not that Russell says

    The grassroots going maverick. What a great concept. I wonder what the new Constitution Party has got to say. Is free speech still allowed or was it rescinded in the May 10 convention?

  3. GOP Boomer Gal says

    I was there. What went wrong? They came up with a slate and people chose to vote for it …… or not.

    Randy is doing a great job; would you rather everyone is constantly at one another’s throats?

    We want to get a Republican elected president, and the nominee is John McCain … get over it.

    BTW, a lot of the delegates and alternates happen to be conservative.

  4. There appears to be no winning outside of constant conflict among some schools of thought. Being at each others throats is quite a rush for those who manipulate people and situations and love watching others jump when they say how high. Goodbye to those days Mr. Haney, et al. The focus has changed. Hooray for the Grand Ol’ Party!

    Seems that a time when a great majority of grassroots Republicans are aligned and supportive of a common goal, is a good thing. But then again, it would mean that the ranting of the hard right has been marginalized and rendered irrelevant. Those that thrive among that sort of dysfunction and ego driven environment would be made terribly uncomfortable by something that remotely resembled “unity”.

    So much for the “Chamber types” that were the whipping boy of previous dialogue being the resident evil wildly opposed to conservative values with the grassroots role being pumped up as the real voice of the party.

    The grassroots spoke on Saturday. To say anything else is to say the voters in each LD are too stupid to know any better and are easily duped. The grassroots is either the backbone, heart and soul of the party or a bunch of local yokels that need to be told who, what, when, and how. The latter description sounds a lot like the Democrats to me.

    Once again I can say I am a conservative, pro-life, low taxes, limited government, strong defense Republican and not feel like it isn’t enough to qualify.

  5. I already regret letting that guy take my name! Now I’m stuck with Tim S. and he’s out polluting the web with that drivel.

    If he’s too dumb to see how much more conservative the party is under Pullen, then explanations aren’t going to help much. Maybe drawings done in Crayon are more his speed?

  6. not that Russell says

    Tim has a good point. The Chairman election was a hard fought affair. We specifically elected the non-McCain candidate. So, I wasn’t expecting the great effort from AZ GOP to force a McCain slate down the throats of the May 10 voters either. Funny that Pullen, Kyl, Franks, Shadegg all told the Delegates repeatedly not to elect Arpaio and we did anyway. At least one little thing went right and it illustrates our leaders are a little out of touch. Franks get a pass for his dependably conservative record. Trent WAS just following orders. The rest gave their heartfelt endorsements for the McCain slate.

    Thanks for acknowledging AZ GOP made the effort to dupe the May 10 voters. I saw the same thing.

  7. Arpaio did not get elected as a delegate. He was elected as an alternate.

    Ann, You are right. It’s once again a great time to be an Arizona Republican!

  8. …..Russell,

    I’m not sure to whom your thanks for acknowledgment are directed, but I certainly did not intend to state such an act.

    It is funny though, the very things that those of us in the James Gang tried to point out; things like we must work together to get things done, and the divisiveness was detrimental to the party, and that Lisa was not any more a McCain patsy than Pullen. However she understood that cooperation with all stakeholders would be needed to be a true GOP leader and not a self-aggrandizing failure.

    That day and time is behind us and needs to stay there.

    If you think that our state party chair election can stop the will of R voters across the country, I’m at a loss (bet you never thought that would happen) of what to say. It is ludicrous to think such a thing. To think it would be a good thing is even more insane.

    This is an opportunity we should not overlook or underestimate. The rabid anti-McCain efforts are seen as anti Republican by all those on the outside looking in. This is truly a time of if you are not with us, then you are against us. The “us” being the party, not McCain.

    All the ideological discussion will have their due and can be properly developed. The pre-emptive strike is just going to blow up in our face if all effort is to prevent forward progress while the Dems pour money and power into their candidates.

    Please, get over it. To say “move on” is very true sentiment. Either “move on” and join us or “move on” and work against McCain just like the same named .org.

    BTW…Arpaio was down on the list of At-Large alternates that will be seated by vote count.

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