Kirk Adams stands up to Labor Union Intimidation

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 6, 2011
CONTACT: Chad Heywood

Kirk Adams releases new campaign video

Mesa, AZ – Barack Obama, his liberal allies and union bosses are destroying American prosperity. But unlike the Washington politicians bowing to these attacks on American workers and the free market, Kirk Adams has a record of standing up to the union lobbyists here in Arizona.

Adams’ leadership taking on the unions and reforming Arizona public pension system to save taxpayers from being on the hook for millions of dollars in unfunded liabilities is the subject of his campaign’s first video, released today.

Just a year ago, Arizona’s state pension system was on a path towards insolvency. As Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives, Adams authored and passed major reforms to this ticking time bomb, despite fear mongering and intimidation tactics by government employee unions. Adams even announced he would give-up his government pension, literally putting his money where his mouth is. The special interests and government unions fought the reforms and pledged to fight back in future elections. Adams stood firm and with a steady hand passed pension reform; thus carving a new trajectory for Arizona’s state pension system.

“Passing pension reform was a top priority on my agenda and it is my hope these same efforts will be replicated across the nation,” Adams said. “There is no doubt that special interest and government unions will do everything in their power to stop such legislation-I still have the scars on my back to prove it. With the recent Labor Day threats, conservatives must stand strong at the state and federal level and do what is right regardless of the political consequences.”

Kirk Adams is a rising star in the Republican Party, and a conservative reformer who shook-up Arizona’s state Capitol and will do the same thing in Congress.

A husband, father and small businessman, after joining the state House in 2006, Adams found himself so frustrated by the unwillingness and inability of Republicans in the Legislature to stand up for their conservative principals that he launched a long-shot campaign to oust the veteran Speaker of the House.

Adams shocked the Republican establishment and political class, winning the Speakership at only 35 years of age.

Adams led the House back in a conservative direction with an aggressive reform agenda, taking on some of the most challenging issues in Arizona history – issues others were afraid to address because of the potential political fallout.

A native Arizonan, Adams and his wife JaNae live in Mesa and have five children.




  1. CD6 Small Businessman says

    I knew very little about Kirk Adams until the pension reform started getting a lot of media coverage in the Spring. The more I learn about the things he has accomplished in the state House the more I want him to be my Congressman. He seems like a legit leader that conservatives can stand behind and rely on to be a leader in entitlement reform which is sorely needed.

  2. SomeonePinchMe! says

    Pretty cool video…was that Union Boss smoking an electronic cigarette…? He seemed to be enjoying all those flavors, including nicotine.

  3. ChandlerConservative says

    Leading by example…that’s what we need in Washington. Not someone who will be a hired gun to the highest bidder. Well done Kirk!

  4. Kirk Adams is the man! Can’t wait to have someone of his quality representing us in DC.

  5. MesaConservative21 says

    The White House has no comment and and the DNC avoid the issue! I am glad Kirk Adams is at least saying something.

  6. Politicians have little to gain and everything to lose by taking on government employee unions and reforming their pensions. Kirk did it, and was able to get it passed into law. That is a true conservative with courage. I just wish he had been heading the appropriations committee during the Napolitano years…Kirk could have prevented Arizona’s governmental financial crisis. I’ve supported Matt Salmon before, but after nearly a decade as a lobbyist, Salmon will shill for anyone, I’m afraid, and his lobbying firm has government union clients–even if he has arranged it so he doesn’t personally handle the account. Salmon is tainted. Kirk Adams has my support 100%, based on his firm, unwavering committment to conservative principles.

  7. In a world where china will soon challenge our military and trade wars are on the horizon, do you really want someone that is sympathetic to China in Congress representing AZ?
    Matt Salmon is fluent in chinese and has spent lots of time over there. Can you say, Manchurian Candidate? He also has lobbied for many businesses that have a large stake in China.
    Dont think!
    Just vote for whoever Joe Arpaio tells you to vote for!

    • Arpaio endorses whoever kneels before him and kisses his ring, and Adams won’t do that for anyone. That’s why he is more trustworthy.

  8. Alan Soelberg says

    Kirk Adams is the man. Most self serving politicians would have calculated their political risks and ran away from union confrontation. Most politicians would have never sacrificed their own pension benefits. Kirk puts principals over politics. This is the type of “mojo” we MUST have in DC to course correct.

    There simply isn’t time/room for those continuing to bow to political expediency…

  9. ConservativeAZ says

    Kirk rocks! Keep it up!

  10. I have to hand it to Kirk Adams, he’s a good politician. As a recent transplant to AZ I would have believed all his mumbo jumbo on fighting the unions had it not been for the fact that the same law enforcement unions he attacks received invitations to his upcoming fundraiser with Jon Kyle. Funny thing how that works – attack unions in the public but ask them to attend a fundraiser for his campaign…???? Don’t know Matt Salmon that well either but I may take my chances with him. At least when he says something I can believe him (promises to serve only three terms and keeps his pledge).

    • You’re right about one thing: back when Salmon kept his term limit pledge, he displayed integrity. And he would have been a much better governor than Napolitano for sure. But in the interim since his governor run, Matt has consistently sold his soul to the highest bidder. Government unions, cigarette companies…Matt represents them all. Here is a favorite commercial of mine, where Salmon makes some health claims about his electronic cigarettes, followed by another commercial where he says they don’t make any health claims:

      All of this is funny to me, because Salmon is a Mormon, who doesn’t smoke at all, but…..$$$ will make him do whatever.

    • ChandlerConservative says

      I don’t follow the logic of your statement. Fact – Kirk Adams led the pension reform. Fact – he opted out of the pension system. Yet because a policeman or fireman were invited to a fundraiser he’s not trustworthy? When he takes on Social Security when he gets to Washington does that mean he can’t invite senior citizens to events either? The fact that he did not kick the can on this issue alone should tell you he’s trustworthy.

      And sure, Salmon kept his 6 year promise because he had his eye on the governer’s office. Now his word or promise goes the highest bidder. He will take on any client from any side of the aisle because now it’s about the $’s. I can’t fault him for that, everyone needs to make a living. But try to tell me he’s a man of principal when you whore yourself out to anyone.

  11. ConservativeComeback says

    The contrast between conservatives and liberals is stark and becoming more apparant everyday. It’s funny that the same can be said within the republican party. Seeing Kirk Adams give up a pension and fight unions head on and then watching Matt Salmon slink his way through the lobbyist minefield while try to make a return to public office and expect to be taken seriously is almost comical.

  12. But Kirk caved to the liberal corporation comission and helped establish the Port Authority of New York in Arizona (Arizona Commerce Authority).

    So, he gives with one hand and takes with another. The consummate politician.

    It’s time for Kirk Adams to return to the real world and get a real job for a few election cycles. To reconnect with real life.

    • SomeonePinchMe! says

      Uhh, Kirk Adams runs a small business of three different locations and over twenty employees. Pretty impressive to be Speaker of the House and run a business. That what I call the epitome of citizen legislator.

    • SomeonePinchMe! says

      Uhh, Kirk Adams runs a small business of three different locations and over twenty employees. Pretty impressive to be Speaker of the House and run a business. That’s what I call the epitome of citizen legislator.

      • A “citizen legislator” doesn’t sell out the interests of the people to the chamber of commerce and help implement a system of unlimited indebtedness and spending.

        So, even if what you are saying is true, it doesn’t change what i said which is that Kirk needs to reconnect with the real world and go back “on the economy” for a few election cycles.

        • ChandlerConservative says

          I’ve seen you bash on Kirk a couple times now in various threads with the same warn out message. You seem to forget that Kirk is in the economy. He owns a business, pays taxes and employees people. You act as if he’s some insider that has been in office for 16 years and soley relies on his state paycheck. He’s neither but you seem to ignore that.

          As for selling out, name the bill for that accusation. Saying it in general terms doesn’t make it true.

          • I don’t ignore it at all.

            You (or maybe it’s he) don’t read the bills that he ushers through.

            You should.

            They are very bad.

          • Maybe you are deliberately trying to downplay the statewide property tax initiative whose bonds are underwritten by the general fund called the Arizona Commercy Authority.

            Beyond being extraconstitutional, it’s about the worst possible thing the Chamber and their crony Kirk Adams could have foisted on AZ.

            He shouldn’t be rewarded for this with a Congressional seat (lol). He should be run out of town.

          • Did you READ THE BILL?

            (Answer: NOPE.)


          • ChandlerConservative says

            So you don’t like the jobs bill. One centered in lowering taxes to incentivize growth. One that makes Arizona one of the most attractive (if not the most attractive) states to move or start a business in. One that takes a fresh look at how commerce should be governed in the state (getting rid of a useless dept of corrections and instead bringing in a proven business leaders to help provide oversight).

            Yeah, Kirk is just terrible for supporting that. We should just let our 9% unemployment rate remain unchanged and stick our heads in the sand hoping that if we ignore it, it won’t be real. Or maybe we should just let our current job anchors find reasons to leave the state…

            So beat him up…oh and pretty much every other elected Republican for trying to do something about it. I can’t see many conservatives arguing that cutting taxes and trying to draw employers to the state as a bad thing. Unless you just like to sit there a throw grenades and offer no solutions yourself.

  13. I always liked Kirk Adams, but at the state convention he backed the establishment Ron Carmichael for Arizona Republican Party Chairman over the Tea Party favorite Tom Morrissey. Now I do not know who Salmon would have backed, so I am undecided between the two, but can anyone tell me why Adams had picked the lesser of the two conservatives?

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