Kirk Adams releases new video: Constitution USA

Kirk Adams and his supporters recently attended the largest Constitution Week celebration in the entire country – which is located right in the heart of his prospect district. Kirk had a great time interacting with voters and answering their questions. To learn more about the campaign go to:


  1. Rule number one for a political video, do not feature another candidate’s name in your ad. Great view of the Chuck Gray for Congress banner.

  2. Why hasn’t Kirk Adams, who was Russell Pearce’s counterpart in the Arizona State House, stood tall & loudly defended Russell Pearce?

    We need a list of all elected Arizona Republicans or wannabe elected Republicans & we need to put them on the record of whether or not they support Russell Pearce in this liberal recall & instead support the guy who thinks that Mesa reminds him of Alabama’s racist past.

    So, Kirk, what say ye?

    • Where is Matt Salmon’s support of Russell Pearce? He is noticeably missing from Russell’s website. It shows Former Congressional Members (but only) Tom Tancredo. Matt Salmon’s wife is listed as a friend of Russell but he’s missing altogether on the website. If you try to do a google search to see if Matt Salmon supports Russell nothing shows up either, except Russell’s support of Matt Salmon.

      So does Matt really support Russell or not??

      • Jan –

        Actually according to the website , both former Congressman Matt Salmon & former State Senator Chuck Gray are supporting Russell Pearce in the recall. The only one in that currently constituted Congressional District who is running for Congress & has not supported Pearce is Kirk Adams. Why is Adams not supporting Pearce, when Adams calls himself a defender of SB 1070?

        • Jan-

          In fact, Matt Salmon is even scheduled to be a speaker at a rally supporting Pearce on Oct. 14 with a long list of others according to the aforementioned website. That should take away any doubts you have about Matt Salmon’s loyalties on the matter hopefully.

          But it doesn’t take away my doubts about where Kirk Adams stands.

  3. I’m with you Tyler. For someone that likes to take credit for1070, you would think Mr Adams would be standing with its Prime sponsor.

    • It’s time to hold all elected Arizona Republicans accountable on this. I wish that there was a widely available list showing who has taken the courageous & right stand to defend Russell Pearce & support him in this radical lib led recall election.

      • Well one factor/variable is who supported who at the State and County chairman elections.

        • Bernard –

          That’s all fine & dandy, but regardless of any previous elections, ALL Arizona Republican elected officials or anyone in Arizona running for office as a Republican should openly support Arizona’s Senate President against the open border liberals who have pushed this recall election.

          I want to see a list of who has come out in favor of Russell Pearce during this recall & who has sat on the sidelines. Sitting this out, like nobody notices what they are doing, should be called out & conservatives should never again support those who won’t stand up for Senate President Pearce. Sitting on your hands in this recall election is as bad as supporting Lewis or George Soros & Obama for that matter.

  4. Here’s the list that I compiled of elected Republicans in Arizona who have not come out to publicly support Russell Pearce during this recall. We need to blast this list to everybody. Republican voters need to know who has & who has not taken the right stand to defend Russell Pearce.

    Both Republican US Senators representing Arizona, John McCain & Jon Kyl, WERE NOT on the list of those who are supporting Senate President Pearce. I’m going to pester their offices.

    I also noticed that Congressman Jeff Flake’s name WAS NOT on the list. Flake needs to put his past differences with Pearce behind him & support our conservative State Senate President if Flake expects any conservatives to support him in his Republican primary for US Senate.

    Also missing from the list were freshmen Congressmen Rep. Ben Quayle, Rep. David Schweikert, & Rep. Paul Gosar. We need to know why their names are not on this list.

    Also missing from the list were former Congressmen John Shadegg & J.D. Hayworth. I’m pretty sure that Hayworth supports Pearce, but his name was absent & we definitely need to know if Shadegg (who is always rumored to have higher political ambitions) supports Senate President Pearce.

    The names of 3 State Senators are also missing from the list: State Senators Rich Crandall; Adam Driggs; and John McComish. These men need to be held accountable. If they don’t want to support Pearce, then they need to have primary challengers take them out of office next November! If any of these three men represent you in the State Senate, make sure that you call their offices.

    (For the sake of full disclosure, State Senator Scott Bundgaard’s name also does not appear on the list. But even if he does support Pearce in the recall election, I’m not sure that we should be putting his name on that list. Actually, maybe we can get Bundgaard to openly endorse Jerry Lewis instead if he really wants to help Pearce win.)

    In the State House, the Republican members who ARE NOT on the list supporting Russell Pearce are: Kate Brophy McGee; Heather Carter; Jeff Dial; Karen Fann; Doris Goodale; Jack W. Harper; Russ Jones; Peggy Judd; Justin Pierce; Amanda A. Reeve; Bob Robson; David Burnell Smith; Steve Urie; Vic Williams; and Kimberly Yee.

    All of these people, including one of my State Representatives, Vic Williams, need to be called & put on record regarding their support of Russell Pearce during this vicious recall against him. Their political futures as elected officeholders from the Arizona Republican Party should depend on it.

    • Former Congressman JD Hayworth is supporting Senator Russell Pearce.

      There are certain elected officials in this State who avoid taking strong positions on issues because they fear controversy and they see certain individuals as “too extreme.” They place more emphasis on style rather than substance. You know who they are.

      • Shane –

        This is sad but true. I wish you would put a front page post with the sole purpose of outing those Republicans who are either too afraid to endorse Pearce or are secretly (or even some not so secretly) rooting against Russell Pearce. I want their names on banners & to be screamed from rooftops & bullhorns.


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  2. […] Kirk Adams releases new video: Constitution USA. October 8, 2011 By Sonoran Alliance Leave a Comment. Kirk Adams and his supporters recently attended the largest Constitution Week celebration in the entire country – which is located … Read More: Kirk Adams releases new video: Constitution USA […]

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