KFYI’s Barry Young Rips Richard Carmona’s Communication Director Andy Barr Over Twitter Comment

Today on KFYI’s morning show, conservative talk show host, Barry Young (and crew), spent 15 minutes ripping into the communications director of U.S. Senate Democrat candidate, Richard Carmona.

This came after Carmona’s communication director and former Arizona Democrat Party spokesman, Andy Barr,  made the following tweet on Tuesday,

“ICYMI: KFYI’s Barry Young expresses concerns about @FlakeforSenate viability in primary bit.ly/LXsITV”

Andy Barr Tweet - July 17, 2012

Young and crew obviously took offense to Barr’s misrepresenting tweet questioning his integrity as an “incompetent boob,” “liar,” “fool,” “idiot” and “completely stupid.”

Listen at 15:43 into the 9 am hour as the shredding of Andy Barr,  Carmona’s communications director, begins.


  1. Richly deserved. Richard Carmona’s surrounded himself with crazed liberal party hacks, and that’s why he’ll lose.

  2. Sonoransam says

    Yeah! Someone ought to ask him to show us his papers! (oh, wait …)

    • Arizona Freedom Fighter says


      Andy didn’t have to show his resume to the Carmona campaign because he got the job through his daddy Dan Barr who donates to Democrats.

  3. Gee, Barry Dung is certainly in the tank for Jeff McFlake. Between Dung and McShroomhead, I turned off KFYI long ago. If I want my ears filled with lib vomit, I’ll tune in NPR.

    • LOL, my words exactly. I will not even listen to Broomhead and give that unmentionable station any ratings. I get my daily Rush and Sean on the Internet.

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