Kris Mayes hides from her past

This site is not a big fan of Kris Mayes. We would have eventually gotten around to discussing her past endeavors and extreme position on the termination of innocent humans* but it looks like Amanda Crawford at the Republic beat us to the story. She does not discuss Mayes’ passion for abortion but she does point out that Mayes is conveniently hiding her time in the Napolitano administration now that she is exploring a run in a Republican primary.

Mayes is reluctant to clearly state what she believes. She is mature adult with strongly held views running for congress and does not have an issues link on her page. She mentions her time as an intern with former congressman Bob Stump, a solid conservative, and leaves out her time with the Napolitano administration. This even though her views are closer to those of Napolitano than Stump and her work with Napolitano was much more recent.

Contrast this with the pride and clarity with which Sydney Hay discusses her beliefs and priorities. We will cover this race more as it progresses and thanks to Crawford for exposing the real story.

* If, as some of our readers claim, Mayes is now pro-life we say wonderful. There is a great event this weekend for her to attend to further her pro-life journey.


  1. Scrupulous, exhumed says

    Gee, hide from the past by shamlessly glomming onto the present and other fictions, and check out this pic of Mayes chumming with Darcy Olsen from the Goldwater Institute right there on Mayes’ campaign site:

  2. Conservative to the Core says

    Don’t forget Mayes’s days as a reporter at the Arizona Republic. Her $1000 donation to the WISH List. Her increasing the EPS that was directly linked to the latest APS rate increase.

  3. Conservative to the Core says

    I was just reading her in the news section it states that she’s against abortion. Yet in 2003 she was a key speaker at a WISH List event. Gave $1000 to the WISH List (Pro Abortion Women’s Group). Was confronted many times in 2004 about being ProChoice she nevered denied it, just keeped saying it didn’t matter in the Corp Commission.

  4. Didn’t someone very close to the current chairman of the Arizona Reublican Party make a large donation to the WISH List too?

  5. Jessie, Are you pro life or pro abortion? When Mitt Romney changed his position on abortion, this site called him a solid conservative. When Kris Mayes has a link on her website to an interview in which she states that she is opposed to abortion, you write about her “extreme position on the termination of innocent humans “.

  6. Let’s not talk about her……..

    Let’s just let her keep thinking we’re dumb enough to elect her and let her resign from the CC and run……then elect the right person: Sydney Hay….and let Kris find other work….

  7. Let’s put this in perspective. Sydney has NO chance of winning the general. It is my belief that Sydney would fair worse than Len Munsil did against Napo. Do people want the seat to go to Ann Kirkpatrick rather than Mayes? If so, could you please leave the party that I belong to and go start your own. Looks like Mayes has some serious support in Salmon and Coughlin.
    There is a blog by Trib reporter Paul Giblin that seems to be based more on facts than anything else.

  8. I agree with Jason. Republicans need to nominate a candidate who can win in November. Kris Mayes is that candidate.

  9. CD1 Conservative says

    As a conservative Republican, the only thing I want is for CD-1 to stay in the Republican column. That simply will not happen if our candidate is Sydney Hoff Hay. Kris has the stong support of Matt Salmon and Mal Barrett – that should say enough about her conservative credentials. She matches up the best against Kirkpatrick and is our best hope to win in November.

  10. Conservative to the Core says

    Matt’s endorsment can be bought. He’s a lobbist.

    Kris and Ann are the same candiate, Ann is just honest about being a democrat.

    Kris increased government regulation while on the Corp Commision which caused rates to rise. Kris is pro choice. The crowd that usually supports Kris Mayes is the Amnesty crowd.

    If Kris Mayes is so conservative how could work for Napo? A true conservative wouldn’t touch Janet with at 10′ ft cattle prod.

  11. Kralmajales says

    Hell, Romney was for abortion and then against it…although look what happened to him.

  12. If Kris’ conversion to pro-life is genuine, then I’m all for welcoming her to the pro-life party. If it was simply the price of Matt Salmon’s support, then we’re back to having a problem. I’m happy for conversions, I love ’em! Same goes for Romney, Leff, Fowlkes, Mayes or whomever. The pro-life side is the right side and we’re bound to convert folks as we go. I will be looking for some indication that the conversion is sincere though…

  13. Kris Mayes is a true Republican in the great Arizona tradition of Barry Goldwater and John Rhodes. She is exactly the representative we need here in CD-1 – a conservative voice in the US House. She’s worked hard on the AZ Corporate Commission and has proven to be a reliable conservative vote. The last thing we need is another Arizona district to go to the Dems!

  14. Kris Mayes’s $1,000 donation to the WISH List was probably money she made from her * deal back in 2000.

    * Please document your assertion.

  15. Kris Mayes has strong support from Matt Salmon? That is odd. Kris Mayes was the spokesperson for Napolitano when she trounced him in the 2002 Governor’s race. Shouldn’t Matt have some hard feelings towards her? Maybe Kris Mayes had to switch her pro choice stance to a pro life stance just in time to secure his support and get some “Conservative cred” behind her. Don’t be fooled..Sydney Hay is the only true Conservative running for the CD1 seat.

  16. I don’t know if Kris Mayes is pro-life or pro-abortion other than what I’ve seen in the past – WISH association. A few years back, I hounded her on this issue while I was the Exectuive Director of Arizona Right to Life. It was in the public arena and anyone can look it up. Kris did not return my calls. All I was asking her at the time was to fill out the candidate survey. She never returned it. Within the last 24 hours, I received an email from a very reputable source stating that Kris is indeed pro-life. I’m not sure how to take that given her obstinance in going on the record. If Kris is really interested in running for Congress, this will have to come out in the open. And even then, conservative pro-lifers can look at someone like Sydney who has a longstanding position on the issue and has advocated for the unborn for many years which is very hard to discount.

  17. Scrupulous, exhumed says

    Mayes was Napolitano’s campaign spokeswoman in the 2002 campaign when Salmon was the GOP nominee. She was given the job of Press Secretary when Napolitano was elected. She was then appointed to the ACC by her. For some reason Salmon, as GOP party chairman, and then in the private sector, “forgave” her and endorsed her in her 2004 bid to run for the ACC seat she was already holding. She was re-elected in 2006. I don’t mind if she wants to run for another office, call herself a Republican, and even convert to the pro-life side, but she’s no conservative. And for someone, even an anonymous blogger, to call her one is like getting hit by a snowball from the devil.

    When Mayes left the Republic there were some circumstances, probably in the Trib archives, about a number of employees who had heard about the paper being bought by Gannett and started filling up their 401k accounts with stock, and selling it a few weeks after the deal went through. If I remember some were fired, and Mayes slipped off to law school. Who really knows what happened. Who cares.

    All I’m saying is that you can run as whatever you want but for her to run as a conservative just does not pass the laugh test.

  18. Take note that on Kris Mayes’s website she conveniently leaves out the part of her resume when she was Governor Napolitano’s spokesperson. What is she trying to hide and who is she fooling?

  19. Just Win Baby says

    No Randy, Kris Mayes is NOT a conservative. She may be a Republican (may be) and she may be pro-life (may be), but she is absolutely NOT a conservative.

    That said, I’m not sure that district would elect an honest to goodness conservative. They love their pork, absolutely love it. And a big spending, liberal Republican like Kris Mayes might be just who they are looking for.

  20. Kris Mayes is not the answer, but for some reason many conservatives in CD1 seem to prefer her to Sidney Hay. If there was a legitimate conservative, who lived in the district, could take on Kilpatrick toe-to-toe in the cities and towns, and hold their own on the rez… that candidate and they are gold!

  21. Kris Mayes is a RINO. Can you say “alternative energy mandate”?

  22. CD 1 Conservative says “Kris has the stong support of Matt Salmon…” and Conservative to the Core says “Matt’s endorsment can be bought. He’s a lobbist.”

    This is very interesting. Kris Mayes is on the Corporation Commission. She REGULATES Matt Salmon’s telecom company and will continue to do so for the next couple of years if not elected to Congress. My guess is that Matt has been persuaded (extorted) to support Kris. She holds his business in her hands…

    There is a blantant conflict of interest for Mayes to solicit money, support, and endorsements from the companies she regulates, don’t you think?

  23. Kris Mayes’s insider trading scandal is what the Democrats will cash in on now that Rick Renzi has been indicted.

  24. I agree with the insider trading scandal. Another thing is that Kris Mayes’s campaign money is likely going to come from all those companies whom she regulates..gas, utilities and telecoms all “owe” her. Follow the money on this one folks. She might be as crooked as Renzi.

  25. Look Further says

    Kris Mayes is a closeted Lesbian. Has anyone peered into her sexuality?

  26. Kris Mayes is not just pro-choice she is pro-gay marriage I bet have you seen her with her girlfriend?

  27. Who cares if Mayes is a lesbian? The questions should be; is she doing a good job. LESBIAN or not that is what matters!

  28. Wonderful World says

    I know Kris Mayes and although our friendship is old and we do not speak much, I can tell you that she is a wonderful, intelligent person with integrity. Politics is nasty game. If one wants to go out and do good in public office, one must play the nasty game to win that opportunity. You are not excused from recognizing that all politicians, including Ms. Mayes, must play the same nasty game to win it, while you sit in judgment with only the crumbs they leave to spark your redundant thought patterns that every one must follow party lines to a T.

  29. hides from her present says

    Mayes is not who she professes to be

  30. Sneaking, lying and half truths are what Ms. Mayes is about. Be it towing the party line or a personal behavior this is who she is. It does not matter if she is LESBIAN rather if she can be trusted to represent Northern AZ. What world do you live on, Wonderful World?

  31. truth opened my eyes says

    What a perfect couple of journalists, liars, with law they will always have stimulating yet untrue conversations as close friends politically closer than you would think hiding from their own life in only their eyes

  32. Mayes for CD1 says

    This will all be interesting information if Mayes decides she wants to run for congress again! She’ll be laughed off the podium from all sides. Quite a conflict in the making.

  33. She wont run for congress. She isn’t that stupid! Unless she wants her personal life to be brought to light and I don’t think she does. She has too much to loose and I will not sit back and let this go by without exposing her tru nature.

  34. mayes for CD1 says

    I’m waitin on the day she runs for anything. Can you say EXPOSED

  35. conscience says

    Let her be. She does a fine job and who someone is with in relationships doesn’t affect how she does her job. Unless it is her “friend” and her job has been affected by this relationship. How she chooses to live is her business and nothing illegal has occurred. Unless she is Republican. Oh yeah, Mayes is a righty. But her girlfriend isn’t.

  36. moderate republican and unabashed liberals have more fun figuring out the ins and outs of party agendas

  37. Well, I think I tried to give her the benefit of doubt. But then I saw her with that woman from Flagstaff in Greer, Az at the lodge in August of this year. I have tried to listen to Kris when she wanted my vote– but now I don’t trust her honesty. People lie because they don’t want to hurt loved ones. I figure Mayes doesn’t have true loved ones–however who really does

  38. doesnt matter who she is with or where. what matters is if she is doing a good job


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