Kevin Gibbons Fails to Show

Providing excellent coverage of Mesa political events, Mesa Issues is reporting that Senator wannabe Kevin Gibbons did not show up at the Republican Legislative District 18 debate on Thursday night. Anyone who knows Mesa politics know this is a must do if you expect to be considered a serious candidate. Now that he has dissed the party faithful, Russell Pearce may have little to worry about when it comes to mustering troops but that’s not the end of the story.

Also, As Mesa Issues informed us, Kevin Gibbons is the brother-in-law of Congressman Jeff Flake which gives the impression that this race may be an inter-family struggle between the Flakes and the Pearce’s in a district heavily controlled by political families.

While Pearce may have the party faithful, he may not have the biggest bank account. Watch this race to get a lot more interesting as Pearce runs as a publically-financed Clean Elections candidate against Gibbons who probably has been turned on to all of Jeff Flake’s donors. Money may impact this race more than we expect.


  1. PC LD18 says:

    Just pulled the lates campaign finance reports and the former chairman of the Democratic Party has donated the maximum amount possible to Mr. Gibbons’s campaign.

    This really discusses me. He is looking to represent me and he is taking money from the very people that I work so hard to defeat.


  2. Mesa Gal says:

    I was disturbed when I heard of this contribution to Mr Gibbons’ campaign as well. I was happy to hear that he didn’t keep the money.
    Thank you Mr. Gibbons for being a stand up guy and wanting to be a true representative for the Republican Party.

  3. YASSER F. SANCHEZ says:

    Kevin Gibbons is a true conservative. He is aware of the issues that Arizona is facing and he is energizing a lot of Republicans to come out and vote.

    We need people with common sense and fiscal responsibility.

    As for the donation, Mr. Gibbons showed his class by donating it to charity.

    Kevin Gibbons has my support!!!!

  4. Proud Republicant says:

    It’s now many months after the election. I really wish Mr. Gibbons had won. Pearce is working to pass legislation that hurts family unity, one of the core values of the Republican party.

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