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We have not always been big fans of the GOP nominee but I must admit he is having a great week. Here is another knock out video.


  1. There is only one audience for this video – the evangelicals who understand the Biblical allusions. As an evangelical I am insulted by this ad. This ad takes my treasured faith and uses it to ridicule a man who is seeking the same office as the man who claims it as his ad. I am offended and so should all people who treasure the Biblical faith.

  2. You have an interesting take on the subject. I am offended and insulted by Obama and his allusions.

  3. I got soul says

    85000000- The commercial mainly references a movie, lighten up. I am offended that you are offended.

  4. Jesus weeps.

  5. We will all be weeping if Obama is elected.

    The personna that Hollywood portrayed of Moses was so fictionalized it is what makes it so good to someone with more than a Vacation Bible School understanding of Biblical characters. Charlton Heston, hardly. A stuttering, shy, and reluctant leader was Moses.

    Jesus himself was not above metaphorical comparisons to make a point and He surely would appreciate the use of such corn-pone to do it.

  6. John McCain isn’t Jesus.

  7. Oh, Stop the presses….

    Duh, what was I thinking – not enough coffee this morning…

    Of course, John McCain has to be Jesus!!

    Obama is the Anti-Christ!!,8599,1830590,00.htm

  8. Really? A great week?

    Based on what, once outlier poll that not even Fox News came up with the same result? The fact that he handed Obama an issue to pound him over the head with for weeks to come?

    Quick question: How many houses do YOU own?

    (the problem is not that he owns 7 houses – we’re Americans, we have a right to be as ostentatious as we want to be; the problem is he’s so out of touch he doesn’t know how many houses he owns – houses aren’t like ties or socks)

  9. John McCain is not Jesus, you are right. But, he can use humor and he certainly can use old Hollywood versions of Biblical tales to make the point that NONE of us our Jesus.

    That was the point.

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