Kirkpatrick vs. Renzi

The Republic is reporting that state representative Ann Kirkpatrick has resigned in order to begin the process of raising money to challenge Congressman Rick Renzi. This could be big trouble for the two-term congressman given his troubles with ethics problems. This may be a good opportunity for other serious Republicans to also consider getting in the race, especially if an indictment is handed down against Renzi.


  1. Renzi’s toast. Better find someone to primary him if he doesn’t resign or decide not to seek re-election.

  2. Renzi aint running. Take one look at his FEC report and that tells the whole story

  3. Ah, well, what’s taking so long for the Republicans in CD-1 to get the ball rolling?

    Then again, I guess the current national mood, a Congressman retiring in disgrace, and an open seat in a district with more Dems than GOPer’s isn’t too enticing right now…

  4. Actually, it looks like plenty of folks are already making the rounds, including former Senate President Ken Bennett, current State Senator Tom O’Halleran, current State Rep. Bill Konopnicki, local rancher Steve Pearce and others. Should be lively!

  5. Both sides will be looking for someone with credentials that begin with longevity in the area. Carpetbaggers, or even the appearance of such, need not apply.

    After that, it’s all about the votes on the Rez.

  6. A primary between someone from the Bennett wing and someone from the Konopnicki/O’Halleran wing would bring before the public some well-known rifts (often discussed on this blog) within the GOP and could be pretty divisive. That could end up helping the Dems in the same way the GOP primary for AG helped Janet back in 1996. Of course, there is no guarantee there won’t be a primary on the Dem side. Last year’s was ugly and did not help Ellen Simon one bit.

  7. Renzi is in his third term, such as it is.

  8. There quite clearly will be a primary on the Dem side Rex. There are three folks running already, with a few more looking at it.

    At least the Republicans actually live in the district, which is something only one of the Dems can claim, and she’s ignored the reservations while in office!

  9. Kirkpatrick is a very convincing speaker and pleasant person all around. Her Flagstaff roots will run deep. But what is the latest on Mary Kim Titla? If she runs on the Dem side, it should split the vote in a Kirkpatrick/Titla match-up.

  10. George of the Desert says

    There will be a Democrat primary – count on it. And don’t dismiss Mary Kim Titla. She was on TV and in Phoenix and Tucson for several years. She will attract plenty of native American votes, but perhaps not the Navajo Rez (she’s San Carlos Apache).

    This district does lean Democrat, but that’s misleading for two reasons:

    1. Many of the Dems in eastern Arizona are politically conservative. They tend to be pro-life ranching types who are Dems only because grandpa was a Dem back when the Dems were the only party in AZ (yes, there was such a time in AZ). These people will vote for a GOPer, es evidenced by Hayworth’s victories when he represented much of the region, and, of course, Renzi’s wins.

    2. Pinal County comprises a lot of this district – fact which gets easily forgotten. This is where the population growth is occurring (and Prescott area). Pinal is turning more GOP by the day.

    This is not a slam-dunk for the Dems.

  11. I agree, not by a long shot! Especially if the weakest of a three way race on the Dem side comes out of the primary the victor because of a split vote for the two most prominent candidates.

  12. If Kirkpatrick is the best the Dems can do, then CD1 is going to remain in the GOP column. She’s a lightweight in comparison to Bennett, O’Halleran and Kopinicki. With their experience and capabilities they’ll unfortunately clean Ann’s clock.

    The Dems need to dig deep and bring forth a heavy-hitter that can raise money and mobilize the base. I’m sorry to say thats not Ann.

  13. I wish Jackson would jump in for the Dems. He was a great candidate in 2006.

  14. Patricia George says

    Howard Shanker is in the race and IS the best choice the Dems have. Mary Kim is too pro-life, Ann is too much the party line where Howard would be there for the people.

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