Kill the bailout, updated

Update: Michelle Malkin reports that the bailout bill has failed.

     The U.S. House of Representatives is set to vote on the Wall Street Bailout this morning. Please call and express your opinion. The main number for the house is (202) 224-3121. If you know the name of your congressman, you can use the numbers below to call their Washington D.C office directly. The bill should reach the senate later in the week so Monday is the day to focus on the House.

     If you want to read up on why this bailout is such a bad idea see this story by Michelle Malkin or watch the video below.

CD 1 – Rick Renzi
(202) 225-2315

CD 2 – Trent Franks
(202) 225-4576

CD 3 – John Shadegg
(202) 225-3361
Shadegg has called for Paulson to resign.

CD 4 – Ed Pastor
(202) 225-4065

CD 5 – Harry Mitchell
(202) 225-2190

CD 6 – Jeff Flake
(202) 225-2635
Thank Congressman Flake for opposing the bailout.

CD 7 – Raul Grijalva
(202) 225-2435

CD 8 – Gabrielle Giffords
(202) 225-2542


  1. The bailout will not be killed. This is just another event that was ‘planned’ decades ago. If it was not PLANNED, then our ‘genius’ President Billy Clinton was unable to determine consequences of his behavior. Is that possible, Monica? I guess that it is possible. If it FEELS good, let’s do it!

    PS We are not a democracy.

  2. Let be frank here, this is not a Wall Street bailout, it’s a political bailout. Al you have to do is follow the money and the ties are quite clear, the politicians benefit with this act; financially and politically.

  3. Antifederalist says

    A recorded vote just started. Leadership for BOTH parties support the bailout (Boehner, Blunt, Hoyer, Pelosi, Frank, Bachus, Paul Ryan [what a shame!]). It’s the ideologues from both parties that are opposing the bill seemingly. The hard right RSC luminaries are opposing the bill as well as left wing kook Dennis Kucinich and his ilk. Ron Paul spoke against the bill, but we all knew he would. I think this is a done deal (voting is still going on and the yeas are leading), but leadership had to take to the floor to whip the votes.

    This is MORE proof that the Republicans just didn’t understand the outcome in `06 and that they made a HUGE mistake in re-electing Boehner and blunt to leadership. Had we had Pence and Shadegg as our leaders (who BOTH spoke against the bill as well as Jeff Flake!), we would have seen stronger Republican opposition to this bill as well as peeling off Dems like Kucinish.

    Thanks again RINOs, moderates, and neo-cons! Thanks for your support over the years of government meddling in the housing market! Sure appreciate you spending $700B of OUR tax money to bail out Wall St. Just forget about that entitlement spending tidal wave. Hey, I don’t need control of the money I earn anyway with you at the helm! You’ll take care of everything for us! We can trust you! Big government works! The free market is a total failurte! Who cares about the national debt, right? That doesn’t affect anything.

    It’s all more evidence that we need to relimit the franchise and strip Dems and moderate Rs of their right to vote. If the voters DON’T toss these bums out of office in November, everyone voting for those who vote yes need to be disenfranchised too.

  4. Antifederalist says

    Time has expired on the roll call vote. Dems are holding the vote open so that leadership can twist arms to flip the result. The vote count stands at 196 Yes – 221 No ATM.

  5. I appreciate Shadegg’s position, I just am getting tired of a pattern where he waits and waits and then rushes out front at the last minute. He did that in opposing amnesty and I liked the Paulson idea, WHEN NEWT GINGRICH proposed it.

    I just wish Shadegg was braver, earlier. Is that asking too much? I guess its better to be brave late than never?

  6. Antifederalist says

    No, it’s not too much to ask. I’ve seen your gripe in action. I too wish Shadegg would come out swinging a little earlier. There was a bill to create a federal 411 number that could have directed people to government abortion services. Shadegg didn’t come out swinging in the 109th on that bill until the end, and he opposed the bill on federalism and cost grounds. Shortly after he added his voice to the fray, the bill died. So, I’m with you, Glendale.

  7. So Antifederalist, you want to strip people of their right to vote. How democratic of you.

    Maybe the US should do what other countries have done (most recently European Bank Fortis) partially nationalized and throw out the leadership. At least in this scenario taxpayers get something for their money.

  8. Antifederalist says

    Our Founding Fathers were no great fans of democracy. That’s why they gave us a REPUBLIC, NOT a DEMOCRACY. There IS a difference, and you would do well to learn that difference. Our Founders further insulated the nation from the mob by providing for the state legislatures to elect our Senators. An additional check on mob rule was the Electoral College. Finally, the states all had a limited franchise at the time of our Founding.

    So, I really couldn’t care less about your left-wing simpering about democracy. I stand with the Founders. You don’t. You, sir, oppose the original intent of the Constitution. That’s disgusting. I believe the direct election of our Senators and the universal franchise (something that an activist Supreme Court pretty much brought into effect) has done this nation great harm. It becomes more evident to me with each passing day that mob rule (what you call democracy) and the rule of law are mutually exclusive because the mob cannot think in a disciplined manner. You, no doubt, are one of the tools who believe in direct election of the President. I spit on your kind. You will be the death of this country.

    Further, your favoring nationalization shows you to be at best a socialist and at worst a communist. That’s pathetic. You’re right up there with Rep. Waters wanting to nationalize the oil industry. You have NO RESPECT for Article 1, Section 8 and the 10th Amendment. You care NOTHING for our Constitution. And you call yourself an American?! For SHAME!

  9. Antifederalist says

    I forgot: the mere fact that we have a bi-cameral Congress was an effort to check mob rule as well. The Senate, which was NOT directly elected and given longer elected terms, was meant to be a deliberative body that would check the passions of the mob elected House.

  10. The entire AZ delegation voted against the bailout!!! Quite a rare showing of unity here in Arizona…

  11. Antifederalist – the difference between you and me is that whil eyou would strip my of my right to fight because of the opinions you think I hold, I would fight to make sure no on ever took those rights away from you.

  12. Oops, that should have read
    “Antifederalist – the difference between you and me is that while you would strip my of my right to vote because of the opinions you think I hold, I would fight to make sure no on ever took those rights away from you.”

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