Judgment Matters Exposed

One of the Independent Expenditure committees which launched personal attacks on Russell Pearce – Judgment Matters – was first to file their campaign finance reports today. The committee is chaired by J. Mark Ogden with Alan Beckley as its Treasurer.

Donors include:

  • Farrell Quinlan of In The Arena PA – $100
  • Janis Nessler – $1,000
  • Dennis Canedy of Sunset Landscaping & Design – $500
  • Stacey Dillon of PRfect Media – $20
  • Mark Giebelhaus of Marlin Mechancal Corp – $100
  • William Koponicki (State Rep, LD5) – $1,000
  • Douglass Burkhart of Direct Offloading Solutions – $250
  • Former Congressman Jim Kolbe – $100
  • Robert Baum of Sun Valley Masonry – $2,500

Political Action Committees who contributed include:

  • Western Growers PAC AZ – $5,000
  • Yuma Fresh Vegetable Assn – $400

Expenditures include:

  • Coleman Dahm & Associates – $6,900 on Russell Pearce Hit Piece Mailing

Total money received for the period: $10,970
Total money disbursed for the period: $6,949
Cash on hand at end of reporting period: $4,021

Read the report here.


  1. I would like to thank the contributors for helping to expose just how evil Russell Pearce really is.

  2. I want them for coming forward and letting us know exactly who the open board and cheap labor people are.

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