Kolbe Endorses Ogsbury in CD 5

Politicker AZ is reporting that former Congressman Jim Kolbe has endorsed congressional candidate, Jim Ogsbury.

“Jim Ogsbury is a principled conservative with deep Arizona roots and an understanding of the issues that face our state and our nation,” said Kolbe.  “He has the toughness and the experience needed to get the Congress working for the interests of people again.”

Ouch! Anyone who has been around the Arizona political scene knows that Kolbe has been no friend to Arizona cultural conservatives. Kolbe was one of the only openly homosexual Republicans in Congress who consistently voted against pro-life legislation (including a ban on partial birth abortion!) and other culturally conservative legislation.

This can only hurt Ogsbury with social conservatives. Scratch another Republican name off the list of candidates who cultural conservative are considering voting for in the primary for CD 5.

Here is a copy of the press release and the American Conservative Union ratings for Kolbe’s last year in office.


  1. Ouch?!?!

    “Jim Ogsbury is a principled conservative with deep Arizona roots and an understanding of the issues that face our state and our nation”

    Wow, I guess them’s fightin’ words.

    It’s ridiculous to suggest that Kolbe’s endorsement will have any net negative impact.

    It’s highly unlikely his endorsement will cause Jim Ogsbury to become any less pro-life, donate to the WISH List, or start preforming late term abortions in his den or gay marriages on his deck.

    In fact, Jim-to-Jim endorsements have to date caused no candidates for national office to go on to suddenly turn against their core beliefs and become staunch liberals.

    There’s one liberal in this race and that’s Harry Mitchell.

  2. CraigsList says

    Cultural conservatives had better check the facts before they scratch anyone off their list.

    If social conservatives are pro-business, pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment they have something in common with Jim Ogsbury.

    If social conservatives are anti-tax hike, anti-illegal immigration, anti-over regulation they have something in common with Jim Ogsbury.

    You want to know something that no candidate in this race, or the country for that matter, has in common with Jim Ogsbury? How about leading the charge to cut the federal government’s discretionary spending by $8.4 Billion (WITH A “B”) whiles a staff director with the Appropriations Committee.

    If social conservatives are against that Harry Mitchell is going to be in office a long, long time.

  3. Danny Mazza says

    Wow! What a great endorsement from a great conservative. Way to go, Jim (and Jim!)

    I’ve seen the Ogsbury signs pop up all over the district, and they look wonderful. I think he has a top notch campaign put together.

  4. FreeAdvice says

    Signs? He’s going to need them. An endorsement from a guy from another district that just elected a D to take his place? Won’t help him at all. Homosexuality aside, Kolbe is a has-been.

  5. Jack Zohar says

    Ogsbury is a prime choice for Congressman in CD5. He has his hands solidly on the steering wheel vis-a-vis spending cuts at the Federal level (he has done it big time), and is unusually well versed on national issues. Ogsbury leads the pack when it comes to solutions.

  6. Live Free or Die says

    I recall a photo of Gabby Giffords being embraced by Jim Kolbe following his endorsement in 06′. definitely hit piece material.

  7. John Chapman says

    Jim Kolbe is a man of principle and integrity who represented Arizona well for many years. His endorsement of Jim Ogsbury reinforces my view that a new Jim can represent Arizona with like integrity and principle.

  8. Let’s think this through. Jim Kolbe, one of the most socially liberal and left-of-center fiscal former Republicans in Congress, has a list of five Republicans to endorse – that is, if he even injects himself into this race. And that’s another question in itself: “Why would a former Southern Arizona Congressman get involved in a current Phoenix-based congressional race anyway?”

    Back to my point. Kolbe looks at a field of five Republicans and picks a lobbyist – someone he probably dealt with extensively while in Congress – as his Primary choice. Both Ogsbury and Bitter-Smith are coming into this race from the left so for Kolbe he has only two choices ideologically. That rules out Laura Knaperek, Mark nderson and David Schweikert who probably would run away from a Jim Kolbe endorsement anyway. Kolbe looks at who has raised the most money on the left and it becomes clear. He goes with Ogsbury.

    What this tells us is that a liberal Republican wants to push the GOP agenda to the left by picking someone he knows on the left and who has money to be competitive. Am I missing something?

    One final note. If this race rises to the interest level of a former congressman from Southern Arizona why haven’t any of the sitting Republican congressman like Franks, Shadegg, Flake and even Renzi put their two bits in? In the case of CD 1, Flake, Shadegg and Franks have all endorsed Sydney Hay in the Primary. At some point in time, the current GOP delegation is going to have to make some endorsements especially if it is important to them to uphold conservative principles.

  9. CraigsList says

    You’re theory about Kolbe using Ogsbury for a congrssional puppet regime is intriguing. This endorsement evokes comparisons to Putin and Medvedev, Maximilian I and Napoleon III, and Jerry Jones and every Cowboys Coach since 1990…hold on…

    I thought I saw someone on a grassy knoll over yonder.

    Anyway, don’t blame Kolbe for endorsing while others sit idly by. The reason why these sitting Congressmen will not back a candidate is because they, like everyone else, don’t know with any certainty who’s getting the nomination in CD5. Good luck in the cut-throat grudge match that is modern politics if you back someone other than the winning candidate in a primary. In fact, I would argue this endorsement just shows Kolbe has no agenda. I would encourage other politicians who view themselves in the same light to emerge behind who they really support. What difference would your proposed endorsers make when all they do is back a bloodied and bruised victor after Sept. 2?

  10. Live Free or Die says

    I think they cleared Kolbe in the House Page scandal. He just likes camping out.

  11. If Kolbe was in the endorsement mood, why would he only endorse in the CD5 race? Why not the CD1 race? Sydney Hay and Preston Korn wouldn’t seek nor want a Kolbe endorsment. Both of them do not line up with Kolbe’s values, ideologies, etc.

    So then let’s say that Ogsbury pursued Kolbe for the endorsement. This would indicate that Ogsbury either identifies with Kolbe’s values, ideologies, etc. and/or Ogsbury simply wants a congressman’s name on his endorsement list.

    I can only imagine that everyone in CD 5 is seeking an endorsement from Shadegg, Flake and Franks.

  12. You make it sound like he hand picked Kolbe for his Campaign Committee or something. *ahem*

  13. George of the Desert says

    Kolbe’s endorsement probably has a lot to do with the fact he was a member of the Appropriations Committee for many years and knows Jim Ogsbury personally.

    You may disagree with Kolbe on many issues, but one thing he is, is a loyal friend. He obviously believes Ogsbury would make a good congressman.

    I’m supporting Schweikert, but I do have to say that Kolbe’s endorsement may have a small effect in CD 5 (as opposed to no effect). There are a number of pro-choice voters in Scottsdale who may be influenced somewhat by Kolbe’s action.

  14. Kolbe endorses because he is a FORMER congressman. If he were still in office, he’d be sitting on his hands like the rest of them.

  15. Cra*! I got censored… I’m outta here!

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