Kelly Townsend Announces for Arizona State Representative



Mesa – Kelly Townsend announced her candidacy for Arizona State Representative in the newly proposed Legislative district 16, representing Gold Canyon, Apache Junction and east Mesa to Power Road.

Townsend, 43, is the Co-Founder of the Greater Phoenix Tea Party, and is a Precinct and State Committeeman with the Republican Party.

“The foundation of my candidacy is integrity,” Townsend says. “Built upon that important principle, I will seek to be the voice of the people at the Legislature.”

“My priorities are working to bring jobs and economic growth to Arizona, balancing the budget, lowering taxes, reducing the size of government, securing the border, tapping into Arizona’s resources, protecting our freedoms, protecting the sanctity of life and family, supporting education and our first responders, fixing the housing crisis, and getting Arizona back on track.”

Townsend has already received the endorsement of Senate Majority Leader, Andy Biggs, who represents much of the East Valley. Having worked closely with legislators since 2007, she has been representing the people of Maricopa County through her efforts in the Tea Party. A Navy Veteran, she seeks to serve her country, once again, in an official capacity that will allow her to continue to make positive steps toward a prosperous State.

Townsend is widowed and has three children ages 20, 15, and 12.


  1. Kelly ran once before and didnt realize what she was up against in the old district. She probably learned a lot and is now ready for a stronger race. I have seen her working for quite awhile in the east valley and she is committed to her cause. Maybe this is a tea party candidate that can win.

  2. How can someone be part of the Republican Party and the Tea Party?

  3. Wilson, do you have something against the Tea Party?

  4. Friends,

    The State of Arizona does not recognize the Tea Party as an official party. Kelly is a Republican and will make an excellent State Rep. She has my full support!

    • Her press release above says, “…she has been representing the people of Maricopa County through her efforts in the Tea Party.”

      What does that mean?

  5. Well, If Wilson voted actually voted he would know the Tea Party is not a Political Party.

  6. Hey guys,

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  7. Ok, so the Tea Party is not a political party. I still don’t know exactly what Tea Party is, but I hear a lot of people saying they are members of it or leaders of it (I think the leaders outnumber the members).

    I am just asking for clarification. For example, it’s like Russell Pearce calling himself a Patriot, with a capital “Tee” and expecting us ordinary folk to know how to decode it.

  8. Veritas Vincit says

    Kelly is a terrific candidate. Someone tell her however not to use a ‘glamor’ pic for her campaign materials. The picture should project an image of the future legislator.

  9. judith conway says

    just what we need–another tea party crackpot

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