Just what we need …

Another political blog and a moderate one at that. Whoopee! Probably some McCainiac who is all excited about the nominee. In the name of party unity we welcome Arizona Majority. Best wishes to them for a loyal readership. If they last longer than 1 week we might even consider adding a link to their site.


  1. Read it, weak as water and I won’t be going back.

  2. I looked at it too. “Most importantly, John McCain is one of ours.” Alrighty…if that’s what is most important we can just tear up the platform.

  3. At last…the “cut my taxes but don’t you dare take away my cheap labor” wing of the party has found a voice.

  4. As opposed to “raise my taxes and labor costs”. Poison, you must be a government employee.

  5. Duke the Dog says

    Nathan, you dog, you’ve got your own blog!

  6. Antifederalist says

    Impressive. They haven’t seemed to suppress comments with an opposing viewpoint even though their comments are moderated.

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