Kyl’s Record.

(The following of from memory so please correct if necessary.)

Sometime in the late 80’s when Jon Kyl was a congressman the house passed a large pay raise. I listened carefully to his explanation of why he supported the bill. It went something like this (paraphrased) “Yes, I voted for a pay raise but there were several other important provision in the bill. Among them a requirement that current congressmen had to retire by such-and-such date or loose the ability to convert accrued campaign funds to personal funds upon retirement.” His response did not fully satisfy me at the time but Kyl was a member of congress and some years my senior so I did not argue.

Up to that point a congressman could spend several years in the house and then, upon retirement, convert leftover campaign funds to his/her personal use. The bill that Kyl supported put an end to that practice but it gave member at the time one or two election cycles to step down. At the time the house had been the personal playground of the Democrat Party (the house banking scandal and congressional post office scandal come to mind.) Kyl was trying to encourage some of the more entrenched house Democrats into moving on.

I do not know how many Democrats got out because of that provision of the pay raise package but I do know that by 1994 it all turned out just fine. The house was a fairly corrupt institution in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Looking back Kyl was doing everything thing that he could to change that.

My point is that the Republican Senator from Arizona has been around a long time. He seems as sharp as ever to me. I do not trust much about the current deal over immigration but I do still trust Jon Kyl. His voting record has never given me reason not to. He can be a little crafty during a campaign but I sure like the way his senate race turned out compared to the one in Pennsylvania.

By all means call his office on Monday or send an e-mail this weekend but please remember for conservatives he has always been one of our steady allies.


  1. For those conservatives who pine for the return of a Reagan in the White House, and at the same time tack a hard line on immigration, here is a snippet from one of the 1984 debates between Reagan and Mondale. In an answer about the Simpson-Mizzoli bill in 1982 (which never passed) Reagan said: “I believe in the idea of amnesty for those who have put down roots and who have lived here, even though some time back they may have entered illegally.”

    Does that mean that McCain is the only real Reagan Republican running for President?

  2. I have been told Senator Kyl is meeting with Randy Pullen tomorrow. Emails with pertinent and respectful observations of the reported agreement sent to the state GOP would be a good way for the Senator to hear from his constituency.

    While we all have a vested interest in the best possible outcome and tempers are high over any sort of amnesty, if your comments are to the point and not about attacks on Senator Kyl they will be much better received. Please make your point, we need the voices of all to be heard but the threats against Senator Kyl will do nothing to strengthen our position against amnesty and only serve to represent shortsighted arguments.

    There are more than enough valid and legitimate issues raised in previous discussions that pertain to the reported details in this latest attempt at immigration reform. Send those to Randy Pullen. Tell Senator Kyl we respect his conservative values and his years of strong solid defense of our country, this is no time to let down!

  3. Here’s the address:

  4. Iris Lynch says

    Good advice, Ann.
    As to current behavior being overlooked because of past behavior…does that mean if your husband is faithful for 15 years, but then starts cheating, it is OK? How about murderers? Rapists? Sorry, TODAY is all we have power over. And it goes the other way too. I will put my money on a ‘born again’ whatever before I would risk a dime on a LAPSED ‘born again’ any day.

  5. I agree with Iris.

    Continuing to support Kyl makes some sound like the parents of a convicted felon:

    “But he was always such a GOOD BOY… and no matter what he has done, we still love him and we’ll always stand behind him.”

    I’m not in that group.

  6. cactusmouse1 says

    I’m not much interested in voting for a party that is now acting like Democrats–more interested in winning the next election than in national security.

  7. cactusmouse1,
    If the GOP elites think amnesty will help the party in the next election, the party leaders aren’t too bright. This will cost the party far more votes (and dollars) than they’ll ever gain.

    I will not help re-elect any candidate who has betrayed me.

    “Fool me once, shame on you.
    Fool me twice…”
    …I’m not willing to give Kyl a chance to fool me twice.

  8. Who has been fooled? Is there a bill introduced? Has it been voted on? What we do know is there is a compromise of sorts that is being touted as the answer to the varied interests around this issue. Does it meet your interests? Who knows?! It hasn’t even been written, much less introduced to the Senate.

    Those of you who are writing the end of the road statements, how many actually took time to write of your concerns to Senator Kyl? Or do you just whine and complain so that you have another finger to point while not accepting your role beyond the ballot box. Voting is a part of process but not all of it. If you did communicate with him, give the man time to get the job done.

    If it was this rumored deal or nothing at all for 2-3 years, would you take it? Tell Senator Kyl that you do not want anything that smells of amnesty, tell him why. If this thing comes to a vote and it is absolutely amnesty dressed up, he supports it, then you can rail all you want but right it is just noise unless directed to those who can vote.

  9. cactusmouse1 says


    You’re making assumtions that we’re just whiners. My guess is that most blog readers are active participants in the process but I could be wrong. Personally, I am not one that takes my responsibilty lightly. I have contacted, via phone and email, Kyle’s Tucson AND DC office, McCains DC AND PHX office, the RNC, AND the Republican National Senatorial Committee.

    If it smells like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck….

  10. Ann,
    You can count me as an active participant, too. Phone calls and emails – of course I make them.

    Trust me – my small savings have taken a hit – Phone bills have to be paid – signs and flyers are not free. I’ve helped organized rallies (they don’t happen without a lot of work) and driven hundreds of miles to support other groups.

    I will try to be in Phoenix tomorrow for the protest in front of Kyl’s office.

    In answer to your question – I’d rather have nothing. America is waking up. Time is on our side.

  11. cactusmouse1,

    Thank you for taking the time to act as you did. I would like to believe most people are as active in their contact with Congress and others as they are on the blogs, but my personal experience tells me otherwise. I think there are many who sound off from the comfort of their computer desk and never even try to voice the same concerns to those who need to hear it.

    Here’s to hoping I am wrong! OVD has posted the contacts for McCain, Kyl, and the White House…use them and pass them onto those who do not frequent these fine pages.


    I hear you loud and clear. I too have given of my time and personal finances quite often to help further the careers of those we have represent us in pubic office and it doesn’t feel too good to think your efforts may have been betrayed. I would like to think Senator Kyl would listen to us without protesting in front of his office. That brings such pronounced public perception of division to the party and I know what that can bring. If the Dems jump on board the “re-write” first, it will look like the R’s are too blame for the bad language and the D’s fixed it all. In the meantime we have very publicly denounced our guy as the fault behind this mess. We must be wise and vigilant without falling into a trap to upset our side in the next election any more than we already must deal with.

    America needs to wake up and quick; all of America, all ethnicities, all walks of life, all legal citizens. Otherwise the xenophobic mantle will be ours and the true motivation behind our concern will be dismissed as racism and nothing more.

  12. To “Adam”,

    Reagan also said he only agreed with the 86 amnesty, PROVIDED NO AMNESTY EVER OCCURRED AGAIN, and if it did, that he DID NOT agree even with the 86 amnesty.

  13. Is there a way to locate someone locally to try this?

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