Kudos to Senator Kyl

We have not spent much time praising Senator Kyl lately but he really stood out in a recent vote and showed that he is still a conservative. Friday the senate passed S. 2338, a bill that would allow the FHA to bail out lenders suffering from the loan crisis. Not only did Kyl vote against this new federal aid program, he was the only senator to vote against it.

While the concept of the federal government bailing out lenders sounds good it would begin the process of enshrining one more “right” that the government has to fund. The country has basically enshrined the right to “free” education, food, health care, prescription drugs, and retirement. If we were to add housing there would not be much left for the free market to handle.


  1. We need good leadership in the Senate. One can feel the absence of Helms, Gramm and Thurmond. I talk to activists and they are very proud of Senator Kyl.

  2. Of course Senator Kyl is a conservative!

    He is a principled man. He has never not acted as a conservative, even if a few of him disagree on his stance on immigration. What has happened here, is people are trying to re-write and re-define what it means to be a ‘conservative’.

  3. Gerry Mander says

    Moderator: Please remove this post. The author is obviously confused.

    I spoke with Rob Haney and he assured me that Jon Kyl is very much a RINO.

  4. Then what’s our “conservative” Senator doing on this bill?


  5. Because of course Rob Haney gets to decide who is a conservative and who isn’t…. (heavy sarcasm).

    I’m sorry, but Rob Haney does not speak for me.

  6. Gerry was being sarcastic Julie…

  7. thanks 🙂

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