KKNT & America’s Majority

Thanks to our friends over at SeeingRedAZ for blogishing this to blogosphere. 

By now, if you’re a dedicated KKNT-960 AM radio listener, you’ve heard this ad being run by a group called “America’s Majority.”

If you’re like us, you’re shocked and bewildered.

The ad basically threatens conservatives with losing political power and numbers if they don’t shut up about the illegal immigration.

We thought we’d write a letter to the General Manager at KKNT and ask for an explanation. Here’s the text of our letter to Station Manager, John Timms:

Greetings John,
Many of us in the conservative blog movement are wondering what is going on at KKNT-960 – the source of our conservative political daily bread? We’ve heard ads by a group called America’s Majority that claim that Hispanics are being scared or angered off from the GOP because of immigration reform efforts.
Already, several blogs (seeingredaz) are abuzz over what discretion is being used in airing the ads. Some of us feel as if the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, MoveOn.org or PETA could walk into the station, lay their money down and get 30-60 seconds without anyone batting an eye.
We are also wondering how some of the station’s sponsors or talk show hosts would interpret this unusual intrusion.
We would appreciate an explanation even as a few of us give a benefit of the doubt.
We would be more than happy to allow you space on our blogs.
Awaiting your reply,
“DSW” – Sonoran Alliance


  1. Anonymous says

    Please post your response from Mr. John Timm. I work at KKNT 960 News Talk and love what I do but I was utterly disgusted when I heard “America Majority” spots on our station while driving. I believe in our product and what it stands for and it is embarrasing to hear a “slap” in the face of our loyal listeners!!

    I cannot speak for management but I can speak for me and I am sorry to our loyal and VERY intellegent listeners for the “America Majority” spots to be placed on our station. Not because I don’t think you can handle a little challenge from the left but because it is absolutley unnecesary and doesn’t belong on KKNT 960! I certainly didn’t make the money from it!!!

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