Kolbe won’t back Graf.

Jim 1.jpg      According to a post by Dan Nowicki at the Arizona Republican Jim Kolbe will not back Randy Graf.    

Thank God. The last time Kolbe endorsed a candidate he lost the race.

Wednesday 9-13-06, 10:35 am


  1. A Kolbe endorsement would be a “kiss of death.”

  2. Shane…careful – dont use kiss around Kolbe !!!!

  3. Shane Wikfors says

    The real test will be what Jim Click and his cronies do. In the early 90’s right after Mike Beehler and the conservatives took over the Pima County Republican party, Click and his buddies withheld funding and basically starved the new leadership out of office. If Click walks away from the race or backs Giffords it will be a sure sign that the Pima County GOP is even more in line with Democrats’ perceptions. If Graf wins the General, there will definitely be a new sheriff in town.

  4. Oro Valley Dad says

    Things are very different than in the ’90’s. We pulled off a win in LD26 without much assistance from the party HQ so what use are they anyway? They did a great job of wasting a lot of money loosing the Tucson City Council while ignoring the rest of Pima County.

    Unlike before we now have Clean Elections. Despite what some conservatives think about it, it is working out quite well for us. Once we identify a viable conservative candidate we already have the funding lined up.

    The other item is the internet and technology in general. We were able to run our own voter registration program, get out the vote, and cover precincts on election day without help from the County HQ. If Click wants to sit this one out he will be the one missing out on the fun. Randy Graf is well on his way to attracting national attention and funding and our other conservative candidate are Clean Elections. We have figured out how to win and will keep working to refine the system.

  5. Shane Wikfors says

    Great points but I still have to wonder who pays the bills for the party and will they excuse themselves from the table just because they look like fools now?

  6. Oro Valley Dad says

    The party is irrelevant. We won without them. In some cases we won while they worked against us.

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