Just 2 wks later Goddard issues ANOTHER booklet advertising himself in midst of state budget crisis

The state budget deficit is looming up to $2 billion now and Goddard is continuing to issue glossy booklets with his picture in a transparent effort to promote himself for a gubernatorial run in 2010. His latest publication is a “Housing Discrimination” guide instructing minorities and others on how to find discrimination against themselves in the housing industry, dated March 2008. There’s a clearly posed picture of himself on page 3 (does a staffer take all these pictures of him or are taxpayers paying for a professional photographer?).



Curiously, the publication is not listed on his website – could this be because of fallout from his last publication which was issued only a couple of weeks earlier?
Why hasn’t the Arizona Republic covered any of these publications by Goddard? Could it be because they’re all liberals and hoping to score plumb jobs in a Goddard governorship? Remember the revolving door between the Republic and working for Democrat politicians? Let’s not forget when Goddard hired former Republic columnist Steve Wilson as his PR flak – other eager Republic reporters clearly haven’t. In a letter to the East Valley Tribune, Goddard defended the booklet he released a couple of weeks ago regarding young adults and consumer fraud as only costing $6,600.

But what about the cost of the rest of his glossy publications? There’s a long list of them on his website, and clearly most of them have been issued in glossy print – not just online. $6,600 x 70 equals $462,000. Someone needs to submit a public records request and find the cost of all these booklets he’s been issuing over the years. Below is the list taken directly from his website of all of his publications – although we’ve come across plenty more than just these, this is only what he lists on his website. The link to these publications is one of 6 main links on the AG’s homepage – apparently he’s so sure he’s immune from serious criticism for all the self-promotion he has no qualms about prominently linking to them. An easy expose for most lazy reporters – obviously they’re not avoiding covering this taxpayer waste because it’s hard to find information on it.

We did find this 2-page “Housing Discrimination Tip Card” listed on his website, which of course features a prominent picture of Goddard. No doubt there weren’t very many copies of it printed – most illegal immigrants are more likely to download it from the website – NOT.



  1. So you are mad because he is actually doing something? I work(ed) for County Attorney Thomas and I just cannot agree with you on this. This is the job of the law enforcement, to educate using the funds of bad people that they catch. We had RICO funds, they have another.

    The picture takes up what? 1\20th of the page. So your going to throw the baby out with the bathwater. The stuff we put out and the stuff he puts out is good material.

    We do not have as many publications but we have alot that you have not seen either. I think that you attacking Goddard is also attacking Thomas by association.

  2. I don’t think that “minorities” need to “find” discrimination. It finds them. There’s a clear record of housing discrimination in this country.

    Housing Secretary Alphonso Jackson has said, “The Administration of President George W. Bush has taken an active role in both prosecuting violations of federal civil rights laws, and in strengthening the protections against racial discrimination…The agency I lead — the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development — is working to increase the public’s awareness of fair housing laws that prevent discrimination in leasing, renting, and lending. The Department of Justice brings lawsuits where there is a pattern or practice of discrimination.”

    Just as President Bush’s HUD is trying to increase public awareness of housing discrimination, state attorneys general are trying to do the same.

    Are you saying housing discrimination is something people should support? I quote Secretary Jackson again:

    “Up until 40 years ago, being a black American meant something far different than it means today. We did not eat in the same restaurants where white families ate. We used the back entrance at the movie theater and sat in the balcony. We could be passed over for a job solely on the basis of our skin color. We drank from separate water fountains… and sat at the back of the bus.

    But 40 years ago, the United States government enacted landmark legislation called the Civil Rights Act of 1964…

    Without question, black Americans — and all Americans of color — are participating in our democracy with greater equality than ever before.

    I do not mean to suggest that we have rid the U.S. of racial discrimination. It will take more than 40 years to heal two centuries of racial division, and so the fight against discrimination remains an ongoing battle — a daily struggle in some communities.”

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